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    The Road Ahead

    Change is constant. This is proven over and over again in our lives. While change occurs naturally, technology is transforming more rapidly than any other area -through consumption, innovation, and as an industry. Existing products and services are constantly being replaced through faster, newer, better, or cheaper technologies. To delight customers, companies are constantly revisiting capabilities and re-aligning with the latest marketplace trends.

Collaboration: Enterprise Secret Weapon against Rapidly Changing Technology

Nat Natarajan, CTO, SVP-Product and Engineering Consumer Tax Group, Intuit (NASDAQ: INTU)

Procure the Silver Lining of Your Cloud Services

Satish Bhagavatula, CTO & CIO, Crexendo

The Transformation and Growth of IoT

Ravi Kurani, CEO, Sutro

Understanding What’s Happening Behind the Cloud

Satish Hemachandran, SVP & GM, Cloud and Hosting at Internap

What It Takes To Be an Entrepreneur

Kanaiya Vasani, VP, Corporate and Business Development, InfoBlox

Cyber Security Is At Cross Roads

Ram Pemmaraju, Co-founder & CTO, Strikeforce Technologies Inc.

Fixing Your Compensation Program: Is Yours a Socialist Program in a Capitalist Economy?

Srinivasa Ogireddy, Chief Cloud Officer and Senior VP of Engineering and Operations, Saba Software

Trends in Electronic Access Control and Locking Systems

Ranjit Nambiar, Director of Sales, HID Global

3 Top Emerging Trends for Enterprise Software

D Padmanabhan (Paddy), CEO, Appnomic Systems

Enterprise Software – Winds of Change

Ravi Koka, Founder & Partner, Intellect SEEC, A Polaris group Company

Beyond apps, Innovate for Good

Shubham Banerjee, Founder, Braigo Labs