3Frames Software Lab: Mobilizing the Enterprises

Mobility in enterprises is still expanding with innovations happening every day. The key challenge is to understand the enterprise needs and deliver robust mobile solutions. Some of the present day challenges of the industry include the diversity of mobile devices, OSes, and screen resolutions, new concepts such as BYOA, BYOD, MAM and MADP. There are also obstacles during the implementation phase such as enterprise security and scalability. Integration with existing legacy platforms in the enterprise is another important aspect that needs to be paid attention to along with diversity of end user needs or expectations. The developer of mobile apps needs to be conscious of the above points whilst developing the mobile app.

The mobility painpoints, to the mediocre developer may seem like a mountain to climb but that’s not the case with 3Frames , co-founded by Ramesh Bachiraju and Ramakrishna.
>Founded in 2010, the firm has been offering end to end to mobility services since and has been enabling mobility for several enterprises across various verticals. 3Frames is uniquely positioned to be in the top 20 list owing to the niche mobility expertise and domain leadership established over the last few years. Though a young organization the team at 3Frames is very passionate and has abundant knowledge in mobility and enjoys facing as well as overcoming new challenges to deliver quality results for their customers.

“Our mobility lab constitutes of unique value adds in terms of strategic understanding, implementation capabilities and sustainable opportunities for the enterprises adopting mobility. We offer unique combination of services as well as products in the mobility space and are one step ahead of our competitors in delivering innovative solutions, “adds Ramesh.

An innovative Arsenal of Products
The firm’s service portfolio spreads across mobility touch points and focuses on strategic mobility consulting, enterprise mobile solutions and custom mobile applications. “We have two innovative product solutions truConnect and truBackup which assists enterprises to simplify mobility solutions for their employees,” mentions Ramakrishna.

Through years of service the
company has made a name for itself in the market owing to its unique and niche focus on end to end mobility. Key differentiators include focused mobility services coupled with innovative products, domain knowledge, indepth view on mobile security and experience in developing scalable and complex enterprise mobile applications.

Wide Range of Clients
The company’s services have attracted the likes of many companies across various verticals whose profile varies from start ups to leading players such as iGATE, Schneider Electric, Quintell, Madura Fashion and LifeStyle. The company has found major traction in the Retail industry and is growing fast in an exponential manner.

The self-disciplined and motivated team of technologists has been putting together their dreams and knowledge to create innovative products and solutions since the very beginning.

In terms of the short term or medium term roadmap, the firm is excited about its work on truBackup and its versions across multiple platforms. 3Frames will be releasing some path breaking mobile apps with clear focus on providing peace-of-mind for end users when it comes to usage of cloud storage providers.

Also on the cards is a platform agnostic enterprise mobility toolset, which will simplify the way enterprises will build mobile applications.