Emerging Critical Platforms Developers Should Target

Bangalore: Earlier, programming your phone was a certainly a distant dream. People would go crazy, if you would have said that you were about to reprogram your phone, which obviously once was impossible. Years have passed, and today, the technology world offers millions of way to reprogram your phone. But with technology advancing in a daily basis, think of building apps that are totally targeted at your clothing or your car. It’s pretty true that technology for all these innovations exists but it’s the market where we need to invest on. Peel off the surface and you might see an unbelievable potential for apps beyond smartphones. So here’s a list that features 15 emerging platforms that developers should target beyond hand-held gadgets.

Emerging Platform: Your Car

#1 OBD- II

Maybe it’s still an unknown fact that all cars built since Jan 1, 1996 comes up with an in-built On-Board Diagnostic II (OBD II) systems. What these systems do is that it calculates the overall health and strength of your car, not to mention it also diagnoses malfunctions. Before people were prevented from accessing the data in OBD II due it high cost and compatibility. But as for today, it just matter of seconds for people to gain access to the data, with the appropriate app. One such productive app is DashCommand from Apple’s iOS.