Axxera: Security Monitoring and Protection Solution for the Enterprise

Cyberspace is constantly evolving and presenting organizations with new opportunities, as the desire of businesses to quickly adopt new technologies. But, it also brings unanticipated risks and inadvertent consequences that can have a potentially negative impact. Hardly a day goes by without news of a new cyber threat, or major data breach. Today, organized Cybercrimes and hacking of personal and corporate data by foreign hackers is surpassing all levels, even though investments in security firms have gone up five times in the past five years. Today, enterprises are looking for an integrated security monitoring and management solution. �Firms need a combination of SIEM, Ticketing System, Portal, and Console for the Security Operations Center (SOC) and Advanced Business Intelligence reports. More importantly C-level management in an Enterprise needs to have visibility into the company�s security posture,says Reddy Marri, CEO of Axxera.This can be accomplished by giving them Portal access and advanced reporting capabilities of the tool.Axxera's Security Management System (SMS) is a combination of SIEM, Ticketing System, Portal, and Console for the SOC and Business Intelligence Reporting engine. It keeps track of every security violation in the company where the SOC can remediate plus will give C-level management visibility into their company's security posture.Marri used his background
to extend MSP into Managed Security Services he saw security as an area of tremendous growth and steered Axxera in creating their own SMS Platform and setup a Managed Security Services Practice.Axxera's main differentiator is using our own security tool, which gives us flexibility to customize a security solution as per a customer's need,adds Marri.SMS is based on ITIL best practices and is customized to address security incidents. We also have a knowledge base built into the system, which can be accessed by security analysts.Axxera SMS 1.0 runs on an Oracle Database and will be releasing SMS 2.0 which will be using Big Data/Hadoop for faster response and processing several times more security events/second.Axxera also has a security monitoring solution for Big Data, explains Marri.Owing to the fact that Big Data technology and services market is growing at a rapid pace it has become a major need for security solutions in the arena.They have certified security consultants who have the expertise to perform security audits that involve identifying vulnerabilities and penetration testing, security compliance validation, gap analysis along with a cost effective remediation path.Axxera integrates with industry standard Security tools such as Symantec, McAfee, Juniper, Cisco etc. An example illustrating the company's expertise is where a federal client approached Axxera to look into their security assessment

Reddy Marri

President & CEO

features and identify gaps in the system. The company put together a security solution including third party security tools and integration with Axxera SMS, helping them build a Security Operations Center (SOC) and trained their staff. Axxera offered onsite SMS product, which processes all Security Alerts onsite and the SOC can now monitor remotely.

The company will continue developing their Security Management System product; and provide Managed Security Services 24x7. They are planning on setting up state of the art and full fledged SOC in Irvine, CA in near future. Axxera is uniquely positioned in the Security space to provide not only for enterprises but also SMB markets where we see a huge growth. We want to continue protecting the consumers from the developing security threats in various verticals and becoming there safeguard tool, concludes Marri.