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    Motif Investing: Revolutionizing the Online Trading and Investment Industry

    It’s a natural law that we move away from the traditional communication systems which we are used to and adapt to new trends. I think the last time which I have texted my colleagues or my friends last would be few months ago. Thanks to WhatsApp and WeChat, that is evolving to look increasingly like text messages. I believe it’s not just for me, but its a visible trend going around us in which the communication loop has grown tighter and mobile messaging apps are gaining tremendous importance to stay connected with coworkers as its faster than e-mail. In the past two years, consumers have doubled the time spent with apps to about two hours a day. Today enterprises are serious about this sea change, to align their business goals to cash in on the trend. Hence enterprise mobility spending is taken as a serious concern by the decision makers to integrate the “mobile DNA” to their organizations.

Work is What You Do, Not Where You Are

Ken Kannappan, President & CEO, Plantronics, Inc

The Industry Demands Quick Upgrade into Cloud

Andy Nallappan, VP & CIO, Global Information Technology, Avago Technologies


Giri Iyer, VP-Customer Support, Ruckus Wireless

Driving Innovations through Collaborations

A.E.Natarajan, EVP-World Wide Engineering, Polycom

TiECon 2014: A Perfect Storm of Technology and Entrepreneurship

Pradip Madan, Charter Member & Co-Convener, TiE Silicon Valley

Medical Science is yet Unexplored to its Potential

Mohan Kumar, Executive Director, Norwest Venture Partners India

These are Stimulating Times for Healthcare and Life Sciences Sectors

Kiran Reddy, MD & Associate Partner, Third Rock Ventures

The Industry requires Stand-out Security Solutions

Uday Devalla, CIO, Stearns Lending

Dawn of New Technological Era

Mohanjit Jolly, Managing Director, DFJ

Content Marketing is the Smart Marketing

Dinesh Raju, CEO, Referral Candy.

The Era of Applications BIG DATA

Nitin Motgi, Co-founder, Continuuity