November-2014  issue
Cover Story
Author: Sagaya Christuraj
Today, end users expect a highly personal experience every time they interact with a web or mobile application. These applications have undergone a major shift - the rise of cloud computing, distributed and service-oriented... more>>
In My Opinion
Dr. Shaker Sadasivam -President & CEO, SunEdison Semiconductor
The industry is active with several exciting trends, which are being viewed as great opportunities. Driving many of these... more>>
Company of the Month
Kamalika Roy Chowdhury
According to industry experts, enterprise mobility is a disruptive force that many organizations are dealing with, and this... more>>
Entrepreneur of the Month
Raj Kumar
Raj Jain was exposed to an entrepreneurial environment right from his childhood. "Having the seeds of entrepreneurship planted... more>>
Si 100 2014
SI Team
The Indian entrepreneurial community residing in the U.S. is ending 2014 on a high note. With markets having recovered and... more>>
SI Team
Aerospike, the first distributed database built to take advantage of flash storage, represents the next generation of caching... more>>
si Team
Businesses of all sizes and industries have to identify new ways to manage the enormous quantity of systems and applications... more>>
SI Team
While visiting a grocery store, most individuals expect a simple yet efficient shopping experience, culminating in an approving... more>>
si Team
Hiring high-ranking officials tends to be a time-consuming activity, especially in large enterprises. Taking a particular... more>>
si Team
Today, the majority of cancer cases are detected late stage, which unfortunately means most patients don't survive the disease.... more>>
SI Team
Companies and executives have become vehemently congruent lately with Cloud from an IT maintenance and rapid deployment... more>>
SI Team
The current generation of consumers, expects the best customer experience while interacting with brands. Not so long ago,... more>>
si Team
Technologies today are regarded as building blocks of business infrastructure that has given numerous industries the license to... more>>
SI Team
While IoT may have been a sci-fi vision just a couple of decades ago, it is a fast evolving reality of today and the future. As... more>>
si Team
Our current corporate world is filled with numerous companies who provides outsourcing services but doesn't possess any... more>>
si Team
Organizations today wish to have better productivity levels than their competition in order to offer commendable products and... more>>
si team
At Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies worldwide, the procurement function is hot and getting hotter, attracting a new wave... more>>
si Team
Companies are making a great deal of money with eCommerce these days, and this channel is earmarked for growth. more>>
si Team
As devices are becoming more portable, speech is increasingly becoming a common mode of device input. However most of the... more>>
si Team
In a rapidly changing and highly competitive business environment, evaluating company performance is crucial for the decision... more>>
si Team
The Insurance space has been largely plagued by the paucity of product driven strategies and developments with most of the... more>>
SI Team
Anyone who manages IT systems knows a technology change can have a domino effect across an entire organization. Today, there... more>>
SI Team
Since 1995, New York based IIT Inc.has positioned itself as a leading IT Professional Services provider. The firm was founded... more>>
SI Team
Many governments in developed countries invested billions of dollars to implement e-Government solutions. Unfortunately, many... more>>
SI Team
The business world today is comprised of a slew of vibrant and varying industries, outstretched to new heights and horizons.... more>>
SI Team
Last July, we wrote about how the founding team at Instart Logic pivoted from writing a cool technology platform for video... more>>
SI Team
Network optimization and security in an ever changing dynamic environment has been a constant challenge for telecom service... more>>
SI Team
Organizational size determines the speed with which it can change. Today, the Federal government has grown so complex that... more>>
si Team
Most technology companies are faced with the dilemma of having to balance the efficiency and utilization levels of the... more>>
SI Team
Companies are looking for different ways to influence the bottom line and achieve more revenue growth. A compelling need to... more>>
SI Team
When considering IT solutions, many businesses search for opportunities to reduce capital expenditure, and mitigate the cost of... more>>
si Team
The impact of digital technologies on consumers has reached a crescendo, where the marketing strategies have to be revamped in... more>>
