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Lovely Professional University: Comprehensive and Integrated Development of Individuals

si Team
Wednesday, January 25, 2017
si Team
It is said that the road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination. A significant portion of learning and development comes from the life at campus and interaction with fellow students. The essence of any institute's teaching has been to develop the student's mind and to bring it to a level where understanding the fundamentals of different things is essential; fundamentals not just of academics, but also of various aspects of life that one seems to be falling behind in this tech-savvy world.

Striking a perfect balance between education and within classroom and outside is Lovely Professional University (LPU). The institute has built a culture which is an eclectic mix of academic and extracurricular pursuits. It encompasses in its ambit a wide range of activities related to various disciplines. Besides, it offers a unique opportunity to interact with other students and experience the rich and diverse culture of India.

Proving its mettle in academia, industry and R&D sectors, Lovely Professional University today has emerged as one of the top higher education destinations in India. The institute upholds its primary focus on teaching and ensures practical exposure to students and this way encourages them to learn beyond the classroom and also work on live projects. Not only this, the university boasts about their placement which has helped place numerous students with big corporates of the world including Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and many more. Moreover, 500+ international and national companies have selected LPU students in large number including Cognizant selecting its 600+ students, in a single go, twice.

Life at LPU

To complement an exacting academic training, LPU encourages and offers plethora of opportunities for students for their all- round personality development. The institute exemplifies a combination of student's interests and passions in one experience, and moving ahead with what they want to do with their career.

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