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Startup of the Year - 2021
Today's developed countries are defined by their ability to innovate, and India, with its large number of young startups, offers a unique potential. Indian startups are the torch bearers for innovation in the country. Currently the country has 60,441 registered start ups, making it the world's third largest ecosystem. India has one of the most rapidly growing startup ecosystems in the world. The Indian tech sector has experienced enormous growth in the creation of innovative startups, propelling it to the country's third fastest growing hub. Currently, the Indian startup ecosystem is home to a...Read More
10 Best Internet Publishing & Broadcasting Service Providers - 2021
Internet publishing and broadcasting is dominating the media & entertainment industry in a very fast pace. The Bureau of Labor Statistics is clearly highlighting this generation shift in the media. The last few years witnessed more people being employed in internet publishing and blogging. By 2024, television will make up 40 percent of the Indian media industry, 13 percent by print media, 12 percent by digital advertising,  nine percent by cinema, and  eight percent each by OTT and Gaming sectors. OTT content cost may grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18 percent to reach $1.6...Read More
10 Best Startups in Northeast - 2021
MSMEs play a wide role in leading the nation to development. With the government widely promoting the business, MSMEs are mushrooming across the breadth and length of the country. Things are not different for the North Eastern (NE) region of India. Even though the region comprising of seven states, blessed with plenty of natural resources, accounts for only 15 percent of India's MSME, the region is developing as a startup ecosystem in a fast pace with numerous government policies promoting the movement. The vibrant youngsters of the region having entrepreneurial mind are choosing business as their domain,...Read More
10 Best FinTech Startups - 2021
Fintech in India is growing, bringing innovations in loans, payments, stock trading, and credit scoring, and changing the face of banking industry. FinTech spans various sectors and industries, including education, retail banking, nonprofit fundraising, investment management, and much more. Mumbai and Bengaluru together represent about 42 percent of the FinTech hub in India. In 2020, India recorded highest FinTech adoption rate of 87 percent and became biggest destination for investment deals worldwide. Today, Fintech is also including the development and use of cryptocurrencies. India has emerged as one of...Read More
10 Best Wealth Management Startups - 2021
The Indian economy is growing robustly and is estimated to become the third largest global economy by 2030. With rising per capita income and increasing urbanization, the number of middle class population is on rise in India. According to world economic forum, 80 percent of the Indian population will fall under middle class segment by 2030. The increasing disposable income and accumulating wealth brings in a question of depositing the money at reasonable rates. This will lead to the growth of wealth management firms in India. With traditional asset classes such as fixed deposits and bonds offering low returns,...Read More
10 Most Promising Social Media Marketing Startups - 2021
With the new trend of social media advertising, the digital advertising industry is expected to show a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.94 percent, resulting in a projected market volume of $1,217 million by 2025. Due to its staggering growth, social media has become the easiest channel of communication between brands and their audience. A recent study found that 74 percent of internet users, irrespective of their age, are on social networks, making social media use nearly as common as the desktop or mobile phones. This wide popularity of social media, along with its consumer-centric nature has flooded...Read More
10 Best Startups in Goa -  2021
Goa is not just known for its spectacular beaches, places, culture, and ethnicity. It is a traveler's paradise. A perfect retreat for the adventurous as well as the leisurely travelers and touristy escapades. Surprisingly, in the recent past, it has transformed to be the first choice for entrepreneurs because of healthy work life equilibrium and a perfect environment for innovation. Today, there is no doubt in calling Goa a startup paradise. What makes Goa the ideal place is, the great infrastructure, well-network connectivity, and most importantly, the growing talent pool, who loves to work in a place...Read More
10 Best Fantasy Sport Startups – 2021
The rise of online fantasy sports gaming in India has not only increased the interest of users in sports but also spawned a whole ecosystem around it. Most importantly, the emergence of fantasy sports is driving a deeper connection between sports fans & real life sports, and fantasy sports have converted many casual sports viewers into dedicated fans. Further, an important aspect in bridging the gap between real sports and fantasy sports has been technology. It's quite fun to know that you can easily log onto a website these days and assemble a simulated team that mimics real life professionals. That...Read More
 10 Best Creative Advertising Startups - 2021
