How Apple's iPhone OS has Evolved
In 2007, Apple changed the game in the mobile technology world introducing its smartphone and first-ever mobile...... more>>
7 Gadgets & Techs that Solve Most Encountered Problems
The evolution of gadgets is taking place rapidly, as the Internet of Things became the main focus in recent times.... more>>
WhatsApp has Transformed Our Way of Life
After the birth of WhatsApp, we have seen drastic changes in our day to day life. From a six year old kid to a 60... more>>
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US Indian News
Indian-American former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has endorsed the presidential campaign of Florida Senator Marco Rubio following his better than expected finish in Iowa Caucus. more>>
Special Issue
Brigade Group: An Epitome of Trust and Quality
Ritesh Shah, a product manager at a technology firm in San Jose, was in a dilemma.He had recently decided to purchase a house in India ...
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