• 100 Most Promising Companies Founded and Managed by Indians in the US – 2022

    As we come to the end of 2022, Indian-American entrepreneurs' ubiquitous influence in Silicon Valley has continued to make tailwinds across industries. Their influence in fin-tech, social media and Ecommerce, combined with the technological advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics and automation, has ushered in a new wave of innovations. Indian-led technology firms are spearheading the automation revolution and transforming how businesses operate. With the natural capability to face challenges head-on, the innovators are propelling their companies to the heights of success, competing with some of the biggest names across various industries. Commending their zeal to leverage modern technology to realize the entrepreneurial goal, this edition of SI 100 2022 - Siliconindia is dedicated to achievers who have shown promise in creating and running firms to outlast the fierce competition in the current market. This magazine edition results from our commitment to bring you the most promising USbased companies. To assist organizations in locating such companies, our distinguished panel comprising of accomplished Indian CEOs & CIOs of public companies, VCs, analysts, and founders of other VC-funded companies, including Siliconindia's editorial board, have identified the "100 Most Promising Companies founded and managed by Indians in the U.S. - 2022" We bring out the stories of Protagonist Therapeutics, Waahe Capital and Snap IT and several prominent companies on their disruptive roles in their industry. We also bring thought leadership articles and exclusive insights from expert CIOs and CXOs - Bala V Sathyanarayanan, NACD. DC, Executive Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer, Greif, Inc. [GEF: NYSE], Misha Ghosh, Senior Vice President, Financial Health Data & Analytics Leader, Wells Fargo and many more presenting their views and opinions on the advancement of technology in various sectors. We hope the valuable insights from industry thought leaders and diverse solution providers featured in this edition help you make informed decisions for your organization. Let us know your thoughts!

100 Most Promising Companies Founded and Managed by Indians in the US – 2022

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Banyan Solutions Inc Jyoti Challi-Robinson, Founder, President, & CEO Banyan Solutions is a healthcare office solutions company providing doctors, clinics, and hospitals nationwide with Internet-enabled, secure, online medical billing services and online medical transcription services.
A2v Shreedhar Patel, Founder & CEO With over 50 years of combined experience designing and implementing AV technologies, a2v strives to understand the customers' needs to deliver custom-made audio-visual services to redefine workplaces and, in turn, add value to the organization
Airvine Vivek Ragavan, CEO of Airvine. Airvine is a fast-growing Silicon Valley innovator of intelligent broadband wireless backhaul solutions for the enterprise. The company has developed the industry’s first indoor 60 GHz wireless system that exceeds the speed and rivals the reliability of existing cabling at a fraction of the deployment time and cost.
Allied Advisers Gaurav Bhasin, Founder Allied Advisers is a global technology-focused advisory firm specializing in M&A and Capital Raises for middle-market companies.
Appstle Hemant Purswani, Co-founder & CTO , Rakshithaa (Ria) Mahesh, Co-founder & CEO Appstle, a SaaS business,empowers e-commerce merchants, to grow customer loyalty and revenue, and increase their share of customers' wallet. Their robust products, Appstle Subscriptions enablea successful e-commerce journey cost-effectively. Contact Appstle at www.appstle.com.
Aurum Data Solutions Inc Hari Reddy, Principal Aurum Data Solutions helps customers with end-to-end digital transformation services. Its expertise expands from full stack development to dev ops, enterprise e-commerce solutions to Data Science and big data technologies. With over 50 years of combined experience, it is equipped with best-in-class solutions
Banyan Cloud Nagesh Konduru, Founder & CEO Banyan Cloud is a Cyber Security SaaS provides code-to-cloud IT security with data first, zero trust policy with a solid commitment to end-to-end application life cycle security. This includes cloud security posture management (CSPM), data security, shift left, and cloud entitlement management
Blue Ring Investors Sanjay Hegde, CEO Blue Ring Investors helps medical and other busy professionals build passive wealth through real estate investing. By leveraging its in-house expertise to deliver high-yield returns, the North Carolina-based company purchases multifamily, senior, and student housing properties that generate revenue
Cloudbrink Subbu Ponnuswamy, Founder & CTO Cloudbrink is making a difference by helping enterprises to deliver office-grade network performance, reliability, and security to their hybrid employees. Hybrid Access-as-a-Service (HAaaS) enables enterprises to end the tug-of-war between productivity and security
CloudPaths Sameer Ranabhor, CEO & Founder CloudPaths is a California-based managed service provider that delivers optimal cloud-based architecture solutions to its clients. It aids in their DX journey via a value-based approach to understanding the requirements and challenges they face and creating necessary solutions that help them increase their ROI.
