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10 Best Creative Advertising Startups - 2023
Ad Startups Expanding the Limits of Brand Building Traditionally, ads were all about endorsing celebrities to attract consumer attention and trust in promoting their brand but with time, the concept of advertisements went through a sea change. Today, the ad ecosystem is highly evolved and brands are struggling to find creative content, new perspectives, refreshed thinking, holistic approaches and deep understanding of the factors that influence consumer needs to stay afloat in the cutting-edge competition in the world of brand building. "Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch...Read More
10 Best Cloud Startups - 2023
Cloud Consulting Services in This Digital World Winning Hearts of the IT Hubs across India After the era of digital revolution, everything in our surrounding is getting internet driven. We can’t walk a single step without the help of internet. In recent times, the corporate world has overshadowed the whole scenario which is solely dependent on digitally advanced technologies. cloud computing or cloud services which are an application and infrastructure resource that works over the online platforms. Cloud Services: There are some applications which stores important data to offer to any third-party...Read More
Spotlight May - 2023
How Ailing Indian Economy Is Coming Round After The Major Thrash Of Pandemic In the wake of such deadly influence of pandemic, each corner of the world has felt the unleashing effect of it, which not only demolished the colossal foundation of civilization but it brought the whole nation into a standstill. Every time we asked ourselves is it the end of an era? Do we really have the power to bring back the reviving effects in the lives of the millions of innocent souls? After a vigorous session of brainstorming scientists have cracked the panacea of this disease and also suggested the ways by which we can...Read More
10  Best Fraud Detection Startups - 2023
Fraud Prevention: Prevention is Better than Cure Looking back to a decade or so, one can realize the tremendous change that swept the industries today owing to the advent of industry 4.0 and AI technology. And, no denying the fact that they have bought down significant revolution and have pushed every industry toward the digital shift.This rapid digitalization impacts every industry verticals in one way or the other. While this digitization has presenting plethora of advantages for organizations, digital frauds have also skyrocketing significantly in the form of improper payments, money laundering, terrorist...Read More
10 Best AI Based Healthcare Startups ­- 2023
AI Polishing up the Hidden Gems in Healthcare Artificial Intelligence is the most wonderful and glorious invention of this era. John McCarthy first coined the term Artificial Intelligence in 1956 at the Dartmouth Conference, of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Artificial Intelligence and Digital transformation are buzzwords in this contemporary society where people eat and sleep with digitally smart devices. From construction to corporate, from healthcare to education every horizon of these economic sectors is majorly driven by digital devices. "Artificial Intelligence Has Regenerated...Read More
10 Best Leaders in Startups - 2023
Leaders Harnessing the Potential of Startups Indian Startup Ecosystem: The term Startup has become a buzzword of 21st-century The honorable Prime Minister’s call for Startup India movement in 2015 on August 15th is the prime factors behind India witnessing many industries and industry leaders venturing into statups. As of 2022, a total of 80,152 startups had been officially recognized by DPIIT, wherein 19,000 startups only attribute to the year 2022. Though the startup funding saw a downfall in value due to the global epidemic, however, regained its momentum in 2021 due to the digitization across the...Read More
10 Best Sports Startups - 2023
A New Dawn for the Sports Industry In between the bustling life of corporate contemporary world, a moment of fresh air is miserably needed which rejuvenates all limbs and cells of our body. Keeping this idea in mind humans engage in few recreational and fitness activities which energizes the body and soothes the soul. The recent decade has been a part of those miserable moments when the engulfing pandemic demolished the whole society throwing the mankind behind the four walls of their houses. In such a situation, sports industry has dramatically grown to such a height that it has become one of the most...Read More
10 Best Financial Consulting Startups - 2023
Invest Better with Better Financial Consultants New Generation Financial Consultants: Looking back to two or three decades, we can realize the tremendous change that swept the industries, and the way it evolved the role of industry and industry leaders is highly commendable. Owing to this, the role of financial consultants too evolved and developed in many ways. From a mere bookkeepers and basic tax advisors to expert solution providers across a wider gamut of services required by the industry, their corporate voyage is exemplary. Today, markets are more unpredictable and irrational like never before and thus...Read More
Spotlight April – 2023
