NeuroBloom Physical Therapy & Wellness: Making Physical Recovery Accessible through Intuitive Concierge Care

Dr. Nidhi Seth, PT, DPT, CCVT, V2FIT, CSRS, Founder and CEO

Traditional outpatient physical therapy (PT) services are pivotal in assisting patients with neurological disorders to achieve increased mobility and overall health. Despite its significance, patients continue to fall off their therapy schedules over time, affecting their day-to-day mobility. Concierge rehab services are helping physical therapists address this problem by establishing a strong connection with the patient, making it more economical and convenient to minimize dropout rates and effectively balance wellbeing and health. This has been the core principle of relationship-based care, a new model that centers on the patient.

An innovative, best-in-class firm at the vanguard of providing superior quality care and better patient outcomes through its intuitive concierge rehab offerings is NeuroBloom Physical Therapy & Wellness.

"We offer relationship-based, direct patient-clinician care through an accessible concierge model that is customized to meet the individual needs of each patient, and care plans are structured to promote the highest level of functional independence and successful community reintegration," says Dr. Nidhi Seth (PT) Founder and CEO of NeuroBloom Physical Therapy & Wellness.

NeuroBloom assists patients with comprehensive support and addresses PT needs for any neurological crisis at a convenient location. Patients can access NeuroBloom anywhere; at home, work, gym/ fitness center, or even outdoors, such as on a hiking trail or any sporting environment.
It offers all the benefits of effective concierge rehabilitation without the hassle of going to a clinic along with an array of wellness group classes. The mainstay of treatment is to provide care in real-world environments, which enables clients to rehabilitate more efficiently and return to their desired functionalities faster. By virtue of such customization, patients are then able to genuinely manage and adhere to their prescribed treatment plans. Ultimately, with NeuroBloom, the patient is placed at the center of focus and they determine the pathway to achieve their health and fitness goals.

By taking a holistic patient care approach with the implementation of cutting-edge, evidence-based techniques, NeuroBloom identifies the root cause of the problem. This allows NeuroBloom to provide a comprehensive profile of the patient's physical and mental well-being. With this understanding, NeuroBloom goes the extra mile in treating patients based on the timeline of their mobility problems and takes personalized steps to optimize their medical care.

Every initial patient meeting at NeuroBloom begins with a thorough assessment that includes learning individual concerns affecting their daily life. After analyzing the issues, it formulates an individualized NeuroBloom Care Plan (NCP) is formulated. This plan encompasses hands-on treatment, exercises, education, advice, and a home therapy program. Through its end-toend and intuitive strategy, NeuroBloom plants the seeds of the confidence that enables patients to reach newer heights of recovery and regain a healthy functional performance.

These combined competencies enable NeuroBloom to craft many successes in optimizing the baseline of health and fitness for patients with PT needs. Recently, a client sought NeuroBloom's help as their preferred physical therapy provider to assist them in progressing toward effective recovery. As an example of a success story, NeuroBloom identified that the client had an infection in her limb and suspected a clot restricting blood flow from detailed evaluation and time spent with the individual.
NeuroBloom was instrumental in coordinating emergency care and provided all the necessary followup rehabilitation after the patient was discharged from acute care settings. The patient then partnered with NeuroBloom for effective in-house physical therapy to rebuild their functional performance. By consulting with NeuroBloom's concierge rehabilitation services three days a week, the client made significant strides toward recovery, regained self-confidence, and returned to her prior level of function.

At the heart of such successes are NeuroBloom's highly trained clinical experts. They utilize their extensive knowledge of neurological, neuromuscular and vestibular diagnoses and injuries to deliver an expertise-backed journey toward restoring a patient's physical functioning.

We offer evidence-based cutting-edge care focused on the patient. Rooted in our passion for patient-clinician relationships, we deliver accessible concierge care that establishes a strong foundation with clients and facilitates the delivery of improved health outcomes

Today, the company is becoming the epicenter of collaboration with large medical & academic centers, working to spread awareness of the fortitude of the patient-clinician relationship and how it can advance the health and well-being of communities and populations. This grassroot population health approach has improved health outcomes on multiple levels. Always a phone call away, NeuroBloom aims to continue mitigating neurological disorders and deliver 'Euzen'—an old Greek word for a strong and satisfying sense of wellbeing and fulfillment—through its holistic concierge PT services.