DAX Software Solutions Sanjeev Munjal, CEO DAX Software Solutions leverages the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to automate business processes and carry out flawless cloud ERP implementations while eliminating operational inefficiency and expediting an organization's time to go to market. It takes charge of implementing Dynamics 365 F&O, upgrades, CRM, field services, and other integrations and customizations
Digbi Health Ranjan Sinha, Founder & CEO Digbi Health is an AI-powered, precision digital therapeutics platform that uses genetic and gut microbiome data to provide a precision care program. It is impacting the digital therapeutics space through its innovative and personalized approach to addressing digestive illness, cardio-metabolic conditions, and mental health
Enfabrica Shrijeet Mukherjee, co-founder and, chief development officer, Rochan Sankar, co-founder and chief executive officer of Enfabrica. Enfabrica, founded in 2020, is developing groundbreaking hardware, software, and systems technologies to implement the foundational fabrics upon which solutions to compute bottlenecks and next-generation compute demands will be built
ExperienceFlow Giri Athuluru, CEO ExperienceFlow offers the Enterprise Digital Nervous System (EDNS), an automated decision-making solution. It is an Artificial Decision Intelligence platform that automates an enterprise-wide, orchestrated flow of real-time decisions and actions to achieve optimal outcomes under probabilistic situations.
Gupta Capital Group Satish Gupta, Founder & President Gupta Capital Group is a single-family office engaged in sustainably growing a diversified portfolio of operating businesses and other investments. Over the past 40 years, they have developed long-term permanent capital positions across varied investments and portfolio companies.
Harness Jyoti Bansal, Co-Founder & CEO The Harness software delivery platform frees up developers’ time for more important work and enables every software engineering team to deliver code reliably, efficiently and quickly to their users along with creating a world class developer experience
ISSI Burjor Mehta, CEO Information Security Systems International (ISSI) designs partner programs that help cloud MSPs scale their cloud services delivery. This expands their outreach to customers seeking to host their enterprise systems on hyperscale cloud platforms. It also optimizes the existing partner programs of hyperscaler organizations offering public cloud platforms.
Kwartile Krishna Katikaneni, Founder & CEO Enables enterprises to solve critical business challenges related to Big-Data
MDManage Kumar Reddy, CEO MDManageis a national leader in healthcare management and technology that specializes in guiding and implementing processes at clients’ facilities, providing immediate value on investment. The company has been offering the best medical and technology servicesby research and developmentfor 15 years and counting.
NeuroBloom Physical Therapy & Wellness Dr. Nidhi Seth, PT, DPT, CCVT, V2FIT, CSRS, Founder and CEO NeuroBloom Physical Therapy & Wellness has the healing expertise in providing concierge physical therapy and wellness classes that assist patients reach their highest level of recovery by addressing the PT needs of any recent neurological crisis at their own convenient location.
Phoenix Technology Systems, Inc. Arpit Bitta, Chief Technology Officer Phoenix provides cloud-based workforce and spend management solutions which cover spectrum from data-driven dashboards, automated ETL integrations to payroll and time-tracking web/mobile solutions, with which clients can automate and streamline various workforce management (WFM) tasks involving finance, HR, and payroll
Protagonist Therapeutics Dinesh V. Patel, Ph.D. Director, President & CEO Leveraging the peptide technology platform, Protagonist develops agonists and antagonists of a diverse array of difficult targets such as cytokines, cytokine receptors, integrin, transmembrane solute transporters, GPCRs, and ion channels. After optimizing potential drug candidates, they are ultimately formulated as either injectables or pills, then moved through clinical trials with the aim of ultimately making new treatments available to patients in need
Quark.ai Prosenjit Sen, CEO Quark.ai, a deep learning, NLP and computer vision-based platform that interprets customer queries and issues automatically to provide instant answers from the respective reference documents
Raise Networks Shree Amujala, Founder & CIO Raise Networks is a privately held company founded by a Shree Amujala with experience designing, deploying, and managing cost-effective state-of-the-art Information Technology.