Advertising has a major role in the proliferation of business through brand development and global recognition of brand. Advertisements have undergone many changes with time. Initially advertisements were endorsing few celebrities to attract consumer attention and trust in promoting their brand but as time passed on the concept of advertisements went through a paradigm shift. Today, brands are struggling to find creative content due to the cutting edge competition in the world of advertisements and brand building. Now, advertising requires new perspectives, refreshed thinking, holistic approaches and deep...Read More
Top 10 HR Services Startup - 2021
The global human resource management market size was valued at USD 17.56 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.2% from 2021 to 2028. The continued digitization and automation of HR operations to create effective and agile reskilling strategies is expected to drive the growth of the market over the forecast period. The growth can also be attributed to the strong emphasis enterprises are putting on attracting the right pool of candidates, retaining human capital, and managing resources efficiently. Having realized the potential of human resource management (HRM)...Read More
10 Most Promising NCR women startups - 2021
With the increasing number of startups, the business world in NCR Region is at the forefront of maximizing productivity and creativity in the sphere of operations. Aligned to this, the landscape is undergoing a tremendous shift towards entrepreneurship. We are in a collaborative and effective means of work environment regardless of gender. With equality in opportunity booming in recent years, women as go-getters are being immensely successful. Moreover, the city is slowly stepping forward in bridging the gap between gender lifting the status of women. Over the years women entrepreneurship is witnessing a...Read More
10 Best Robotics Startups - 2021
The robotic startup industry is in its nascent stage in India. However the industrial robotics, which is picking up trend across various sectors, is fuelling the growth of robotic startup industry. According to a press release, India's Robot Wonder released by the IFR, the number of robot installations in India is growing rapidly for several years now. In terms of annual installation, the industrial robotics market in India stood at 5,000 units in 2019 and is estimated to reach 11,760 units by 2025, expanding at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.41 percent during the 2020-2025 period. Today,...Read More
10 Best Startups to Work for Kolkata - 2021
Kolkata once known as the cultural & commercial centre of Eastern India is no longer the name that strikes one's mind only for its tasty food, monuments & tourist places. It is time to look at the up and coming vibrant startup culture of the city that is making it a metropolis of choice in the country. It is gradually gaining recognition as a startup hub as well. The city is now provides much more than delicacies and cultural heritage. It is marking its status as a prime business, commercial and financial spot of eastern India and the main port of communication for the North-East Indian states....Read More
10 Best E-Commerce Startups - 2021
The Indian E-Commerce saga continues to rapidly expand while having an impact on almost every industry segment. Propelled by increasing internet penetration, smartphone adoption, and affordable data plans, the online retail industry is only growing from strength to strength every year. According to a report by the Indian Brand Equity Forum, the Indian E-commerce market which was worth $38.5 billion in 2017 is expected to touch a whopping $200 billion by 2026. The industry is also experiencing a massive push owing to the increasing number of internet users across India. This digital push is expected to create a...Read More
10 Most Promising Life Science Startups - 2021
Because of the coronavirus outbreak, rapid development for finding newer techniques to fight a disease or taking precautions for any epidemic has become the need of the hour. It has pointed to some of the developments such as drug discovery and technology interventions that took a long time, even when it demanded faster progress. This has also opened the door for digital innovations in the life science companies to solve patient problems online. The Indian life science sector is vast and plays a critical role in strengthening the economy while putting India on the global healthcare map. Consisting of growth...Read More
10 Best startups to work for New Delhi - 2021
Delhi, also known as the capital of India is growing rapidly and is one of the most developed cities in the country. We all know that Delhi is a city of well-educated and rich people and in recent years, it has also grown as a startup hub in India. Many startups in Delhi are growing successfully and providing satisfaction to their customers. According to the study, currently, Delhi is in the second position based on startups. It is having more than 1500 startups that are working properly and established themselves as a successful company. In this article, you will get to know about some best startups in...Read More
10 Best Delivery Services Startups - 2021
We currently live in a hyper competitive world where time is considered money and somehow everybody eventually falls short of it. As our to-do lists grow longer, we have become accustomed to rely on next gen delivery service providers to cater to a plethora of our needs. Reacting to modern day problems, there has been a steady rise in logistics tech industry which works towards picking up and delivering products in the shortest possible time frame. Be it delivering products within the city or across states, delivery services companies have developed efficient and cost effective solutions for all our...Read More
