Harness: Simplifying Devops Processes

Jyoti Bansal, Co-Founder & CEO

Leading companies in the DevOps space are struggling to scale efficiently due to the volume of manual processes and toolchains that require a high degree of maintenance to deliver software to their users. Harness addresses this problem by arming developers with the development platform they need to be successful. It automates previously manual processes, including testing, security, and delivery.

The Harness software delivery platform frees up developers’ time for more important work and enables every software engineering team to deliver code reliably, efficiently, and quickly to their users while creating a world-class developer experience.

“Our software delivery platform enables software delivery at increased velocity – without having to make tradeoffs or compromises in quality, reliability, security, or efficiency,” says Jyoti Bansal, the co-founder and CEO, Harness.
Harness is transforming businesses’ ability to move fast, stay competitive, and focus on the creative process of building software that delights their customers instead of wasting efforts on the tedious and costly process of shipping software. Developers love Harness as it utilizes automation to take away the most painful parts of their jobs in building software.

Harness is made up of seven modules that cover the entire software delivery lifecycle, including continuous integration, continuous delivery, cloud cost management, feature flags, service reliability management, security testing orchestration, and chaos engineering. Whether a company wants to significantly reduce build times or optimize its cloud spend, Harness uses AI and ML to help create these outcomes. The company’s customers have the freedom to choose which solutions best fit their needs and have the option to add new modules from Harness to their toolchains as their needs evolve. Harness offers solutions for all phases of software delivery.

For instance, by leveraging Harness, the DevOps team at United Airlines has reduced build process time from 22 minutes to five minutes, a 75 percent overall improvement. In another example, Booking.com has had an 85 percent reduction in lead time—from over eight hours to around one hour since working with Harness.
Carvana, a company that provides car shoppers with a better way to buy, also realizes savings of $1.4 million per year with Harness’s cloud cost management module that helps companies monitor and reduce cloud spend.

Our software delivery platform enables software delivery at increased velocity – without having to make tradeoffs or compromises in quality, reliability, security, or efficiency

Harness is the industry’s first software delivery platform to use AI to simplify DevOps processes in one end-to-end platform. The company provides solutions for every part of the software delivery journey in a single, fully integrated platform. Another key differentiator is Harness’ automated governance and guardrails. Today’s companies need to move fast while also prioritizing security, auditability, and reliability. With Harness, development teams are not forced to choose between moving quickly and remaining compliant—they can address all the requirements at the same time. Harness values its users and strives to improve their jobs by reducing developer toil and enabling pipeline management within the familiar developer experience.