Relanto Rajan Gaur, CEO & Co-Founder Relanto is a global consulting and professional services firm enabling customers with AI-driven enterprise planning & decision-making solutions, and digital innovation. It focuses on Banking & Insurance, Communication & Technology, Healthcare & Lifesciences and Retail & CPG industries
Snap IT Vijay Vemuri, CEO Snap IT is an IT applications strategy and consulting services specialist that is ideally positioned to help businesses with the implementation, installation, and configuration of enterprise applications (Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) and non-COTS) and integrating them with critical enterprise systems.
SpineX Parag Gad, Co-founder and CEO of SpineX SpineX is anclinical-stage bioelectric MedTech company focusing on developing non-invasive neuromodulation platform technology devices. It is committed to helping individuals suffering from unmet clinical needs.
Sunita Hydrocolloids Inc (SHI) Mohit Hissaria, President Sunita Hydrocolloids Inc (USA) is a Delaware corporation established in 2013. A wholly owned subsidiary of Sunita Hydrocolloids Private Limited, India (SHPL), it offers a complete set of stimulation chemicals like guar-based gelling agents, cross linkers, clay stabilizers, defoamers, non-emulsifiers, and breakers.
SystemoneX Shampi Jain, Director SystemoneX, a frontrunner in the recruitment and consulting space, is playing a vital role in helping IT organizations employ the best. Its team of skilled recruitment professionals spares no effort in handpicking talent that matches the client's expectations, enabling them to optimize their workforce.
Techne Infiniti Ventures Manish Gupta, Managing Director Techne is a hospitality tech venture fund working with entrepreneurs globally to build next-generation hospitality technologies. It operates a venture studio, a hospitality accelerator, and makes direct investments. The firm has offices in Silicon Valley, Amsterdam, and Mumbai
TheCloudPartner Jai Lalwani, Managing Partner TheCloudPartner is a boutique consulting firm that offers services from strategy to execution partnering with organizations helping them with their digital transformation initiatives. The company’s philosophy is based on following principles resulting in achieving 100 percent customer satisfaction. TheCloudPartner brings more than 8 years of experience in CRM domain along with in-depth expertise in Salesforce platform helping organizations of all sizes to select right Salesforce solution maximizing their CRM investments.
Ventana Micro Systems Balaji Baktha, Founder & CEO Delivers a family of no-compromise, high-performance RISC-V data center-class CPUs with extensible instruction set capability delivered in the form of multi-core chiplets or core IP for high-performance applications in the cloud, enterprise data center, hyperscale, 5G, edge compute, AI/ML, and automotive markets.
Waahe Capital Vikram Brar, Principal, Founder and Princi Gill, Principal, Founder Waahe Capital is a vertically integrated and process-oriented private equity firm that focuses primarily on acquiring value-add and well-located apartment buildings–which meet its rigorous underwriting criteria–in secondary and tertiary emerging markets
WiseBytes Solutions Manoj Thakur , Founder & CEO WiseBytes implements operations management solutions specific to the unique challenges and work culture of the mid-size businesses. It assists mid-size businesses take the first step in their digital transformation journey by building a systems solution that’s nimble, scalable, and rooted into the best practices of our customer’s industry
Yieldstreet Milind Mehere, Founder & CEO Unlike the big-name private equity and venture capital funds that only display investment aggregates, we list all our investments on an investment-by-investment basis. Yieldstreet’s platform application houses a lot of content that caters to first-time investors. It also features technical deep dives, including videos for investors who may be more familiar with alternatives.
