AgileAxis: Remodeling IT Consulting

Sanjay Jain, Founder & CEO

Sanjay Jain is a technology geek, an inventor, and incisive business leader with seven US patents (four issued) in various technologies. The IIT Kanpur alumnus is adept at translating mission-critical needs of businesses into problem-solving technical solutions. His analytical skills and entrepreneurial zeal led him to establish Copiun Inc. in 2008—an enterprise mobility product company focused on providing enterprise backups for laptops and safeguarding documents in iPhones and Android devices—which later got acquired by Good Technology (now a part of Blackberry) in 2012. During his stint at Copiun, Jain mastered the art of optimizing low-cost resources to create high-performance teams. “Leveraging the IT outsourcing experience from Copiun, I started AgileAxis in 2014.” adds the technology aficionado who is also the CEO of AgileAxis.

Based in USA, AgileAxis has its offshore development center in Jaipur, India. The company provides cost-efficient and effective services with a focus on enterprise solutions, iOS and Android mobile app development, and web-based solutions. “We are experts in offering IT consulting and building custom tech teams. We bring forth a unique business model where customers, vendors, contractors, and everybody in the firm are aligned with the common business goal of a project.

Custom hiring and variable rates depending on skills and experience allow clients to get the right resources while keeping attrition to minimum

We are a big proponent of IT work-place innovations and employ latest technlogies to drive the change. ” Jain explains what makes AgileAxis’s business model so unique. AgileAxis specializes in custom hiring by onboarding the right talents to complement a project’s unique requirements. In this rigorous hiring process, the company initially shortlists a handful of high-performing candidates who are then further interviewed by its clients. The contrasting factor of AgileAxis’s recruitment process is that it never promotes or trains a candidate to make him/her interview ready. Rather it hand-picks and matches the candidates with the right skill-sets to the project-specific requisites. Next, its offshore team including senior management personnel puts in two extra hours (10 to 12 PM IST) in addition to the scheduled seven-hour shift. Unlike in the case of most other similar companies, this approach allows AgileAxis to bridge the time-zone gap between the US and India, enabling the team to get in direct contact with a client on daily basis. “Reaching out to clients directly helps us to understand their challenges in a better way and to take steps to solve them effectively.”

Jain further mentions that most competitors deploy blended rates during the hiring process wherein an average rate is fixed for all the candidates irrespective of how much experience a candidate has.
“But our approach is quite different. We adopt a variable rates strategy while hiring a candidate, which means that the rates are dynamic and vary depending on the candidate. The amount paid for a college fresher will be comparatively lesser than someone who brings in hands-on work experience. It ensures that only the most relevant candidate gets the final nod.” The next vital aspect of AgileAxis is that its clients also participate in performance evaluations. This helps in accurately incentivizing employees based on their performance, which enables the firm to retain the talents that can drive tangible benefits into a prospective customer’s business.

"Our offshore team puts in two extra hours (10-12 PM IST) during the working hours of client in addition to the scheduled seven-hour shift. This allows us to bridge the time-zone gap between the US and India, enabling the team to get in direct contact with the client on a daily basis"

Having spent over two decades in the software industry, Jain comprehends how to create a low-cost and highly efficient team that can effectively serve customers in the long run. “In the days ahead, machine learning and blockchain will profusely impact the IT as well as other industries. With the advent of newer innovations it is obvious and imperative for companies to integrate them into their offerings. We being an innovation-focused firm are exploring newer models and avenues in AI and ML to identify cost-effective frameworks through which we can help our customers integrate latest technologies and talent to excel in their business domains,” he concludes.