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Dolphin RFID: Customized Turnkey RFID Solutions

si Team
Monday, January 2, 2017
si Team
The opportunities in Indian RFID landscape are immense as the country girds up to take itself to its rightful place in the world. The huge scales of operations which give the international competition a leg over our industry can only be countered and matched with use of technologies like RFID. Special mention must be made here for the Retail and Healthcare sectors with Aviation, Hospitality and IT/ITES closely following. Government sector with its affinity for automation is another huge opportunity waiting to happen.

The journey of Dolphin RFID began in 2008. The company was formed with a firm belief that sooner than later India would have to adopt the RFID route for automation. However, Dolphin had a major challenge which emerged due to the world meltdown of industries which caught the world unawares. This gave them an opportunity to concentrate on developing their own middleware which is an essential part of a successful RFID solution - instead of trying to enter the market with specific solutions which was the norm of the day - and which eventually led to the downfall of many startups in the field.

Dolphin RFID is a globally accepted end-to-end solution provider working across all frequency bands. As a pioneer in providing a robust RFID solution to retail, the company offers full solution from vendors to customers. This implies the ability to help vendors convert from the existing spreadsheets / barcodes based order compliance to full RFID based compliance drastically reducing the manpower required in the supply chain and improving productivity manifold.

Dolphin RFID brings together experts with extensive knowledge and experience in Technology development field who are able to offer totally customized solutions to a multitude of customers in a multilingual base and an extremely cost effective rate. "With our proprietary copyright Java based middleware (EdgeWizard), we can seamlessly integrate with any ERP or legacy systems as well as back-end databases. Our solutions are technologically agnostic and universally accepted enabling clients to enhance operational efficiencies and see tangible results instantly. We also spend sufficient time in listening to our potential customers' needs before offering them any solution," says Commodore SK Sawhney, President and CEO, Dolphin RFID.

Customized end to end Solutions

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