SI Team
Subrah Iyar is a man who needs no introduction. After co-founding WebEx, serving as its CEO, and eventually selling it to Cisco... more>>
SI Team
ROI is one of the most important factors that measure the extent of success of any company. Industries are on a hunt for... more>>
SI Team
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the fastest growing segment of the ITES (Information Technology Enabled Services)... more>>
SI Team
The secret sauce in making of an entrepreneur includes perseverance, patience, and consistent affection for an industry and its... more>>
si Team
The digital boom has transformed retail businesses into instantaneous, information-driven enterprises. Today, Data Analytics is... more>>
si Team
Although today's job seekers are faced with new social and mobile capabilities (and challenges) for conducting the job search,... more>>
SI Team
Today the industries have reached to a position where they are surrounded with numerous new-age technologies and tools such as... more>>
si team
Until recently, there was no standard technology for managing the way companies of all industries empowered their field service... more>>
SI Team
ShowMyPC is a Campbell, CA based startup that has evolved from a seamless screen sharing solution to a comprehensive product... more>>
SI Team
Increase User Adoption CRM adoption is enunciated as a dominant challenge by numerous companies across the world. The CRM... more>>
si Team
The IT industry has, time and again been challenged by diverse issues ranging from infrastructure, services and managing... more>>
SI Team
The industry has witnessed a paradigm shift with the evolution of mobile. The transformation has also made businesses to adapt... more>>
SI Team
Today's organizations are constantly on an innovation continuum, and to meet the challenges of time and quality, they are... more>>
SI Team
In an increasingly technology-embracing world, organizations as well as customers are choosing different ways of dealing with... more>>
SI Team
"In the future anyone can be world-famous in 15 minutes," said Andy Warhol, a renowned artist. With Vobok, a new social media... more>>
SI Team
Most job requirements are standard copies, so they are already dated and set up for failure. The business world needs someone... more>>
CXO View Point
Sumedh Thakar -CXO, Qualys
Presently, the industry is witnessing various challenges in the areas of security. In keeping with this, if we want to bring a... more>>
Nilesh Patel -Vice President, Overland Storage
The software defined IT is the latest trend driving transformation in technology. In terms of how business in future would... more>>
M.C. Srivas -CTO & Founder, MapR Technologies Inc.
Hadoop came out of technology pioneered by Google, and this technology was used to index the World Wide Web.Since then,... more>>
Michael Biswas -CTO,
The current industry calls for solutions that are mature, easy-to-use, feature-rich, as well as easy to debug and test.... more>>
Anshul Sadana -SVP, Arista Networks Inc.
The industry is witnessing many trends, with the cloud and mobile being the most significant. In fact, these technologies are... more>>
CEO View point
S. Soma Somasundaram -President & CEO, Dover Energy
The emergence of US as the leading oil and gas producers driven by the shale revolution marked a momentous turning point in... more>>
VC talk
Naren Gupta
The industry is abuzz with trends. The enterprise technology space, for instance, is witnessing more and more decisions being... more>>
Gaurav Jain -Principal, Founder Collective
The industry is witnessing different trends in the recent times. An interesting trend among those is how technology is... more>>
Sean Agarwal
Over the years, the industry has undergone a revolutionary change, following an array of influential trends, with the... more>>
Prabhakar Reddy -Managing Partner, Naya Ventures
The new technology trends emerging in the industry has certainly made the landscape fertile for the prominent VCs of the... more>>
Kanwal Rekhi -Founder& CEO, Inventus Capital
Software development is the trending space in the mobile and cloud verticals. Alongside this, security is another aspect, which... more>>
Nikhil Basu Trivedi
The key trend that has been prevalent in the last five years is the explosive growth in the number of smart devices. Earlier,... more>>
Ashu Garg -General Partner, Foundation Capital
There has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley. I have invested in -and built -startups in many... more>>
Entrepreneur Corner
Naveen Bisht -Board Member and Chair, Programs, TiE Silicon Valley
The author is Co-Founder of AURISS TECHNOLOGIES INC., a serial entrepreneur and Board Member, Chair - Programs, The Indus... more>>
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