Zemplee Aparna Pujar , Founder and CEO Zemplee is a technology platform that utilizes attentive AI and passive sensors to help the elderly age in place gracefully, with round-the-clock remote monitoring capabilities for caregivers and families
Zero Waste Solutions Shavila Singh, Founder & President The company offers Integrated Solid Waste Management Services to protect the environment and help organizations focus on what matters most
314e Corporation Abhishek Begerhotta , Founder & CEO As leaders in healthcare IT products and solutions, 314e Corporation favors consumers with an enhanced digital transformation via cloud adoption, big data, integration, digital learning, EHR/ERP implementation, and optimization in the production and delivery of cutting-edge solutions
Aira Technologies Anand Chadrasekher, Co-Founder and CEO Aira is fundamentally re-imagining the Radio Access Network (RAN) stack, by embedding machine learning into every layer to deliver the required performance improvements in a sustainable manner. Aira's software improves wireless performance by processing contextual information already present in the data flowing through mobile networks
Alphagary Santiago Urbina Castilleja; J. DeLisle , General Manager, Latin America & India Daniel; General Manager, US & UK The Orbia company Alphagary is a leader in developing innovative solutions to improve people's lives all around the world. Polymer Solutions, a division of Orbia In the design and production of speciality polymer compounds and additives for polyvinyl chloride compounds, such as stabilisers, plasticizers, and colourants, Alphagary is a world leader
Appbiz360 Ram Garg, Chief Executive Officer Since its founding in 2008, appbiz360, a US-based mobile app development company, has been providing worldwide businesses, including SMEs, startups, and established companies, with innovative, dependable, and scalable online and mobile app solutions
Arista Networks Andy Bechtolsheim; Jayshree V. Ullal, Founder, Chief Development Officer and Chairman ; President & CEO Specializing in data-driven, cloud computing for large data center, campus, and routing environments, Arista Networks facilitates availability, agility, automation, analytics, and security through an advanced network in the cloud and high-performance computing, virtualization, and big data clusters
Axiom Consultants Bhavana Rakesh , Co-Founder & CEO The experience of Axiom Consultants, Inc. ("Axiom"), a technology, science & engineering, and management consulting organization, helps its clients improve their operations and strategies and realize their modernization objectives. Their individualized solutions put a priority on providing clients with excellence while taking into account their difficulties and organizational requirements
Bezwada Biomedical Rao Bezwada , CEO & President Bezwada Biomedical is a biomedical R&D company that specializes in absorbable polymers and implantable medical devices. In its state-of-the-art R&D facilities in India and the United States, the company produces proprietary biodegradable polymeric biomaterials
Clairvoyant Chandra Ambadipudi , Founder & CEO A leading provider of technology consulting and support services, Clairvoyant assists businesses in maximising the value of their data. Some of the biggest companies in the world work with the company on consulting and development projects in data engineering, analytics, machine learning, and user experience
ClarityTek Abida Banu, President ClarityTek is a diversity certified software engineering company starting out in the world of corporate network with a focus on Virtual Reality Digital Therapies, Web Technologies and back end services. An IT background with detail and quality results was established
Clinicspectrum Vishal Gandhi , Founder and CEO Clinicspectrum is a healthcare services company that provides outsourcing, back office, and technology solutions.The business has turned numerous healthcare institutions and billing businesses around the country into efficiency machines
CloudBees Anuj Kapur , President & CEO Founded in 2010, CloudBees is an innovative software delivery platform for businesses with analytics, compliance, continuous delivery and integration, release orchestration, and feature and value stream management
CommerceIQ Guru Hariharan; Kal Raman, CEO; President By using intelligent automation, CommerceIQ helps brands grow their retail online sales profitably. The nature of retail is becoming algorithmic. The majority of e-commerce marketplace choices, such as those involving inventory management, reducing purchase orders, pricing, promotions, and search rankings, are made by algorithms rather than by vendor or category managers
ConnectM Technology Solutions Bhaskar Panigrahi, Chairman & CEO​ ConnectM is a technology solutions company that provides a full stack solution for remote asset monitoring and control. The company also offers a custom artificial intelligence assistant to assist with routine maintenance, installation, and repair tasks
Cyber Infrastructure Kuldeep Kundal; Abhishek Pareek, Founder & CEO ;Founder & CFO As a frontier in custom software development, Cyber Infrastructure favors innovative mobile solutions in Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain development, augmented and virtual reality, IoT and APIs, Robotics Process Automation, cloud integration services, software product, web application development, Open Source customization, and mobile applications development
Deloitte Punit Renjen , CEO William Welch Deloitte, Founder Deloitte propels development. Their international businesses assist clients in becoming industry leaders wherever they choose to compete. Deloitte invests in exceptional people with a variety of skills and backgrounds and gives them the tools they need to succeed in ways that are unattainable otherwise. Their job mixes counsel with initiative and morality
Drishticon Manoj Vidyarthi, Founder and CEO Founded in 2006, Drishticon is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, USA with additional offshore facilities in Mumbai, India. Solutions from Drishticon are helping organizations to reduce cost and scale up operations, while focusing on their core competency.
