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DBS Office Business Centers: Offering Uni-sized and World class 'Instant Offices'

si Team
Monday, January 2, 2017
si Team
While accelerator programs have long offered perks to startups in terms of incubation to thrive innovation and make the product market ready, the requirements to grow the startup afterwards as a promising organization in all aspects remain unmet. Imagine a bedroom-startup that did good business for the opening year now wants an expansion, or an MNC needs a quick outreach in yet another city. Limitations are there in both cases to setup an office, in terms of capital and time. Proffering Virtual Office and flexible workspace solutions to anyone and everyone starting from Enterprise Businesses to SMEs and Startups, Government Establishments, and Individual Professionals, 'DBS Office Business Centers' is a trustworthy brand that perfectly meets the need, with over 35 years of heritage in the industry. Thanks to the possession of a much larger level of know-how, the organization is flexible in every sense be it short contracts or even in customizing an office to fit the client's requirements.

Conquering the Space

The story of DBS goes back to the 1970s when Shamsunder Aggarwal (Founder & Chairman, DBS), an industrialist in Mumbai, bought the franchise of 'Diners Club' credit card for India operations. With an aim to providing Diners Club credit card members with an extended set of services, he formed a 'club' where entrepreneurs (card members) could use business facilities, which were not easily available at that period of time. When Citibank bought the Diners Club credit card franchise from him, he formed DBS (originally standing for Diners Business Services) corporate services in 1980.

But attracting the eyeballs of entrepreneurs and making an impression on them was a serious ball-game in the eighties. "They had to be told about the advantages of having an office in a business center vs. buying or renting office space on their own," elucidates Shamsunder. Using its historic tagline - 'You run your business while we run your office', DBS conquered the space and engaged in facilitating the entire infrastructure, running and maintaining the office, updating the equipment and taking care of staffing procedures, and in turn allowed entrepreneurs to focus on their core business. Within shut-eye time, DBS pioneered the serviced office industry in India and emerged as one of the most recognized brands. Shamsunder proudly asserts, "The best of MNCs have commenced their journey in India through us".

But never mistake DBS for an old-fashioned veteran engaged in conventional practices. Instead, the company has evolved from time to time, and updated its Virtual Office offerings with more features, shared offices and co-working concepts a couple among them. DBS has generated a lot of brand recall and customer loyalty by updating its marketing strategies year after year, currently engaging more with digital practices such as SEO, PPC and Social Media. This Mumbai based company has also invested in CRM across all DBS centers to make sure of customer confidence.

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