ISSI: Scaling Cloud Service Delivery for MSPs

Burjor Mehta, CEO

In a connected era where the demand for cloud computing and data storage is skyrocketing, hyperscalers are taking the world by storm. Cloudmanaged service providers (MSPs) are making a beeline to become partners with some of the biggest hyperscale platforms such as AWS, GCP, and Microsoft Azure for handling the growing demand from enterprise and mid-market customers. However, for many MSPs, the inability to scale their cloud service deliveries often turns out to be a stumbling block.

This is where Information Security Systems International (ISSI) makes a difference by bringing unparalleled scalability to MSPs’ cloud service delivery. Through its innovative cloud-specific partner programs, the consulting firm helps MSPs expand their reach to customers seeking to host their enterprise systems on hyper-scale cloud platforms.

“We design unique programs that scale cloud service delivery and accelerate profitable growth and customer acquisition for MSPs,” says Burjor Mehta, CEO of ISSI.

With its industry know-how, ISSI identifies the myriad cultural challenges, competing strategic priorities, and competency gaps that delay the development of a robust cloud business unit by MSPs. For instance, cloud migration by enterprises tends to threaten the bottom lines of traditional infrastructure-focused IT service providers.
In such cases, ISSI closely collaborates with executive teams to develop programs for the successful launch of customer-centric cloud services that ensure their business model stays profitable.

ISSI brings decades of compliance expertise to help IT service providers prepare for cloud MSP compliance audits. Its partner programs help hyperscale cloud service providers achieve compliance with industry and customer standards. This helps them quantify, assess, and enhance the quality of cloud services delivered to enterprises.

ISSI’s capabilities stem from its immensely qualified global teams of domain experts, all of whom possess relevant cloud experience. As a company, ISSI stands apart with more than 300 cloud certifications among its ranks. Its teams are certified on every hyperscale platform they work with, which helps them interact better with MSPs having similar certifications. ISSI’s auditors and consultants stay updated on the latest cloud services market requirements and acquire relevant vendor certifications. This helps ISSI refine its best practices and share them with MSPs to ensure a better customer experience.

On the hyperscaler side, ISSI has already emerged as a trusted advisor for several of the industry giants. The hyperscalers typically seek ISSI’s feedback and insights on specialized partner programs to optimize and improve them. This ensures their existing partner benefits program has the right mix of incentives to attract MSPs to get certified on their cloud platforms, forming a symbiotic relationship. Simultaneously, ISSI creates sales enablement content to help their cloud MSP partners market their services better to prospective customers, resulting in enhanced profitability.
Apart from profitability, security is a major focus for ISSI, as reflected in its ISO 27001:2013 and 27701:2019 cybersecurity and data privacy certifications. ISSI has also built information security and privacy management systems to further safeguard business information and personally identifiable information of clients.

Responsiveness forms a core part of ISSI’s consulting services. It adopts a follow-the-sun model to rapidly address any issues or queries of hyperscalers or MSPs regardless of location or time constraints. To account for the global nature of its clients, ISSI offers consulting services in a variety of languages.

We design unique programs that scale cloud service delivery and accelerate profitable growth and customer acquisition for MSPs

ISSI’s dedication to serving clients is best reflected in the multiple instances where it has led hyperscaler channel partners from having no or limited MSP capability to fully certified MSP status through its partner programs.

Optimistic about the future demand for cloud services, ISSI is taking huge strides with its deep cloud expertise and partnerships with market-leading hyperscalers. ISSI is ever ready to help MSPs maximize their cloud service opportunities and capture greater markets with unmatched scalability in service delivery.