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Juego Studio: Exceeding Expectations by Leveraging Creative Concepts & Innovative Technologies

si Team
Monday, January 2, 2017
si Team
Not so long ago, games could not gain enough momentum in India due to lack of accessibility for gaming PCs & consoles and also the social trend for this medium was very low. But today, the game industry has leapfrogged to new heights and further estimated to evolve into a $11.10 billion market by 2020 with India emerging asthe world's fastest growing smartphone market. Not only people are ready to explore, play & spend on different genres of games, but organizations across different industries like education, automobile, real-estate, banking and medical are also gamifying their content to engage their customers. Juego Studios, a fast paced game development company, is cashing in on this opportunity by crafting creative concepts using innovative technologies which leadto breath-taking solutions.

Justifying the name Juego (which means games in Spanish), this Bangalore-based brand operates with sheer focus in gaming field and has built its forte in gaming technologies like Unity, Unreal & other frameworks. It deliversend-to-end games & solution based application from game design, development, deployment & support to maintenancein the form of gamification, virtual reality and augmented reality among others.Apart from technical expertise, the company also understands and manages business practices such asutilizing creative approach & precise development process to ascertain timely deliverables with strict confidentiality."For us, it is not only about completing the project but ensuring that we add value in various ways and be one step ahead in expectation. Every client or customer is a partner for us and their success makes us proud," asserts Suman Balakrishna, CEO, Juego Studios.

Achieving the Milestone

Kick started its ride in 2012 with a team of five in a garage, Juego faced several roadblocks on each and every phase, starting from capital to hiring the right resources, setting up infrastructure, project management, fine tuning the process & deliverables and most importantly, client acquisition. When asked how Juego overcame these hurdles Suman lists, "Being adaptive to latest tools & technologies with strong basic foundations, precise development process, taking risk consciously, ensuring fun at workplace, instilling a 'never give up' attitude and by trustingeach other's abilities".Standing true to its tagline 'Engage with Passion', Juegobuilt the best portfolio, which provedits capabilities while ensuring deliverables are qualitatively top notch.

This helped the company to deliver over 200 projects to 80+ clients (ranging from amazing startups to giants like Disney) across 20 countries (U.S., Europe, Australia & Middle East mostly) within a shuteye time of four years. And Juego intends to strengthen its brand by being very clear & specific on the service it offers, Niche Designs, never compromising on quality and keeping its customer happy.

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