Kwartile: Supercharge your data team with a low-code/ no-code data engineering platform

Krishna Katikaneni, Founder & CEO

Every organization is becoming a data company. Data is an asset and without proper data management & data engineering practices, it can quickly become a liability. Data platforms are evolving from on-premise to hybrid and multi-cloud services, necessitating the formation of modern data stacks. With the explosion of a variety of data sources, data types and data volumes at terabyte & petabyte scale, building end-to-end data products is complex and difficult to collaborate, orchestrate and operationalize.

This is where Kwartile can make a difference with its visually driven data engineering platform, DataMorph™. Founded by data experts from the high-tech data space, Kwartile aims to simplify and streamline data engineering using DataMorph™.
“Our platform empowers data teams to build data products faster using SQL and familiar concepts in a repeatable, transparent way” says Krishna Katikaneni, CEO, Co-founder Kwartile.

“Using DataMorph, organizations can reduce the time to implement new use cases by as much as 90% and improve their data team’s productivity by 5x.

To develop an adept platform like DataMorph™, the founders initially worked as consultants in healthcare, retail, and BFS industries in delivering data products at scale. While building data products for customers, they repeatedly saw common challenges such as

• The need to implement various tools and frameworks to manage different types of data processing and orchestration requirements

• Legacy baggage around poor integration and operations practices

• Lack of high skilled engineers

• High cost of ownership in managing and maintaining data products
After four years of consulting, the founders developed DataMorph™. DataMorph™ is a single integrated framework for various types of data processing and orchestration requirements. It’s a simple, flexible, extensible, and cloud-agnostic platform. Using DataMorph, teams can build reliable data products faster with the existing talent and knowledge.

Kwartile also offers a robust set of solutions and support services for Datamorph™. The professional services team helps enterprises with data strategy, data architecture and data operations in the cloud. Kwartile consultants possess deep technology, industry, and strategic product management experience.

By using DataMorph™, Organizations can reduce the time to implement new use cases by as much as 90% and improve their data team’s productivity by 5x

Enterprises undergoing architectural shifts like ‘On-Prem to Cloud Data Warehouse,’ ‘Hadoop to Next- Gen Data Lakes,’ ‘ETL to ELT,’ and ‘Analyst teams to Self Service Insights’ will find Kwartile’s products and services extremely beneficial.