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DeveloperOnRent: Renting Strategic Brilliance and Domain Expertise

si Team
Tuesday, January 24, 2017
si Team
Product development and innovation is a crucial aspect for every business. A well planned product development strategy is the medicine for all companies to survive the tough market competition. Companies have to rely on finding the best SME as an enabler or developer to take the business to the desired height. Previously, companies were seen investing more and more time and effort in finding the right talent by relying on online portals, freelancers, contract staffing or temporary staffing which ultimately leads to lack of accountability, higher cost, overhead of managing, concerned with no flexibility of contract. With young talents entering the market with truly remarkable ideas to meet every business need, now indeed the time has changed. Although there are several start-ups that have mushroomed to assist in finding the right talent, but these start-ups serve as a means to connect with talents in the different domain. Based in Bangalore, DeveloperOnRent is one such start-up that builds amazing business solutions with a pool of talented professionals on board and provides renting models for developers, which gives one the freedom to work in collaboration with a developer who knows exactly what the business needs. The platform works on a three-step model of click, rent, and work.

Inception of a New Pioneer

DeveloperOnRent is an innovative start-up established in 2014 by Kapil Mehta. The company brings about a mammoth of change in the current trend of product Development Solutions by eliminating downsides such as: time invested to reach them, the hours taken to market the product, ensuring adequate expertise by the developer hired in relation to the product and the added cost incurred in managing the human resource. The leadership team of the company comprises of Jitesh Jain, Director IT who is focusing on building tech talent, new technology innovations, building lean way of product development, process maturity to ensure that this platform stands fresh and live to meet ecosystem demand of technology. Apart from the top two, they have a great team of 65 plus young and enthusiastic developers (and counting each day) who are skilled at providing the best possible solutions to clients.

In the last three years the DeveloperOnRent has evolved from one or two domains to rise at over 15 different business domains. The company has witnessed a tremendous growth in technology to currently stand at delivering 30 different technologies. The platform is focused on Bangalore market to optimize and mature platform and process yet has reached to Mumbai, Delhi, and seven countries including US, Singapore, Middle East, Germany and Canada and gained momentum. Today, having worked with 70 plus customers and with 35 plus existing customers, over 53 current project capacities, over 70 percent repeat customers and 85 percent of referral business from past and present customers, the company stands as one of the successful brands working with customers across all the levels: tier 1 level, tier 2 level, and tier 3 levels.

Following a New Model

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