A Shift from Manual to Digital The mankind can realize the tremendous change that swept the industries just by looking back to two or three decades. Some of the giant organizations, who are ruling over the corporate world today, are hardly two or three decades old. In these last twenty years and so industries have witnessed many trends but the major trend that steers industries towards unmatched heights now is the digital transformation. Today, business models including digital solutions are operating with a great efficiency that leads to better productivity. Additionally, automation helps reduce manpower,...Read More
10 Best Language Learning Startups – 2023
A New language - No more a Hectic Task The Gen-Y considers world as home instead of dreaming for a home in the world. They love to explore, travel, see new worlds and interact with new people, learn new habits and choose where to spent rest of their lives. Humans often likes to try a number of new things, learning new language is one such thing. Learning a new language is exciting and is a challenging activity to your brain. A bucket of new words and moreover learning the accent makes it difficult. People learn languages for plenty of reasons. Students planning to get into foreign colleges might need to...Read More
10 Best Mobility as a Service Startups - 2023
Mobility Service Industry is Breaking All the Bars & Fetching Lucrative Profits As the contemporary world is corporate driven, Contemporary and Corporate seems very synonymous to each other as they both compliments each other. In this competitive world, being motivated and staying in rhythm is the only way to keep up with the pace. In this busy world where we are running behind the deadlines, there is no scope for wasting of time. Here comes the efficiency and effectiveness of the word ‘mobility’. In last few decades automotive industry went through a series of metamorphosis where the whole...Read More
10 Best Gluten Free Food Startups - 2023
Gluten Free Food: A Natural Treat for Health The Evolved Food Consuming Behavior: Today, with more and more people realizing the fact the ‘caring is better than curing’ the awareness for eating healthy is mounting like never before. However, eating healthy is not about going on a diet but all about starting intentional eating which is a wholesome investment that is worth for a long-term healthy life. The overall diets have been changed significantly with the constantly evolving food selections, availability and science, which further gives birth to many diet trends for the foods that we...Read More
10 Best Telemedicine Startups - 2023
With Telemedicine Quality Care is now a Click Away In recent times with new age cutting edge technologies, healthcare has emerged as one of the most dynamic and fast-paced industries and witnessing an ever-changing landscape filled with advancement. Meanwhile, to respond this ever-shifting environment and to improve the overall quality of patient care, today’s healthcare practitioners facilitate with hightech operations that uses cutting-edge technology tools. One such emerging concept in the healthcare sector today is Telemedicine, which is growing expeditiously. From giving access to quality care in...Read More
10 Management Consulting startups - 2023
Successful Career Path with Management Consultants  The management consultancy is playing a significant role in the development of the Indian business sector. As the management consulting industry expands, it continues to divide into two market segments: a commoditized, low-cost sector and a highvalue, specialized consulting sector. Nowadays, demand for management consultancy services is growing, which targets company executives and provides them with industry specific specialists and subject matter experts. Therefore, the 2023 trend will be for consultancies to create comprehensive digital strategies...Read More
10 Best Last Mile Delivery Startups - 2023
Adding a Bit of Technology & Sustainability Changing consumer trends and adoption of technology are the major factors disrupting the last mile delivery sector. The consumer goods, retail and e-Commerce are depend on last mile delivery companies. In coming years, the supply chain organisations will be investing huge amounts on applications that support advanced analytics and AI capabilities, to ensure smooth, safe and on-time transportation of goods. The success of a brand is directly dependent on compact last-mile delivery software. Delivery management excellence will be a significant factor in...Read More
10 Best Digital Career Coaching Startups - 2023
Millions and more job seekers enroll everyday for their dream jobs but few of them succeed in their pathway owing to this cut-throat competition in the corporate world. In such situation, it becomes more than compulsory for new-age candidates to take valuable advices from career coaches who have their vast field of expertise in this segment. Working Process of Career-Coach: The professional life always demands for proactive ideas and thoughts which is crisp, compact and concise. These coaches work one-to-one basis to know the needs and goals of their clients and after knowing the whole story they provide...Read More
10 Best Software Engineering & Development Startups - 2023