10 Gurgaon Startups to Work for - 2021
Gurgaon, recently rechristened as Gurugram has emerged as a popular city in India's financial and technology system. In recent years the city has become a strong startup hub in India as it consists some of the most successful start-ups that provide excellent service to clients while also contributing to the economy of India. Some of the startups only offer their services in Gurgaon while some also offer their services in India and abroad. Along with other cities, Gurgaon has helped India become the third largest startup hotspot in the world. Gurgaon developed from an agricultural power house to a...Read More
Top 10 Chennai Startups to Work for - 2021
Under the aegis of PM Modi's push for the “Make in India” initiative, several new startups have seen the light of day with various entrepreneurs developing different types of startups based on their areas of expertise. In India, many states and cities have developed various successful startups climbing up in the rank of becoming India's startup hub. One such promising Indian city is Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu. Although this city is still lagging behind the other bigwigs in India's startup ecosystem, yet this city has produced many amazing companies such as e Freshdesk and...Read More
Top 10 AI startups - 2021
In current years, the Indian startup environment has seen an excellent upsurge. The country is among the pinnacle list of countries which have performed millions of investments for tech-based startups withinside the closing one year. Startups are entering awareness via their very own innovation and exceptional service. Their achievement is pushed by elements inclusive of large investment, consolidation activities, evolving era, and a huge home marketplace. According to a few market reports, from around 3000 startups in 2014, India has seen an upward thrust of 11,000 in just 6 years. With the subsequent...Read More
10 Best Startups to Work for Pune - 2021
Pune, one of the largest metropolises in India is becoming a favourite destination for investment in recent days and growing as a hotspot for startup ecosystem. At present, the city houses some of the biggest MNCs and provides great opportunities for new firms and professionals. However, the business scenario is getting much serious in terms of growth and development, leading to ignorance of employees' welfare. The focus on the clients is exponentially growing but the strength and backbone 'employees' are often ignored. However, there are a few companies in the city which have understood the...Read More
10 Best Eco-Friendly Product Startups - 2021
India has a long history and legacy of living a sustainable lifestyle and viewing the environment as a god. One can discover the plethora of eco-friendly products that are still in use in the Countryside. Nowadays, environment has become the persistent public concern, which has led to an upswing the Eco-friendly Movement. In today's world eco-friendly is understood as protecting the natural world around us. Humans have exceeded the acceptable limit for the use of natural resources. As a result, every other aspect of life must be in favour of the Earth. The eco-friendly concept is being used in almost...Read More
Top 10 Auto tech startups - 2021
The auto industry is undergoing radical change as its ushers in the technologies behind electric and autonomous vehicles as well as in-vehicle technologies designed to enhance or enhance the driving experience. But to fully understand how these changes manifest and how they might evolve in the future, we need to first understand the startups and entrepreneurs that are driving these changes. Why are startups driving some of the biggest change? There are many possible explanations, including the fact that startups are more agile and less cluttered with bureaucratic roadblocks than large companies. Startups...Read More
10 Best Advertising Startups - 2021
A business is set in motion only when it starts to attract customer attention. Any form of business, whether it is run online or offline requires customers so that it could experience a good business turnaround. The only way to build a loyal customer base is to draw people towards the brand and have then use the services. In today's times when competition in market is intense, attracting customers organically is rather tough. In such a scenario, companies have to fall back upon advertising and marketing exercises.   Advertising is an age old sector which currently uses avenues such as internet,...Read More
Top 10 Agtech startups - 2021
India has the second largest agricultural land area in the world and about 60 percent of rural Indian households earn their living through agriculture. Forming the very backbone of the economy and providing employment to a mass of our population, agriculture has been an area of focus for the country since years. One of the sector's major ally is the global and Indian food industry which grew at a CAGR of 16.4 percent from FY10 to FY18. India's agricultural exports reached $38.54 billion in FY19 and FY19. 20 (to November 2019) reached $22.69 billion. With many initiatives geared towards farmers, the...Read More
Top 10 Best startup to work for Bangalore - 2021
Bangalore is known as the “Silicon Valley” of India, and rightly so. The number of innovative startups in Bangalore is huge and it is increasing day by day. Over the years many great companies have come from Bangalore. Flipkart, BigBasket, Zoom Car, Myntra, Practo are a few of the big names in business today with their roots in Bangalore. With Prime Minister Narendra Modi's "Make in India" initiative and the focus on startups, the city is also quickly becoming a playground for these startups. The city's work culture and infrastructure have made it extremely convenient for...Read More
10 Best Bangalore Women Startups - 2021
Women are now regarded as an inseparable part of the global fight for a prosperous economy. The same is true in India, where women have recently emerged as a sign of transformation. The reasons for women's entrance into entrepreneurship differ, but considering their diverse social backgrounds, they have proven their worth time and again. They have taken chances in the industry and seen them pay off. Indian women have repeatedly competed with men and proved to be equal in any race, including entrepreneurship. However, the proportion of women who want to seek an entrepreneurship profession is smaller than...Read More
10 Best Deep Tech Startups - 2021
Deep Tech has a major influence on the segments such as autonomous systems, robotics, smart homes, medical devices, clean technology, energy conservation, and numerous other areas of application that expand or emerge. Deep Tech is also distinguished because of its profound strength, its distinction, and its catalytic ability. Deep Tech enterprises have fundamental and defensive engineering innovations which distinguish them from companies that rely on the progressive refining or provision of standardised technology or use only innovation in business models to build opportunities. Deep Tech can cover many...Read More
10 Best UI UX Startups - 2021
The abbreviation “UI” stands for “user interface” in UI design. The graphical layout of a programme is the user interface. It consists of the clicking keys, readings, pictures, sliders, fields of text entry and all the other objects with which the user interacts. This involves the arrangement of the screen, transformations, animations of the interface and each individual movement. Any visual feature must be planned, interacting or animating. The term “UX” stands for “user experience.” The way a customer interacts with the app determines their overall...Read More
10 Best Edtech Startups - 2021
Edtech is the process of bringing IT resources into the classroom to make learning more entertaining, inclusive, and personalized. Tablets, immersive learning classes, and even robotics that can take notes and record lessons for students who are sick are now a commonplace in today's schools, which have evolved from the clunky personal computers of the past. Considering the pandemic, which has provided plenty of resources for Edtech in India, the market value of Edtech is projected to increase from 2.8 billion dollars in 2020 to 10.4 billion dollars, up by 3.7 times over the next five years in 2025....Read More
10 Best Food Processing Startups - 2021
Food processing is the mechanism by which food products are converted into a shape that can be used. The conversion of raw materials to food may be covered by various physical and chemical methods. Mining, cooking, consistency, liquefaction, maceration and emulsification are various activities covered by this method. It is necessary to produce desirable, marketable foods, and, if necessary, life-long, safe, harvested or butcher and slaughtered animal products. Processing food has several goals, it improves food's shelf life, Prevent food pollution, preparation of food and transport, Makes raw foodstuffs...Read More
10 Best Recruitment Start-Ups - 2021
In a competitive industry like Recruitment, some curious minds are looking out for wise recruitment exists for businesses. In Recruitment hundreds of thousands of job-seekers & companies are in constant search of betterment of their respective hierarchies. Getting a job becomes a concern in maximum lives at some point or the other. It does, except for a person who is surely lucky, the recruitment procedure's unpleasant face rears a candidate's head every time. It isn't so one-of-a-kind for organizations as they seek to hire the proper candidate. A job applicant desires to worry...Read More
10 Best Green Energy Startups - 2021
These days in India, we face both - an environmental crisis and a developmental crisis. On the one hand, we are still combating the issues of inequality, poverty, and improvement of human development indicators. On the opposite, environmental pollution and ecological destruction are currently runaway drawbacks. Both these crises are interacting and reinforcing one another. This can be best mirrored in our energy sector. Today, renewable is being considered in several homes and organizations. Solar, wind, geothermal, and alternative renewable energies have a positive impact on the health, economy, society,...Read More
10 Best AR/VR Startups - 2021
The digital world is growing rapidly towards acquiring new tech-based features which is important to show real-life events. The emanation of AR and VR has been gaining attention. In the digital world where augmented reality is the enhanced version of reality, it is inspired from the real world, and using graphics, sounds, and substantial feedbacks are generated by extremely skilled professionals. Augmented reality intensifies the perception of reality, which is why this feature is largely used in real life. The masquerade environment is created through software and used as an artificial 3D environment. The...Read More
10 Most Promising Legal Startups - 2021
Legal tech is a growing trade that uses technology to optimize or give legal services. There are several functions that new software fulfills, like reduction of the price of services, improvement of business productivity time and tracking, document storage, creating manual legal work easier, and eliminating security risks. Joining the capability of legal technology and legal technique provides legal activity a systematic and constructive validity for legal changes, blocks the augmentation of legal mistakes, upgrades the phases of administrative movement, organizes the activities and tasks that are being...Read More
10 Best Organic Products Start-Ups - 2021
As days surpass, people are getting more health aware by learning and concerning the side effects of artificial fertilizers and different artificial chemicals used in products. A lot of people are heading towards organic products. This is often why organic Product businesses are witnessing the best growth within the market. The brands are forecasting a promising future within the forthcoming few years.  Everyone dreams of a secure and sustainable life and organic products contribute to that goal. Because of advancements within the effectiveness of such products, everybody will do right by their field and...Read More
Co-Living Startups - 2021
The month of February is often characterized by transitions. As old leaves fall giving way to fresh life, the cold weather gradually makes way for warmer months ahead. As through personifying this period of transition is the significance of February 1st, ie: the day India's Union budget for the year is announced. The entire country, corporate world and industry a waits the ushering in of news policies, ideas and regulations. This year, the wait was especially bitter sweet. 2020 was a rough year for everyone. The pandemic induced lockdown that had the entire nation and various parts of the globe shut...Read More
10 Best Transport Aggregator Startups - 2021
The Indian logistics industry has always been an important cog in the Indian economy machine, playing the supporting role for various business verticals. However, it has traditionally been an unorganized and fragmented space that was devoid of any technological advancements. As a consequence it was ripe with inefficiencies galore causing the country to spend a massive 15 percent of its GDP on expenses related to transportation and logistics as compared to the 8 percent that most other developing nations spend. With industries such as retail, manufacturing, e-commerce, and FMCG growing at a rapid pace, the...Read More
10 Best HR Process Startups - 2021
Human Resource has emerged as a critical function for businesses irrespective of their size or nature. While every organization collectively works towards its `Vision', the onus falls upon the HR department to create certain strategies and execute the same to help the organization move in the correct direction. HR process often includes a vast plethora of activities including HR planning which often entails the process of recruitment, selecting, hiring, training, induction, orientation, evaluation, promotion and layoff). Additionally, HR process also encompasses employee remuneration & benefits,...Read More
10 Best HR Tech Startups - 2021
Over a course of past few years, technology and digital trends have taken the entire business world by storm. The influx of technology has also facilitated in rendering legacy systems redundant and have ushered in new business models and avenues. The HR industry has been no stranger to this evolution; having undergone plethora of changes over the past decade. First came in ERP systems, then HRIS & web based job portals. Gradually as internet penetration and smart device adoption increased, there came in a wave of digital transformation that brought with it a vast variety of solutions including use of video...Read More
10 Best Retail Startups - 2021
India, a nation of 1.3 billion people is one of the largest retail markets in the world. A vast majority of this market falls in the unorganized and brick and mortar format. However the winds of globalization have ushered in the era of organized retail in India along with the entry of the game changer, e-commerce. While their advantages are there for everyone to see, it is pertinent to note that the number of consumers making use of these formats is extremely low. While as many as 572 million Indians are currently connected to the Internet (the second-highest number of connected users globally), only about 100...Read More
10 Best Video Production Startups - 2021
India has witnessed a massive rise in terms of internet penetration and is today home to the second largest online population. With the digital wave well underway, the Indian population has largely gravitated towards video content format. This trend doesn't come as a surprise since the entire world is moving towards the video format. According to Cisco's visual networking index, video traffic is expected to quadruple by 2022, accounting for 82 percent of all IP traffic. The huge proliferation of smartphone devices coupled with faster internet connectivity is one of the primary reasons driving the video...Read More
10 Best Clean Tech Startups - 2021
The modern world is at an impasse today. The devastating effects of unsustainable growth, depletion of fossil fuels and rise of global warming has brought us to a calamity like stage. Moving towards a sustainable way of life is our only option and as a consequence, individuals, businesses and governments alike have been shifting towards adopting a cleaner and greener approach. An umbrella term used for this approach is Clean Tech, which includes a vast range of technologies and businesses including recycling, renewable energies (solar, hydropower, wind energy, bio-fuels), green construction, electric vehicles,...Read More