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    App Orchid: The Subconscious Specialists

    The much-admired Silicon Valley is renowned for its technology innovation and a place where fresh ideas, visions, and dreams become a reality; sounds cliché, but it is true. Ever since Indians migrated into the Silicon Valley in the 1970s and 1980s, talented Indians have become an indispensable part of the U.S. tech industry and are finally ‘breaking the glass ceilings’ with a myriad of innovations. A recent Forbes report reveals that almost 33 percent of all immigrant-founded companies in the US have Indian founders and they are achieving extraordinary success in the Silicon Valley.

Anti-advice for the (midcareer) Technology Entrepreneur

Paddy Padmanabhan, Founder & CEO, Damo Consulting, Inc

Convergence of Administrative and Pedagogical Expertise

Param Bedi, VP & CIO for Library and Information Technology, Bucknell University

Growing with the Opportunities

Prashant Fonseka, Principal, CF

The A.I. Revolution

Mohammad Islam, Investor, DFJ

Understanding the Prospects of Cloud Technology

Ramin Beheshti, CPTO, Dow Jones

How the Ag Industry is (and has been) Driving Automation in Transportation

Ganesh Jayaram, Vice President of Information Technology, John Deere

Blockchain to Turn Insurance into an Enjoyable Activity!

Safwan Zaheer, Head of FinTech and Director, Digital Financial Services, KPMG US

Legacy Modernization in the Age of InsurTech

Brahm Sharma, Senior Director, Aon

Focusing on Operation Excellence to Drive Results

Rama Dhuwaraha, Associate Vice Chancellor & CIO, University of North Texas System