Eka Manav Garg , CEO & Founder Global innovator Eka Software Solutions offers cutting-edge cloud solutions that integrate a wide range of activities, from payments to procurement. Its platform-driven solutions helps in commodities and supply chain management, source-to-pay, treasury, and sustainability
ExterNetworks Tasneem Jehan , CEO Founded in 2000, ExterNetworks offers highly cost-effective, sustainable, and highly innovative managed services and solutions in consulting, Cisco and Juniper products, IT services, data management, network support, web Services, technology staffing, and Business Process Outsourcing
Faithlife Bob Pritchett , Founder For more than 25 years, Faithlife has been utilising technology to help the Church develop in the context of the Bible. Faithlife has created a variety of products, including eBooks, academic study materials, church presentation software, and their most well-known offering, Logos Bible Software
Fidrox Technologies Raj Gopal , CEO Fidrox Technology develops innovative technology and system integration solutions to secure the modern workplace while maximizing ROI. By combining various subsystems into a single software layer, the company has significantly contributed to the digitization of the IAM ecosystem
FIXITY Technologies Vinay Velivela , CEO Fixity Technologies specializes in consulting, staffing, and recruitment, offering vital information and skills that a company needs to expand. It trains competent and culturally appropriate employees because it believes that recruiting is about matching the right individuals with the right jobs, not merely fulfilling targets
Flex Paul Lundstrom, Chief Financial Officer Flex is a manufacturer of appliances, electrical equipment, and electronics with expertise in design, production, logistics, value-added services, electronics, automotive, NPI, consumer digital, industrial & emerging, infrastructure, medical, server & storage, networking, EMS, communications, supply chain, and renewable energy services
GCOM Software Kamal Bherwani, CEO GCOM Software is an expert in computerized criminal history (CCH) and vital records, identity and access management, data & analytics, and SaaS. With modernization, digital experiences, and state and local government technology, they play a crucial role in community health and tax analytics, data governance, and custom software development
Global Alliant Dr. Rajan Natarajan, Founder & CEO Global Alliant is an information technology (IT) consulting and software development firm that specializes in transforming business problems into innovative and cost-effective solutions, empowering enterprises with solutions such as robotic process automation, cloud, data analytics, cybersecurity, AI/ML, and more
HashCash Consultants Raj Chowdhury, Mark Iwanowski, , Managing Director, Strategic Advisor A multinational software company, HashCash. HashCash products are used by banks, exchanges, retailers, and other businesses for remittance, corporate payments, currency conversion, payment processing, and other purposes. The US-based digital asset exchange PayBito and the digital asset payment processor BillBitcoins are both operated by HashCash
IBM Arvind Krishna, Chairman & CEO IBM is a business that combines technology, infrastructure, software, and consulting services to offer cloud, mobile, cognitive, security, research, Watson, consulting, business, experience design, internet of things, industry, systems services, resiliency services, financing, and IT infrastructure solutions
IMedrix Srikanth Jadcherla, President & CEO Medrix offers digital cardiovascular diagnostic solutions with KardioScreen, an AI-based mobile ECG device that detects cardiac illness, suggests treatment, and connects to a cardiologist. KardioScreen delivers accurate diagnosis aid without the hassle of rushing to the nearest medical facility, depending on the severity of the ailment
Income Discovery Manish Malhotra, Founder, President & CEO Income Discovery provides solution to maximize a client’s paycheck in retirement. Its AI engine, AIDA, increases the paycheck by as much as 30%
Indus Group Bob Felton, Founder Specializing in software development and consulting, Indus Group facilitates on-time, on-budget, and quality service to our clients with a groundbreaking experience in IT solutions, competencies, strategic consulting, and IT product development
Iorad Sundeep Patel, Founder & CEO iorad helps companies in navigating the knowledge loop by streamlining how they capture, share, and learn at scale. Owing to its use of cloud-based technology, users can copy, share, link, or embed tutorials across the web
Izel Technologies Sachin Bhurke, Founder Since 2007, IzelTech has been committed to assisting OEMs and ISVs in the data protection and application migration and orchestration arena in collaboratively building their solutions by developing the appropriate environment and domain expertise to deliver their products successfully and on schedule
JMR Infotech Jayafar Moidu, Rajitha Jaffar, Founder & CEO, Chief People Officer JMR is a Leading Technology Integrator for Enterprise Solutions for Financial Institutions and Oracle Financial. Financial institutions' interactions with their extended eco-systems and customer bases are altering as a result of business 4.0 and digital trends. Standardisation, industrialisation, and Open Banking-led API-based connectivity are the key concepts of the future
