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    ClearStory Data: Empowering Enterprises to Utilize Data in Innovative Ways

    Undoubtedly, there is a lot of hype in Big Data. Nonetheless, billions of dollars in venture capital have been flowing into Big Data start-ups. In 2013 alone, venture capital funding of Big Data startups touched $3.6 billion where in nascent companies like Cloudera, Palantir, Mu Sigma, Opera Solutions, VoltDB, and 10gen leading the league. Though the current economy is in favor of Big Data, the space itself is in a nascent stage and the enterprises still need to embrace and execute the innovation of Big Data.

The Mobile Revolution: It's Just the Beginning

Suresh Batchu, Co-founder & CTO, MobileIron

Business Leaders have to Focus on Developing key Technologies Internally

Bharat P. Dave, Chairman, President and CEO, Alphion Corp.

Changing World of Computer Memory and Data Storage

Dr. Rajiv Ranjan, co-founder & CTO, Avalanche Technology

The Need to Remain Updated is Often Under-estimated

Kevin Haskew, CIO, ON Semiconductor

Why are Business Transformations so painful?

R. Ravi, Founder & CEO, Epiance Software

Why IT Big Data needs its Own Analytics?

Sasha Gilenson, Co-founder & CEO, Evolven

Superlative Technologies Dominate the Industry

Jitendra Gupta, Founder & CEO, Punchh

A Wonderful Time to be Entrepreneurs in India

Anupam Rastogi, Principal, Nokia Growth Partners

Innovation is Not a Top Down Initiative of the CIO

John Trainor, CIO, Aarons' Inc.

Platformindependent- Firms Are the Need of the Hour

Hemant Taneja, MD, General Catalyst Partners

Clients are the "Why" and Technology is the "How"

Anil T. Cheriyan, CIO, SunTrust Bank

Collaboration: Causing the Buzz around the Industry

Amit Jain, President, Founder & CEO, Prysm

The Effect of Analog Coprocessors on Digital Signal Processing

Dr. Dev Gupta, Chairman & CEO, Newlans, Inc

Keeping Up with the Constant, Radical Change

Chirag Nangia, Founder & CEO, Reppify

Effects of Latest Trends on Sharing Economy

Sheeroy Desai, CEO & Co Founder, Glid, Inc.

Connected Homes: Finally Coming To Life

Pritesh Gandhi, CEO, Ambient Devices