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MobiTrail: Simplifying businesses through Mobile Apps

si Team
Tuesday, January 24, 2017
si Team
Mapping the trend across India for the last decade shows that manual business operations have been taken over by desktop computers. Mobile phones and tablets as integrated devices are on the verge of changing this landscape and replacing computers in most areas.

As mobile technology is evolving, critical aspects such as data security, better connectivity, higher processing abilities is making the mobile devices perform at par or even better in comparison to computers.The utility of mobile is now far beyond making calls or access to internet, but can also be a key element in running a business process. Carving a niche for itself in the space of Mobility for Business is a young and agile organisation - MobiTrail.

MobiTrail is a Mumbai based company that was found in 2006 as a mobile gaming outfit with a skeletal team of 5 under the able leadership of Vikas Kedia. It was a small but a well motivated team that understood the value of individual contribution towards every project and taking ownership.
Over the last 10 years, mobile technology has constantly evolved in terms of platforms and possibilities on these new platforms. MobiTrail has successfully matured itself in this dynamic environment showing adaptability and agility. Migrating from working on symbian, blackberry, zeebo and j2me to new age iOS and Android platforms, they have also explored the boundaries beyond gaming and into the area of Mobility for Business.

At present, MobiTrail is largely recognized for our work in the Mobility for Business space and have over 100 applications running for various corporate houses and financial institutions.

MobiTrail boasts about its knowledge and capability to understand business processes and their intricacies to deliver mobility solutions as an effective means to improve them.

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