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    Bristlecone: Enabling Companies to Effectively Unleash the Value of their Supply Chains

    The recent fiasco in Europe over substituted horse meat for beef has raised crucial questions about the security of food supply chains provided by bigwigs like Tesco, Iceland, Aldi and Findus. This is just one of the more scandals - even Apple has been in headlines when poor working conditions were discovered at a factory belonging to one of its suppliers, Foxconn, in China. Is it the lack of supply chain solutions or transparency led to such worse scenarios and repeated flaws? Today most of the bigwigs are under pressure to win the trust over the customers amidst these threats in the supply chain industry.

At Times, the Way Out is to Start All Over Again

Romesh, T. Wadhwani, Founder, Chairman & CEO, Symphony Technology Group (STG)

Present Day Trends Influencing the Direction of the Industry

Anil Jwalanna, Founder & CEO, WittyParrot

Confluence of Trends is Changing the Landscape of Industry

William Miller, SVP & CIO, Broadcom, Inc.

The Industry is Yet to Evolve

Girish Gupta, CEO, Rajasthan Venture Capital Fund

Cloud Computing Is it a Disruption or Distraction?

Madhavan Srinivasan, CEO, GQuotient Systems

Endpoint Data Protection for the Future

Jaspreet Singh, CEO, Druva Inc.

Technology Should Walk A Mile In The Shoes Of The User

Ravi Venkatesan, VP- IT Development, Cbeyond

Innovations should Focus on Solving Real Concerns

Biju Nair, EVP & Chief Strategy Officer, Synchronoss

Constant Innovation is Critical for Entrepreneurs

Vab Goyel, General Partner, Norwest Venture Partners

From Madison Ave to Wall Street

Neal Modi, VP Revenue & Operations, Kargo

Today's CIOs Must Establish Themselves as ' Go-to partners'

Larry Conrad, University of California, Berkeley

These are Stimulating Times for Healthcare and Life Sciences Sectors

Kiran Reddy, MD & Associate Partner, Third Rock Ventures

The Industry’s Concerns over Established Practices

Tanuj Mendiratta, Co-Founder & CEO, Appiterate

Social Media is Key Tool in the Retailer’s Arsenal

Aneesh Reddy, Co-founder & CEO, Capillary Technologies

Harnessing Machine Data for Operational, Security Insights

Kumar Saurabh, Co-Founder & Vice President, Engineering, Sumo Logic