Azure Knowledge Corporation: Unleashing the Potential of Data

Jay Ruparel , Co-Founder and CEO

In today’s business ecosystem, data in tandem with digital analytics form the core of enterprises. With over 20 years of rich experience in client services, product development, and IT-enabled services, Jay Ruparel, the co-founder and CEO of Azure Knowledge Corporation, emphasizes the value of data and data analytics and the role they play in serving today’s growing business demands. He says, “Data is considered as the new oil of modern age. The ability to use data, in the right form and with the right context is what drives user experiences and product designs of the future.” New Jersey-based Azure is a platform-enabled data company that offers a comprehensive suite of market research, data collection, and data analytics services. The company is a trusted provider of technology-enabled solutions to businesses that are looking to build, harness and leverage data and digital content as a strategic asset and competitive differentiator. Azure’s service portfolio consists of globally capturing high-quality accurate data, building proprietary data and content for companies, and leveraging the data for better analytics, insights, and decision-making. Additionally, it also helps in utilizing these data and insights to create better products and drive enhanced user experience.

In order to compete in the digital age, Azure’s logic is solid: Companies need to build unique and proprietary digital and data assets for their consumers. That said, Azure’s proprietary datasets (information, location, images) deliver competitive advantage to its clients and promises significant revenue growth. “We see a continuum in terms of the type of data—readily available consumer-based data that is simple in its form and easier to aggregate and complex unstructured data which need to be collected from disparate sources and audiences that are not easy to access,” explains Ruparel.

The ability to use data and data in the right form and with the right context is what is now being used to drive user experiences and product designs of the future

The potential to engage with and acquire complex data from hard-to-reach respondents is what sets Azure apart from other competitors in the market. Driven by the slogan—“watch the data”—the company has set a benchmark with its cutting-edge data visualization solutions through which companies can undergo a higher-level of digital experience. “Besides text, numeric-based and visual data, other forms of data, such as sensor-based data, are becoming prominent,” says Ruparel. Azure runs several programs that help in capturing sensor-based data from various IoT equipment, beacons, and Wi-Fi devices. Furthermore, Azure also accumulates geodata from any geo-tagging and geo-tracking devices.

Azure’s best-in-class technology platforms—XurwayTM, GALIOTM, and DigiWalksTM—provide customized solutions to clients and manage scaled projects. Xurway is a global data acquisition and content management platform that facilitates seamless data acquisition from the field, online secondary sources, over the phone, IVR, or email. It is a plug-and-play graphical user interface (GUI)-based software platform for data collection across multiple methodologies, with a suite of ancillary tools. A field tracking and monitoring platform, Galio tracks people as they go out in the field and capture data—both visual and numeric. The platform facilitates monitoring and interacting with all the field employees, interviewers, and supervisors for real-time project monitoring and quality control, operational efficiency and flexibility. Capturing virtual reality and 360-degree content of a location, Azure’s virtual reality (VR) platform—DigiWalks—offers respondents an immersive view of any given place and allows them to virtually interact with environments and products in a realistic fashion.
It also provides an entire spectrum of digital offerings from digital asset creation to virtual reality research. “As we gather data and content at the ground level, we deploy people that carry the DigiWalks equipment through which they capture the virtual reality and 360-degree content of a place,” explains Ruparel. For instance, when a person walks into a restaurant, he would be able to capture rich data, geotag the location, and create an immersive 360-degree view of the place, whereby users can be digitally present in the location, virtually walk around, and see the view from a particular table.

Ruparel shares an instance wherein Azure engaged with a global e-commerce company to help them with their digital transformation journey. The client encountered major challenges in deploying their proprietary digital product for which they required latest business-grade and event-grade content and news information from every corner of the world, but at the hyperlocal level. Hence, the content had to be aggregated from local communities, colleges, and public places. The client was on the lookout for a solution that can build accurate and comprehensive data and content for them, on a continuous basis. Azure stepped in and helped the client with a combination of its pre-eminent technology platforms and operational field resources. Utilizing the same, the client could seamlessly capture extensive data and take the user experience a notch higher. Moreover, Azure also ensured that every bit of data accumulated was of the highest quality and had gone through the requisite quality checks to extract maximum value out of it.

Azure has service coverage across 120 countries, from Turkey to Chile to Ethiopia, and has assisted multiple companies in their digital transformation journey. “We have our core footprints in the U.S. and India with operating hubs in China, the UK, Canada, and Brazil. Today, a staggering 50,000 professionals are part of the Azure network,” extols Ruparel. For the future, the company is endeavoring to be the pioneer of digital transformation solutions for the retail, travel, and hospitality, and real estate market with its best-in-class AR and VR solutions.