Cyphort: Superior Threat Assessment and Network Security

A decade ago, enterprise security was all about having a strong firewall and a robust antivirus to protect all the computing devices. However, now the world has digitized. With the evolution of technology, cyber attacks and threats have also evolved. There is no doubt that technological advancements are going to transform the world, but it also highlights the need for advanced enterprise security strategies.

The safety of data is always a concern and to address this issue, Cyphort, a next generation Advanced Threat Persistent (APT) defense company headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, offers technologies that help tackle the attacks and tracking down threats, malwares, and network breaches. "Our solution evolves as quickly as the threats do and ensures customers can stay one step ahead of the attacks they have to defend against," says Manoj Leelanivas, President and CEO, Cyphort.

The firm's next generation security platform is developed with multiple features to enhance organizations' security position. With its single pane of glass interface and Application Program Interface (API) integration, Cyphort's solution distinguishes advanced malware, prioritizes remediation, and automates containment of cyber threats. It eradicates alert overload by utilizing extensive threat correlation and in-depth context for organization's infrastructure.
The company's Cyphort solution comes with built-in integrations with certain security solutions, like Firewalls, IPS devices and web proxies, to deliver automated containment of the threat activity at the edge. It offers integration with endpoint detection and response tools to provide increased threat assessment accuracy and coverage. The key components of the Cyphort solution are Cyphort Collectors, which monitor network traffic out of band, and Cyphort Core, the centralized detection component that includes the advanced threat detection and mitigation logic.

Prominent features that outstand Cyphort solution are its dynamic detection capabilities that evolve with threats, and Machine Learning analytics, which defeats targeted threats with anti evasion and detects threat level movement. The solution features correlated visibility, where it enables customers to not only trace how threats enter an organization, but also provides threat-development report, including devices that become compromised. Cyphort solution has deployment versatility that can be installed on general-purpose servers, virtual machines, and AWS cloud environments.The company has gained a massive amount of trust from a variety of industries, like retail, finance,healthcare, and government. In an instance, a prominent finance

Manoj Leelanivas

President & CEO

company was looking for a security solution because a minor breach in its system could result in compromise of financial data of hundreds of clients, and have an immense effect on its business. After a lot of research, the company found that Cyphort has the ability to solve their issues. "Being a financial company, we are a prime target and so we wanted a solution that was bulletproof. Cyphort demonstrated their technical chops and earned our business," elucidates CTO of the company.

Moving ahead, the firm strives to continue fulfilling its customers' expectation. "Cyphort is leading the industry with the first Advanced Threat Defense solution that is able to automatically prioritize threats based on business risk specific to a customer's environment and prevent the spread of those risks laterally within the network. The platform is setting a new benchmark for what is expected in the industry," concludes Leelanivas.