What to Look Forward In Outlook.com?

Bangalore:  Microsoft has launched Outlook.com marking an end of its predecessor Hotmail and the first change in Microsoft’s webmail service in the past 8 years.

This summer had brought with itself a wind of change in the Microsoft camp and it has redefined the way how Microsoft does things. With an all new Windows 8, Surface Tablet, Xbox Smart glass, Windows Phone 8 and the Office 2013, Microsoft is all set to recreate the magic it is admired for. Following the same trend Microsoft introduced a change in its webmail service first time in the past 8 years that would result into an end to the well-renowned webmail service, named Outlook.com it is sure loaded with capabilities to become a rage in the market. With its new slick features like social integration, video calling etc. it resembles more or less like the recently launched Microsoft Office 2013. And this rebranding has definitely worked in Microsoft’s favor with Outlook.com having 6 million users already.

Here are some of its significant features you ought to know: