MDManage: Optimizing Medical Excellence through Innovations

Kumar Reddy, CEO

In today’s always-online, hyper-connected culture, we expect all aspects of modern society to be as high-tech as possible. Unfortunately, the U.S. healthcare system continues to trail behind the tech curve—not necessarily in the adoption—but in bringing technologies to the benefit of patients. With the onset of the “Silver Tsunami” and the need to provide the best care to patients, it’s imperative for providers to put technology to good use, addressing the systemic disconnect with American public.

However, can this be an easy process that can be facilitated at the push of a button?

Medical practices can achieve this feat with a reliable partner—one with the operational excellence, experience, and expertise—who can walk them through their technology transformation journey and address their needs.

As a national leader in healthcare management and technology, MDManage rises to this challenge with its expertise, to implement processes at clients’ facilities, providing immediate value on investment. The company is cognizant of how improvisation occurs through technology, people, and process, and leverages this understanding to offer the best process and technology services, suiting client needs.

At the heart of MDManage is its experienced and agile staff with extensive knowledge in addressing any extraordinary requirements of clients, be it medicolegal cases or niche RCM or standard RCM processes. The team at MDManage is best known for their proven track record of finding innovative solutions to deliver on client needs.

“Enterprises are all about people; one set of people delivering value to the other through products and services.
We’re constantly striving to deliver the best people value through our enterprise,” says Kumar Reddy, CEO of MDManage. “Our peoplefirst philosophy is based on the tenet that great people deliver great results, and we’re improving our approach and setting up robust business processes using the best tech-stack that helps deliver great customer value.”

MDManage’s dedication to pioneering the healthcare RCM market and process optimization has enabled them to accelerate positive outcomes for clients. For instance, even before the enactment of the HITECH Act of 2009, the company had envisioned the significance of EHRs in healthcare management. In fact, as one of the earliest adopters of digitizing medical records, MDManage built its own indigenous document management software in 2005, which gave clients access to their content, through a highly secure portal.

Later, MDManage pioneered the virtualization and cloud adoption in the healthcare space, augmenting its internal computing needs to scale up operations and facilitating real-time information exchange with clients. By doing this, the company was able to reduce “charge lag” and speed up claim submissions, which helped in tapering “average days in AR” and faster revenue cycle for clients. Embracing virtualization and cloud also helped in enhancing its communication capabilities and thereby, transparency. MDManage is also the first in developing a seamless portal that manages communication with legal entities pursuing recovery with insurance carriers.

Enriched by its dedicated client relationship management approach, MDManage is best positioned to understand the challenges facing clients and provide solutions that fit their requirements. The company had successfully helped many clients address the need to access real-time pre-certification status on the services they ordered in the early 2000s. It developed a producton- web platform that would generate insurance mandated formats of pre-certification request forms and update outcomes of these requests based on responses received from insurance carriers while digitizing all these records.
This helped in delivering seamless access to information required to clients and a smooth user experience.

MDManage’s team, together with its indigenous web-based platform, helped many medical providers obtain eligibility and benefit verification of different specialized medical services, allowing them to make informed decisions on future treatment of these patients. The company also delivered a solution for its ASC clients, who required real-time access to financial reports over the secure portal. MDManage was able to answer this need by using Power BI tools over the MS SharePoint site with backend ODBC connectivity to its in-house MS SQL Server.

We are a single-point Service Provider who helps clients to manage and strategize their entire portfolio of medical practices by understanding every requirement

And while these cases are a testament to MDManage’s expertise in the healthcare management and technology, it is their attention to customer needs that makes them the most sought-after partner for a broad clientele. The company’s ardent passion for driving its clients to success has resulted in its team serving numerous repeated clients over the years—a fact that speaks volumes about how the company manages and delivers results to customers.

“We understand RCM has very high barriers to entry and low barriers to exit and are able to go above and beyond what is expected from an RCM company. Our goal is to provide outstanding RCM services so that we can let their medical practice remain a practice,” says Mr. Reddy.