CipherCloud: Bringing Greater Visibility into Cloud

Pravin Kothari

Founder & CEO

Enterprises of today are embracing the booming phenomenon of cloud computing and usage of cloud services that are offered as SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS. This trend emphasizes on the need to make informed choices by companies that are seeking solutions and also influences the identity management, privacy, and access control of sensitive information they share. It's the nature of cloud computing as a shared resource, which is developing apprehensions on security across businesses using cloud computing and associated cloud providers for data operations. Addressing these cloud security concerns is San Jose based CipherCloud that provides cloud protection solutions for data privacy, data residency, and regulatory compliance requirements.CipherCloud delivers a comprehensive set of protection controls that include encryption, tokenization, activity monitoring, data loss prevention, and malware detection. The company's Open Platform eliminates cloud security issues by
delivering a single solution that secures sensitive customer information across all cloud applications, while preserving usability, functionality, and performance. This helps avert persistent security concerns right from where the data originates, till the time it leaves the enterprise. Additionally, the solution allows users the capability to deal with multiple data security issues-data privacy, data residency, compliance, governance, security, and monitoring-in one stroke." We believe CipherCloud will provide enterprises complete control and visibility over enterprise data in the cloud, and enable them to accelerate cloud adoption and exploit the cloud's full potential," says Pravin Kothari, Founder and CEO, CipherCloud.

The company has designed solutions for Salesforce, ServiceNow, Box, and CloudDiscovery. CipherCloud for Salesforce eliminates data privacy and residency concerns while safeguarding sensitive customer information. The firm's solution platform for Cloud Discovery not only discovers but also organizes all the cloud applications that are being accessed by an organization. Furthermore, the offering is deft in identifying risk and analyzes the usage of network resources. Cipher Cloud's solution for ServiceNow also delivers data loss prevention by scanning, detecting and taking action. This adds additional layers in terms of security and control of information for business collaboration and content sharing on Box.
Unlike other solution providers, CipherCloud's solutions aid users by having no impact on their application performance and end-user experience. Another unique aspect of the firm is the control and visibility bestowed to the users over their enterprise data in the cloud. This attribute of CipherCloud's solutions help companies to increase adoption of cloud applications such as Google Apps.

With more than 150 global financial services, insurance, healthcare, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, and government customers, CipherCloud protects is also known for helping customers comply with industry and global regulations. As the CASB (cloud access security broker) space rapidly grows, it's critical that solutions are robust, reliable, and fully supported, Kothari adds. We build advanced technology that solves complex cloud security problems, but the real test is making it work with world's most demanding enterprises. Put simply, when our customers succeed, we succeed. With a vision that focuses on building trust in the cloud, and providing further value in solution's flexibility and ease of use, CipherCloud looks forward to developing cloud protection solutions. We hope to build tools that are architected to support enhanced security capabilities and are extensible to integrate with customer-centric use cases and business logic workflow, now and into the future, concludes Kothari.