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    Enterprise Security Solution Providers-February 2016 issue

    Incorporating the interwoven mega-trends of the cloud, social media, big data, the security sector continues to disrupt the constantly evolving U.S. technology landscape. As the threat landscape is changing by the day, the industry observes more holistic technologi es being implemented which blend technology, policy, intelligence and strategy to combat security.With the rapidly expanding internet economy data and transaction, security becomes a top priority in every company that makes use of information technology. The domain also enjoys appreciable government-aid fuelling its rapid growth. Thriving on this trend, the sector remains confident of stability interms of investment from all directions. According to recent surveys, advanced persistent threats as we know them today will cease to exist in 2016 and will be replaced by deeper, embedded attacks that are harder to detect and trace back to the perpetrators. In this light, several organizations have realized that they are ill-equipped on IT security infrastructure and are all-set to rectify the situation. Confronting these tasks, experts all across the globe are today involved in the task of figuring out the knowledge to route around surveillance.

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