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Mega Cabs: Heritage of Proffering Transparent & Customer-Centric Taxi Services

si Team
Monday, January 2, 2017
si Team
It's been not more than a decade since entrepreneurs embarked on the 'clicks-away' conveyance ticket booking revolution in India which was commenced with online flight-ticket booking portals, and then unrolled out to train, bus and taxi bookings. Over the years, we savored these services in a decent comfort level with foreknown fares, but except taxi rides. Cab rides in India has been a puzzle from ages as most of the service providers charge uneven fares for same distance travelled and kindred level of comforts, and the end result is concerns about ride-fare superseding our mind visibly a spoiler in enjoying the journey.

But yes, generalizing a statement before considering all aspects is injustice; there are service providers who care to heal this opaque-fare predicament and thus providing a comfortable journey in every sense of the word. The transparent pricing system where customers pay for the ride without worrying about the final bill amount (as the rate per km is fixed) is one of the primary reasons why Mega Cabs, a heritage & world-class taxi service provider, is among the most preferred taxi brands in our country.

Success in Hands

Mega Cabs came into existence in 2001 as India's first organized taxi service proffering airport taxi, point-to-point and hourly rental packages including intra-city services with safe, comfortable and reliable travel experience assured. The efforts to thrive swiftly and become one of the most renowned taxi brands with value-for-money has seen Mega Cabs constantly innovating and upgrading its services with huge investments in technology. As a part of the comprehensive technology revamp that happened few years back, the organization on-boarded a customer-centric rebranding that even refurbished its tagline to 'Driven. For You', which suggests that Mega Cabsis extremely focused towards the consumer and every effort is aimed at consumer's comfort, safety and value for money.

"The current times are very exciting as the acceptability of cab services has increased manifold among the customers," asserts Kunal Lalani, Founder & Chairman, Mega Cabs. Today, the company has grown as a giant with an own fleet of 3500 plus vehicles (excluding driver owned). It takes bookings through Call/App/Web and provides immediate/scheduled bookings for travel across the city, and also provides pick-up & drops to the Airport with dedicated kiosks at the 5 Airports in the six cities (Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Amritsar and Ludhiana) the company currently serves.

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