Secure Application Delivery for a Mobile Workforce

Parag Arora
Area Vice President-Citrix Systems India Pvt Ltd.
Monday, January 2, 2017
Parag Arora
Consumerisation of IT has had a glorious impact on the enterprise landscape. But it has also brought forth a new wave of security concerns.

"The more things change, the more they stay the same". This popular French proverb might sound cliched but it succinctly explains many situations that businesses are facing with mobility and security.

Although billions of dollars are spent on security solutions, information remains vulnerable as new threat and attack vectors are emerging everyday and the volume of incidents is on the rise. The rise of mobile and distributed workforce's, BYO, global operations, and third party consultants, outsourcing vendors, and partnerships has only increased these concerns.

Mobility has given people the unparalleled flexibility to work from anywhere, at any time but we should also realize the endless complications it has brought to IT. Consider that devices are now both corporate and personally owned, many users select cloud-based applications, employees no longer do all their work within a corporate facility and traditional office hours are a thing of the past. Together the multiplication of devices, apps and locations has increased the security burden, and a new approach must be sought.

Organizations are torn, they must be able to support yet separate personal apps, business apps and data on both managed and unmanaged devices (taking into account BYO as well as company-issued devices) without sacrificing security or introducing increased risk.

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