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WETFY Brand Solutions: Web Development Services at its Best

si Team
Wednesday, January 25, 2017
si Team
We live in a world that has narrowed down to our smartphones and laptops. All you need is an internet connection and everything is available. Be it online shopping, procuring information, downloading music or movies and social media - it's all a click away. The business of web development services is being seen as a potential money making prospect nowadays; the reason being the continuous trend of growth being witnessed in the business. This growth has resulted in many big players trying their hands in the play. Thus, the industry has witnessed tremendous growth in the number of web application development companies throughout the world.
Mumbai based WETFY Brand Solutions have mastered the art of delivering just the right bit to the customers when it comes to web development. WETFY builds web and mobile products for Startups, Brands, Digital Agencies and Enterprises, helping in bringing their ideas to life. The company designs and builds Web applications, Mobile apps using technologies like PHP, .net, HTML5, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Android & iOS.
"We set up Web Technology For You (WETFY) in 2014, in the web technology domain. Then after two years, we formed another company named WETFY Brand Solution Pvt. Ltd. Previously at WETFY, we were managing two verticals, one in education and the other one in mobility and website development and application development. We thought to move and set up WETFY Brand Solution Pvt. Ltd. that is purely into the business of website development, application development mobility, CRM development and all other digital solutions. So we at present offer web technology for the users", speaks Nilesh Mhatre, Director and CEO, WETFY Brand Solutions.

The initial six seven months after WETFY came into being were a little challenging pertaining to targeting the clients, pitching with them and more importantly convincing them. Soon, with expertise web services, the company helped several clients by providing user-friendly and easy to surf web presence. "With this, the number of clients coming to us started to go up. Today, we have quite a few clients who recommend ours services to others, and thus how we are growing", he says.

Best Quality Web Services

WETFY's expertise lie in the area of IT solutions is well known recognized. Their severe adherence to international quality standards on web, best quality services, creative designs, practical ideas, cost-effective and economical prices, time bound and speedy project completion strategies help clients in their projects. The company provides web services that include web design, application design, mobile applications, hybrid applications, CRM development, corporate wealth files, Internet portal, amongst others. From providing ideas and solutions to providing SEO tools and social media services, WETFY does it all.
Throwing light on, Nilesh explains, "If a client is thinking about eCommerce portal we begin from the initial stage, right from planning to execution of the product. For the mobile version, we create native or the hybrid applications for them. Additionally, if the client wishes to promote their brand on the social media or any social media platform, we help them with that. Basically, we provide end to end solution to such a client."

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