The Epitome of Development  Predicting the future trends of software is hard and impossible. Because the industry is continuously evolving in all directions, in order to satisfy market’s emerging expectations. However one thing is sure from the growth trajectory of software industry in the past few years, the industry will continue its growth with emerging trends and frequent changes. If we are looking to our near future, we could see a digital world where software solutions would largely determine the way of life. Coming few years will see huge adoption of cloud, AI, and ML technologies. As all...Read More
10 Best HR Consulting Startups­ - 2023
The Perfect Match makers for the Organizations As the name suggests human resource specialists are the one in the industry who works towards the perfect selection of the workforce which will be beneficial for upliftment of the organizations. So, for this the HR experts needs to set few parameters with which they set for the selection procedure. Other than selecting candidates HR consultants do the necessary paperwork, maintains employee records, and also ensures that the HR process acts in accordance with the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Working Arena of HR Consultants: The key role of the HR consultant is...Read More
 10 Best Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing Startups -  2023
Producing a Hassle-free Safe & Secure Work Process for Better Outcomes As a coin has its two sides, each and every element in this world comes with their pros and cons. Likewise, digitization and the immense spread of internet has given birth of cybercrimes, hacking, threats which are increasing in number day by day. It is nearly impossible to eliminate these ill-practices of technical advancement on the mankind, but it can be reduced or controlled to some extent. The system which works towards a threat free cyber world is called Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing. This can be done using few...Read More
10 Best Petcare Startups - 2023
A Pet  Friend to Escape the Solitude During the healthcare crisis caused by covid-19 pandemic, we witnessed several industries slump and many businesses suffering loss, but there is one industry that has thrived, it is the petcare industry. Several psychological factors have been a cause behind this enthralling growth of the petcare industry. Pets filled people's emptiness during the lockdown period. These days people are suffering from a mental state of isolation and pets can effectively help individuals recover from such mental state. With over four million dogs, the Indian pet care market is...Read More
10 Best Architecture Design Startups – 2023
The Boiling Trend of Integrating Architecture with Sustainability The ever changing technology and culture trends are influencing the architect designs and the industry is evolving for better. In the emerging new trends, spatial concepts are overlooked and tiny homes are considered new norm and modular prefab houses has become a more preferred choice. Immense importance is given to green infrastructure and energy efficiency. In coming years, a symbiosis between various fields is expected to increase to develop more complex architectural systems that require knowledge in different fields such as environmental...Read More
Spotlight Edition - March Special – 2023
AI Fostering Long-term Digital Transformation Goals for Businesses Though the pandemic has posed a disruptive period over every industry, inadvertently it has unbarred a plethora of opportunities for growth of AI, Digital Transformation, AR & VR, Hybrid work and many. And bouncing back to the challenges, industries have speeded-up the adoption of digital technologies, sustainability and change management as their new asset for potential growth. AI being central to almost every industry, playing a pragmatic role in transforming the business operations across industries. Owing to the post COVID economic...Read More
10 Travel & Tourism Apps - 2023
Internet along with Mobile Phones made Traveling a Cake Walk Traveling is no longer a part of human life but become a lifestyle. Being an escape from daily routine travelling can boost mood and increase overall happiness. By providing a great opportunity to feel more alive and stable, but only when it is well planned.Unplanned trips may leave an equally negative impact on the travelers. The Revolution: Undeniably, with the growing access to mobile phones and the advent of digitalization has together altered the way individuals interact with products, content, and services. Also, they bought a revolution in...Read More
10 Best Digital Job Platform Startups - 2023
A Digital Shift in Head Hunting Looking back to one or two decades, one can realize the tremendous change that swept the industries today owing to the advancement of technology. Like any other industry, requirement or head hunting too is a part of this significant revolution and experiencing a digital shift with new form of recruitment strategies, which act as a tailwind behind the HR industry. As per a study conducted by experts shows that the growth of digital media made digital recruiting crucial for HR in order to acquire one of the top talents for the company and both job seekers and recruiters are...Read More
10 Best Vegan Food Startups – 2023
Veganism: For Health, Planet & Animals The Evolved Food Consuming Behavior: Today, with more people realizing healthy eating is not about going on a diet but about doing a wholesome investment for long-term life, the intentional eating is rising exponentially. Also, over the time the overall diets have been changed significantly and new trends are emerging for foods that we consume. This constantly evolving food selections, availability and science gives birth to many diet trends that include flexitarian, organic, functional or value, plant-based (vegan food) and gluten-free diets, which are paramount in...Read More
10 Best Cold Pressed Oil Brand Startups – 2023
Live Healthy, with Cold Pressed Oil Applying heat while extracting oil or juice will degrade the nutritional quality and flavour of the products. Cold press processing reduces exposure to heat and oxygen during the production process, permitting high levels of taste and nutrient retention. When oils are extracted in this way, it retains its genuine flavour, aroma, and nutrients. The highly health conscious young generation has the motto of ‘Health is Wealth’ and spends a lot on food and fitness. Reduced cholesterol levels, improved brain health, the growth of skin and hair are some of the health...Read More
10 Best Health & Fitness Platform Startups -­ 2023
Health & Fitness is not Fad or Trend, but a Lifestyle True Health: As per the World health organization (WHO), "Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity". And, WHOagain clarified in 1986 that, "health is a resource for everyday life, not the goal of living. Health is a positive concept that emphasizes both social and personal resources as well as physical abilities” This clearly defines that health is not a personal resource, rather than ending with a disease-less life,it should help individuals perform...Read More
10 Best Sustainable Clothing Startups - 2023
Clothing Stands Tall with an Attitude of Zero compromise with Future Humans completely rely on natural resources for everything, be it business activities or survival and ignoring sustainability can lead to a disruptive end, which is why adopting sustainability is not an option but compulsion. A sustainable brand is nothing but the one that thinks beyond profit and considers values, such as environmental impact, waste management, ethical supply chains and more. COVID has posed a backdrop for a number of major climate actions around the globe, as a result companies continue to enforce their own policies to...Read More
10 Best Natural Language Processing Startups -­ 2023
Increasing the Chatbot Accuracy with NLP As the importance of data is growing, so does the necessity to differentiate these data. This is where Natural Language Processing (NLP) a growing subset of AI finds importance due to the increasing amount of unstructured language data. The rapid growth of social media contributing to the piling up digital data, is creating troubles in generating user data. NLP enables systems to understand and comprehend information through linguistics in the same way as humans do. The lack of understanding of semantics and context is a major reason that the interactive automation...Read More
10 Best EV Brand Startups – 2023
Getting Ready for a Sci-fi Change As quoted by Carlos Ghos, ‘The time is right for electric cars - in fact the time is critical’. Yes, it is high time to think about an alternative for smoke generating petrol & diesel vehicles, especially when the natural resources are draining out. The top Automotive kings of the world like Tesla, Ford, and others are working on bettering electric cars by increasing battery life and researching on methods to reduce its charging time. The automotives companies are working on the development of their dream project of driverless cars for which they need highly...Read More
10 Best MedTech Startups - 2023
MedTech:Connecting Healthcare with Technology In the post pandemic scenario, the demand for healthcare consulting is growing exponentially. Owing to this paradigm shift, the healthcare seen tremendous growth in recent time, and so is MedTech. Also, it won’t be wrong to depict that COVID has bought forward the criticality of MedTech in the country’s healthcare infrastructure and its ability to respond to advance clinical, commercial, and digital transformation. Moreover, the ever evolving health care market is posing back to back opportunities for MedTech to evolve and expand its current role and...Read More
10 Best Corporate Wellness - 2023
Ensuring environmental wellness in the workplace The wellness industry in India is scaling up in terms of advancements and achievements. The industry expands into a broad sector which now has evolved as a developer of businesses. Companies have now begun to realise that the wellbeing of the employees has a direct impact on their happiness, and happiness has a direct impact on their productivity. A wellness program's goal is to create a work environment where the emphasis is on overall wellness. Corporate wellness programs have gained much popularity owing to the surge in the number of lifestyle related...Read More
10 Best Deeptech Startups – 2023
Deeptech Startups Efficiently dealing with Today’s Deepest Challenges The term Startup has become a buzzword of 21st century. Truly speaking, the honorable Prime Minister’s call for Startup India movement in 2015 on August 15th has augmented the count for mushrooming statups in India. As a result, Deeptech startups too increasing in numbers and India as a whole have evolved as a top-3 startup ecosystem. The term Deeptech or deep technology startups refer to a class of startup businesses that offers tangible engineering innovation or scientific discoveries. These startups specialize in the use of...Read More
10 Best Recruitment Startups from Hyderabad - 2023
Digitalization making Recruitment Process a Cake Walk Looking back to one or two decades, one can realize the tremendous shift that swept the industries today owing to the advancement of technology and Staff augmentation services and Recruitment or head hunting is not an exception. After invaded by Digitalization, Artificial intelligence and machine learning the industry is streamlining the recruitment processes, while improving candidate matching, and reducing time-to-hire. Now, there is a rise in niche and specialized recruitment startups catering to specific industries and skill sets. Additionally,...Read More
Top 10 Insurance Broking Startups - 2023
Security must be the First Priority The acceleration of digitalization has had an impact not only on front-office areas such as product development and customer interaction but also on finance and insurance. Technology, Analytics, And Big data have changed the landscape of almost every industry and insurance companies are no different. Backed by apt technologies and innovations, today insurance sector is achieving significant competitive edge and driving operational agility to respond to the shifting customer needs and demands. With the ever evolving insurance market and changing customer sensibilities...Read More
10 Best Art & Craft Startups -­ 2023
Creative Pursuits Since time immemorial, arts and crafts have been embedded as a culture and tradition within Indian communities. The Art & craft industry in India is highly fragmented and as diverse as it's rich history, culture and religion. It holds the craftsmanship of each state in the country reflects unity in diversity. The traditional artisans have been successfully keeping up with the rich culture and traditions which is still being carried out today. Some of the numerous tribal crafts manufactured in India include: Antiques, Art, Baskets, Paper Mache, Ceramics, Clock Making, Embroidery,...Read More
Spotlight Edition – 2023
Industries Surge Transparency through Industry 4.0 Industry 4.0 and IoT are being compared to the industrial revolution, which has dramatically changed the future endeavor of every industry we can count on. They are significantly revolutionizing the way companies manufacture, improve and distribute their products by integrating new technologies, including Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing and analytics, AI and machine learning. This leads to increased automation and efficient industry operations which helps in increasing production and transparency and also curbs cost and downtime. Along with the 4.0...Read More
10 Best Web3 Startups ­- 2023
How the Third Generation Web Disrupting Internet  After Web 1.0 and Web 2.0, the third generation of web technologies is here and though still in its formative stage, promises to decentralize applications, mainstream blockchain usage, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in unprecedented ways. It may also introduce to us semantic web where data in web pages will be structured and tagged in such a way that computers will be able to read it directly. Web 3.0 may also change forever the way we use websites and interact with the web. Web3 disrupts the conventional, centralized internet by...Read More
10 Best Fashion Startups - 2023
Wear your Dreams Fashion is not just about wearing apparel, it is more a self expression and change and this is significant to make life interesting. The spirit of fashion has become more bold and daring and symbolises a generation enjoying the freedom of speech and expression to its most. Moreover the instaage of technology, younger generations want to stand out from the crowd, are losing favour for mass produced' or 'fast fashion' clothing. So even top brands are thinking differently, from mass production and sorting out new methods to cope up with this fast changing modern environment. So...Read More
10 Best Market Trading Platform Startups - 2023
Trading Platforms - Future of Trading The growth in digitalization globally has driven the online trading platform market. Online trading platforms are digitally enabled transactions of trade in goods and services. They monitor live market prices and accordingly assist the user in performing buying and selling activities as well as holding of stock options. Technological advancement is a key trend driving the popularity in online trading platforms market. The global online trading platform market is projected to grow from $8.59 billion in 2021 to $12.16 billion in 2028 at a CAGR of 5.1percent during forecast...Read More
10 Best EV Charging Startups - 2023
The Future City There is a car passing you without leaving any smoke, look there is no driver in it but there are passengers engaged in their own things and the driverless electric car is running at a very high speed without breaking any traffic rules. This is what top Automotive companies are visualising about their products in the future. As the first step has been laid by World’s automotive kings like Tesla, Ford, and others by successfully topping the sales in electric cars, researches are going on to develop more efficient batteries so that the charging won’t be a time consuming task....Read More
10 Best Data Science Startups - 2023
Data Science going Extra Miles to Cater Business Needs In today’s world of internet and social media, people are actively available in virtual world rather than the real one. Billions and more users connect in these social platforms in a daily basis and share information in the form of images, videos, and many more which results in rapid data growth. However, this rising Big Data is not an overhead anymore and now companies are using this to achieve an unbeatable growth to sail faster from their competitors. Data Science & Big Data Fostering a Better Future The development of big data, data...Read More
10 Best Interior Design Startups­ - 2023
Decorating Homes : From Materials to Moods Interior designing is one of the most sought after professions in India today. The market trend shows a remarkable growth in the demand of interior designers. With improved living standards, people are looking for healthier and aesthetically pleasing environment to live in. People are attracted to have theme-based interiors and styles to make their homes stand out. The interior design trend will increase in coming  years, as people are looking for making beautiful and plush homes that could give a feeling of luxury within smaller space, due to the booming...Read More
10 Best Beauty Brand Startups ­- 2023
Taking Care of Beauty is a Regular Affair As no one want to look old and unattractive, taking care of one's beauty become a regular affair. However, we need to be more alert and informed about the products and ingredients that we include in our skin care resume. Because this is something where one-size does not fits all and every skin need to be pampered in completely different manners along with precision or customized products. Though Cosmetics and make-ups have been around women for many centuries, today it plays an equally important role for both men and women, as men have become more beauty conscious...Read More
10 Best Social Media Marketing Startups - 2023
Growing Importance of Strategy & Crisis Management Social media marketing is a fast paced constantly changing landscape. With the continued growth of popularity of social media, this marketing trend will enhance further. The importance of social media in consumer’s lives makes social media easiest platform for marketers and businesses flock to connect with the customers. Not having a clear social media strategy makes it challenging for the companies to standout and ensure the reach of their products. Surveys show that crisis management will be essential for every company involved in social media...Read More
10 Best Skill Based Gaming Startups - 2023
Is Mobile Gaming the Gambling Industry of Future? With the growth of mobile gaming industry, more youngsters are attracted towards winning money through games. So the older generation often compare such skill-based gaming with the old brick-and-mortar casinos. There is no doubt that mobile will be the future of gambling industry, but are these mobile games just a sheer chance of luck? skill-based games are games that rely on the player’s skill in order to win. In pure skill games, there is no element of randomness and the outcome is entirely reliant on the player’s talents and techniques....Read More
10 Best Mental Health Startups - 2023
Mental Illness or psychotherapeutic conditions are classified as abnormal thoughts, feelings, and behaviour for a determined amount of time, which causes distress or emotional/physical impairment. This includes a wide range of psychological and psychiatric disorders. These conditions are caused by either a biological origin such as genetic, chemical, and anatomical or a psychological origin such as trauma or conflict. With increasing concerns about mental health, the market is growing all over the world. Previously mental health and treatment were not given required importance in India due to ignorance. Today,...Read More
10 Best Advertising Startups - 2023
Master the topic, the message, & the delivery The word ‘advertising’ is replaced by the word ‘marketing disciplines’ by marketers these days. Every day the Ad industry searching for new trends and has become one of the most competitive as well as flourishing industry. The industry has gone far from the method of older ways of running pre-decided Ad, breaking the fun while watching your favourite TV show. Eventhough that method still persists; it is not the way to catch the glimpse of millennials and GenZ. Internet has opened the door of ‘Targeted Personalized Ads’....Read More
10 Best Baby Products Startups – 2023
Young millennial mothers are very much concerned of the health and safety of young babies. They are the most tech-savvy mothers which makes it easier for them to research on what is best for their babies. Thus the baby care products market is growing all over the world, especially in India. Baby care products are easily available in the market via both online and offline modes of distribution. Baby care products are manufactured keeping in mind the sensitive skin of the babies so that their application doesn't have any side effects on the skin. Baby products market includes things such as (Baby Cosmetic...Read More