Kognitos Binny Gill, CEO Kognitos is democratizing process automation. Kognitos can automate tasks that run businesses such as quote generation, invoice processing, credit card payment reconciliation, bills of laden entry, or any other repetitive process. It is the world's first automation solution that understands English
Lightup Data Manu Bansal, Founder Lightup connects directly to itc clients' data sources to alert them when data is corrupted. It detects data drift and disruptions before they have a negative influence on the customer experience and business decisions
Matrix IFS Renan Levy, CEO Matrix-IFS serves many of the top-tier institutions in the world with solutions and services for financial crime and compliance. The company offers comprehensive anti-financial crime solutions, including advice, system implementation and integration, automation (RPA), data quality, and model tuning and validation
Mayflower Communication Dr. Triveni N. Upadhyay, President & CEO Mayflower Communications was created in 1986 by prominent Draper Laboratories researchers to offer low-cost solutions for high-performance, low-cost radio navigation and GPS anti-jam for government and commercial sectors
Meet Monk Brahma Mishra, Founder & CEO MeetMonk is a browser-based and device-agnostic collaborative ecosystem both in Education and HealthCare. Incorporated in 2020, MeetMonk set out to develop a collaborative platform that would be device agnostic and bring participants to share real-time audio, video, chat, and whiteboard with a single mouse click
Mindtickle Krishna Depura, CEO As a market-leading sales readiness platform, Mindtickle specializes in sales readiness, enablement, training, onboarding, coaching, productivity, effectiveness, excellence, learning, and software, in addition to a gamified, collaborative, and online learning platform, and channel partner enablement
MPhase Technologies Anshu Bhatnagar, CEO The company mPhase Technologies, Inc. develops, produces, and sells supporting technologies and telecom equipment to boost communication speeds over current traditional copper telephone lines. The company offers digital television distribution and high-speed Internet connection
Neolytica Patrick P. Den Boer, Badal Shah, Chairman, CEO, Managing Director Neolytica, a QPharma company, offers products and solutions that make use of cutting-edge technology like AI and data analytics to significantly improve the strategic and practical aspects of medical affairs, market access, commercial marketing, and commercial sales
NetSpring Vijay Ganesan,, Co-Founder & CEO NetSpring is a Cloud platform as a service (PaaS) helping customers reach peak operational agility through continuous, AI/ML-assisted, actionable business insights from event data. The platform combines historical data with real-time event data generated from various sources to draw market insights that help business decision-makers improve their business performance and stay perennially current in the market
Newgen Software Technologies Diwakar Nigam, Chairman & Managing Director Newgen is the top supplier of a holistic digital transformation platform with native process automation, content services, and communication management capabilities. Globally, prosperous businesses rely on Newgen's well-known minimal code application platform to create and roll out sophisticated, content-driven, and user-friendly business apps in the cloud
NextSphere Technologies Raju Dantuluri, President & CEO The Florida-based software services firm is expertise in business applications, cloud & infrastructure services, mobile application, and product development, system modernization, high-end consulting, and quality assurance
OPUSING Rakesh Arora, Aseem Anand, Co-founder & Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer OpusING, a Boston-based company, was established in 2007 as a small staffing venture and has since become a pioneer in the fields of technology consulting, product development, market research, lead generation, and IT & Non IT Staffing solutions and services with a focus on meeting the unique needs of clients, enhancing their companies' long-term viability, and reducing costs
Publir Anand Ramanujan, Co-founder & CEO Publir empowers content creators and publishers to drive better revenues. The company offers its platform to allow small and medium-sized publishers to leverage multiple monetization tools to diversify and improve their sources of revenue and scale their business without having to pay lump sum prices for advertising
Purplejack Technologies Surinder Kaur, Director Founded in 2012, Purplejack Technologies is a proof of concept, data integration, data warehouse, web and mobile app, and product development company. It offers flexible and customized software web and app development services
Qualitest Anbu Ganapathi Muppidathi, CEO Qualitest uses AI, DevOps, and automation to help the client's journey toward digital transformation. The company's high-quality engineering services are intended to improve and expedite speed, quality, security, and the digital experience for clients
Quiddity Infotech Suresh Potluri, President Quiddity Infotech is a tech-obsessed, results-driven technology firm that believes in out-performing, delivering solutions that bring in operational excellence. It leaves no stone unturned to help businesses reach great heights, digitally transform enterprises – SMEs, startups, agencies, mid and large-sized enterprises inside out
