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    Redpine Signals: All the Right Reasons to Be Leading the IoT Space

    At a time when a lot of internet companies have started underperforming here is a dramatic development in the internet’s function- Internet of things. By 2015, not only will 75 percent of the world’s population have access to the internet, so will some six billion devices. The fact that there will be a global system of interconnected computer networks, sensors, actuators, and devices all using the internet protocol holds so much potential to change our lives that it is often referred to as the internet’s next generation- Internet of Things (IoT). Today Internet of Things (IoT) is on the cusp of everything that is transforming things around you. While there is a lot of clamor on IoT, the money will come neither from I or T - Internet nor the Things. Instead, the big money will descend from business services that extract data from those IoT networks. In fact, Google’s entry in the IoT space by shelling out $3.2 billion in cash to acquire Nest, Signals shows how IoT is exploding with opportunities.

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