Avendus Capital: Technology Mergers & Acquisitions Bankers for Entrepreneurs

Puneet Shivam, CEO (US)

In a recent study conducted by KPMG, analysts found that 83 percent of mergers do not boost shareholder return, and that roughly two-thirds of those mergers lose value in the stock market. Consequently, while Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), plays a critical role to survive and thrive in this competitive technology market, firms must develop a robust long-term inorganic strategy and capital plan to maximize value from such events. These challenges and opportunities become even more enhanced in a global market place leading to a strong need for expertise and network based M&A partners. Avendus Capital Inc., a New York based company with its group offices in EU and India has been addressing such global M&A and Capital advisor needs for over a decade focusing primarily on the technology sector, with great success. Its parent company ACPL is majority owned by KKR

As a leading provider of financial services with an emphasis on providing solutions in the areas of investment banking services including M&A advisory and capital; Avendus is uniquely qualified and experienced to navigate and lead a global client base in the technology services space including, new and emerging technologies such as: Digital, Mobility, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, SaaS, Cyber Security, etc.

We believe that the future belongs to the disruptors and to the innovators and an effective M&A and capital strategy is critical to win in this environment

In the last decade, Avendus has closed over 225 transactions (M&A and capital raising) with deal values aggregating to USD 11.5 billion. Of these60 transactions have been cross border.

“We understand the challenges of a technology entrepreneur in a global market place and offer global solutions that enhance value creation and realization,” reports, Avendus Capital Inc. CEO (US), Puneet Shivam. “Avendus’ investment banking business is known for strong, consistent high end impact on its clients’ year after year. We believe that the future belongs to the disruptors, to the innovators and to those who execute with aggression and consistency.”

Shivam highlights a recent client’s path to success, in a company named Lohika, a US and Eastern Europe based provider of cutting-edge software development services to forward-looking VC backed software companies. The company had grown well and had venture capital funds as investors, who were looking to take the company to next level and provide strong ROI to its investors. Avendus effectively worked with Lohika to lead the process for the company and the shareholders in finding a strong strategic partner and realized significant value by creating multiple options for Lohika and eventually enabling sale of the company to Altran, a leading French technology company to create a win-win for both the firms.
Lohika complemented Altran’s already competitive position in the software services space through its progressive capabilities and unique delivery model, whilst creating immediate liquidity for the shareholders and providing Lohika management with a broader set of opportunities. Led by Avendus’ innovative and solution-based expertise, the transaction led to creating a new market leader for next-gen software development services. Thus,.

Shivam believes that businesses fundamentally need to change their approach due to disruption created by rapid technology changes such as digitization and globalization businesses. To support these growing needs from M&A and capital perspective and with the objective of, ‘Partnering for Growth’ for entrepreneurs, Avendus offers a global, expertise based approach to deliver outcomes for the entrepreneurs. Poised for continued success in 2018 and beyond, Avendus has partnered with high performing entrepreneurs and pioneers of the new age economy on their quest for growth.

Avendus Capital Inc. (US)

Avendus Capital, Inc. the portfolio company of KKR, the global private equity fund, was founded in early 2000 in India and over time has expanded and developed strong franchise in the UK and the US markets. The company continues to build its strong Enterprise Technology M&A banking and is investing to grow its Asset Management and Wealth Management businesses in the US Avendus is also working on being one of the first M&A banks to leverage digital technology to dramatically enhance the effectiveness of M&A transactions and to interact with its clients through every phase of the transaction.