Top 20 Features of OS X Mountain Lion

Bangalore: At last it’s official. After a long and restless five months of eagerness, Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion is now made available as a $20 OS upgrade exclusively for Mac users. The new Mac OS is built with a bundle of exciting new features that usually favors enterprises and common computer users. The Mountain OS also incorporates iOS applications along with core Mac OS features. Mountain Lion is jam packed with new features like enhanced security capabilities that protects the kernel during startup and new display features such as the scroll bar that widens with usage. So with that take a look at 20 most exciting features to watch out for in Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion.

#1 Dictation in all apps:

At last the voice transcription arrives on the Mac OS. With a simple keyboard shortcut or by accessing from the menu option, users can dictate in text into any text field or text window, so that the ever efficient Apple servers translates in your dictation, in any language, and places it into the text field or the text space. According to Apple, the OS X Mountain Lion supports English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish.