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    Nexant: Pioneering Next-Generation Energy Solutions

    The power networks of the world utilize technologies that were first introduced over a century ago, during the late Victorian period. Many existing transmission networks were designed and built during the 1940s, ’50s, and ’60s and still operate in an environment that lacks the advanced information and communications technologies that enable grid operators to manage

Entrepreneurship is an All in Bet on Yourself

Bharat Desai, Chairman & Co- Founder, Syntel Inc.

Growth Opportunities in Services for India: Food for Thought

Arup Gupta, Director of Wireless Platform Innovations, Mobile Communication Group, Intel Corp

Automation, Connectivity and Interoperability: The Need Of The Hour

Sohail Parekh, Executive Vice President-Engineering

Geometry: The Key Motivator For Semiconductors

Dr. Debajyoti Pal, Sr Vice President & CTO, Ikanos Communications, Inc.

Multi-IMSI Ecosystem: A Revolution in International Roaming

Nigam Shah, CIO & SVP - Cloud Services, Roamware, Inc.

Asia’s Baby Boomer Generation takes the lead

Sameer Narula, Managing Partner, August Capital Partners

MetaSoftTech Solutions

Anukool Lakhina, CEO, Guavus

Leveraging Social Media to Drive a Consistent Customer Experience

Satya Krishnaswamy, Founder & CEO, NextPrinciples