Resource Logistics Venkatesh Iyer, President With 15 years of proven track record in providing cost-effective and top-notch talent, Resource Logistics specializes in contractual staffing, customized software solutions, ERP / CRM implementation, training, placement, and permanent staffing
Sailotech Suresh Babu Inturu, Sandesh Shringarpure, Managing Director, Chief Strategic & Finance Officer Sailotech is a multinational provider of IT solutions that boosts the sustainability and profitability of businesses through its cutting-edge approaches to automation and digitization. Some of the Fortune 500 organisations around the world have put their trust in them to achieve results for the digital transformation and address some of the most challenging business problems
Shiftsmart Aakash Kumar, Founder & CEO Shiftsmart is the revolutionary workforce marketplace built on pioneering technology that connects today’s dynamic workforce with companies facing increasingly complex staffing requirements. By empowering workers with more hours, better pay, and greater opportunity, the company creates a mutually beneficial labor ecosystem for individuals and organizations alike
Sriven Systems Vikram R Jangam, CEO & President With the assistance of skilled personnel, Sriven Systems provides its customers with solutions and services of the highest calibre. To assist enterprises in designing and constructing their businesses economically, the company offers a dynamic combination of strategy consulting and system integration services
Stratogent Jishnu Mitra, CEO Developed in 2008, Stratogent holds a firm ground in AWS, Azure, vulnerability management, managed detection and response, complex networking, biotechs, lab and manufacturing IT, and FDA/GxP compliance, facilitating efficient IT and Cybersecurity operations
SuccessKPI Piyush Patel, CTO & Co-founder A revolutionary insight and action platform, SuccessKPI uses AI, analytics, and automation to remove the barriers that contact center agents, managers, and executives face when providing superior customer service. Its team of experts helps businesses, managers, and agents access accurate information, knock down data silos, make analytics easy and actionable, and enable the actions needed to succeed
United MSG Kulbir Singh , President United MSG functions as a crucial business interface, networking between leading manufacturers, processors, yard owners and recycle traders worldwide. The company operates six scrap yards across the East coast and has offices worldwide, including Canada, India, Singapore, Chile and China
V R Della Infotech Dr. Manikanda Raman, President & CEO The customers' IT and non-IT demands are the main focus of Della, an IT consulting and staffing company. They focus on specialised fields, so they can address any questions that others cannot. They are a group of skilled and dedicated experts who go above and beyond to meet the demands of their customers
ValQ Gopal Krishnamurthy, Founder & CEO valQ is a software development company that enables finance, operations, sales, marketing, HR, and procurement to rapidly visualise, simulate, and evaluate business KPIs to improve corporate performance. Through the multipurpose software ValQ, users can plan, forecast, budget, simulate, and analyse data in Microsoft Power
Vinsys Vikrant Patil, Founder & CEO Vinsys specializes in technology, behavioral, and soft skills training, Project Management & IT service consultancy, training infrastructure and e-labs, corporate training & development, manpower management, and software services, and AWS, Power BI, DevOps, and Cyber Security training
VMware Raghu Raghuram, CEO In order to support digital innovation while maintaining business governance, VMware is a market leader in multi-cloud services for all apps. The duty and chance to create a more secure, fair, and sustainable future for everybody are at the core of everything they do. The technological advances that are revolutionising entire sectors were created by their employees and partners
VOLANSYS Manan Patel, VP VOLANSYS offers design, development, validation, and manufacturing capabilities to businesses of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, in a variety of industries. The company enables its partners and clients to build intelligent, scalable, and interoperable connected solutions of unparalleled quality from idea to implementation
VSplash Umesh Tibrewal, Founder & CEO With nearly 23 years of experience, vSplash is expertise in label digital marketing, proffering SEO, PPC, website development and design, and content services
Zelecloud Tarun Tadepalli , CEO Zelecloud is an Information Technology Consulting Management company that helps businesses manage cloud-based infrastructure and managed IT services. Providing a result-oriented service enables the firm to identify and provide the most effective business services that value clients’ business data
Ztek Consulting Vikram Sharma, CEO In the functional areas of IT, Finance & Accounting, Risk, and Process Optimization, Ztek Consulting is a full-service contract and permanent recruiting firm that specialises in highly qualified employees. Their clientele is diversified, including global Fortune 500 powerhouses and start-up technology enterprises from a range of industries