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    Heal: Healthcare at Doorsteps

    Although every immigrant’s tale is remarkable, Indians coming to the United States over the past 30 years is unique on several fronts. From big data analysis to cloud computing, IoT to software, networking to security–Indian entrepreneurs in the U.S. are touching upon the areas of expertise and building path-breaking technology solutions. Undoubtedly, contributing immensely towards the technology boom in the Silicon Valley is the Indian diaspora who holds great positions through their entrepreneurship. With an aim to provide customer-centric and innovation-oriented growth, they are inventing superior solutions for complex issues. Moreover, out of 20,000 startups in the Silicon Valley, 25 percent are Indian run—enthralling a growth in technological evolutions. The presence and the reach of Indian initiated companies are witnessing a tremendous growth as billions of dollars are being invested by them across the United States. To be precise, Indian entrepreneurs are not only creating jobs but also becoming stakeholders in the development and prosperity of local communities. Their contribution is leading to a growing, vibrant US-India relationship which is greatly demonstrated through the Indian roots enmeshed in the US soil.

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