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Startup of the Year - 2017
The startup ecosystem continues to grow on a worldwide scale, and 2017 has no interruption, in fact, an extra push forward. Startups thriving all over the world, every year it becomes more apparent that silicon valley is no longer the only startup hub around. Since 2010, the Indian startup landscape has seen a prodigious growth towards the creation of innovative startups and this country, a home to a new breed of young startups has clearly evolved to become the third largest base of startups in the world. In the years to come, India is well expected to continue growing as a startup incubator, driven by...Read More
10 Best Startups in Co-Working Space - 2017
The world is changing fast and so are the demands of the budding entrepreneurs, professionals & industry experts. With the improvised mechanization, the emergence of the startup ecosystem, community working, economical spaces as well as plug-& plug offices has become the need of the hour. In regards to this, the future of the workplace is rapidly changing, primarily to meet the rising demands of a marketplace driven by advanced technology & excellent talents. All this has led to the new concept - ‘Co-Working Space’, subjecting as the future is Co-Working & its tomorrow’s new...Read More
10 Best Startups in Real Estate Online Services - 2017
That time has passed, when once you had to spend hours on the road or in your broker’s office referring to so many maps and files in search for a property of your choice. Undoubtedly, with the advent of digital medium and internet, searching property online has become a far better option than this. With modern technology, the service industry is taking a competitive form in India, a new breed of online brokers has stepped into the real estate business which is influencing the property buying and selling industry. Backed by educated, tech-savvy and well-connected people, a virtual world of online portals...Read More
10 Best Startups in Curated Web - 2017
We believe that a typical shopper wants more choices; but it’s not! The truth is shoppers want not just choices, but they want BETTER choices. It’s a high time to consider something different beyond just discounts from e-commerce platforms’ side to create better choices for diversified shoppers in India. This is where Curated Webs come to the rescue. Curated web service offers effective personalized shopping experiences to make shopper’s shopping more enjoyable. Shopping from curated collections can be a lot like shopping in a real-life store. As an example of the power of human...Read More
10 Best Startups in Fitness - 2017
Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live in’ has become a popular saying which all of us may have come across in our day-to-day life. Whether it is on trying to lose weight, build muscle or just get off the couch, the fitness & wellness phenomenon today has come of age with making an important aspect in an individual’s life. The population has been hit hard by various types of lifestyles diseases and has elevated the number of cases in regards to unhealthy lifestyle & food habits. Change in lifestyle has pushed forward a major of a section of people towards fitness...Read More
10 Best Startups in Drone Solutions - 2017
Developments and technology are interlinked with each other. In the fast pacing arena, technology is considered to be virtually present in all the sectors. In regards to this, the world of aerial innovations has not remained untouched. For example – Recently, one of the world’s largest eCommerce platforms Amazon stated its intentions to use drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for commercial operations and automate its process to save money & increase efficiency. Introduced for military operational purposes, the concept of drones started gaining popularity in many contexts spanning from...Read More
10 Best Startups in Clean Technology - 2017
Today, a number of Indian startups have been established with the sole objective of saving our environment and harnessing clean technology. These startups are operating in various fields such as waste management in urban areas, providing solar power to villagers, designing solar powered backpacks and rainwater harvesting solutions and many more. Taking note of such startups, siliconindia has compiled a list of ‘10 Best Startups in Clean Technology-2017’ who are blazing a trail in the clean technology sector. Each firm has got its unique offerings which sets it apart from other companies within the...Read More
10 Best Startups in Wearable Technology - 2017
From high-tech gadgets enhancing self-improvement to devices monitoring heart rates, salt levels, activities, and notifying an alert to doctors in the case of data abnormalities, in real-time, wearable technology at the moment is disrupting the entire ecosystem. Be it, healthcare, education, sports, home automation, real estate, fitness & healthcare among others. However, the technology still in the latent stage, most global tech-giants succumb to the commercial products and are lacking in innovation and are mirrored to the stereotypic mobile application or web platform or AR/VR based solutions....Read More
10 Best Startups in Sales & Marketing
The only thing that is constant is change. And the change in business arena is considered to be the dominant fact of every business life. This concept particularly stands true for the modern day sales and marketing approach that has led the companies to master their ability to exploit the changes. For any business, effective sales & marketing tends to bridge the gap and connects it with its consumers. As the term digital is considered to be the new facet of business, the companies across are trying to cope up with the emerging trend through effective sales & marketing services and reach the consumers...Read More
10 Best Startups in Sports - 2017
Considered to be the land of ancient games like Archery, Wrestling & numerous others, India’s relationship with sports needs no introduction. While cricket and hockey have marked an important impact in the lives of people, the other sports like badminton, tennis, swimming and so on are also adding rich diversity to the growing sector. The recent winning moments in the variety of sports has led to the emergence of the sporting spirit among the individuals, children, parents and the nation as a whole with making sports a billion dollar industry. As the country stands on the cusp of a major change, a...Read More
10 Best Startups in Finance - 2017
The digital revolution at present times is fundamentally impacting every industry right from entertainment, media, and retail to booking of cabs, hotels online. As the focus has been shifted drastically to the latest technological implications that are hitting every segment, the financial segment is no exception. The banking industry has always been at the forefront of technology adoption with identifying the needs to be met in new ways. And to meet with the fast pacing technology the fin-tech space today has surfaced with numerous startups with a vow to bring in a radical change in the traditional banking...Read More
10 Best Startups in Education - 2017
Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world”- Nelson Mandela. The term education in today’s knowledge-based economy is considered to be the driving force that helps the nations to be ahead in terms of economic development and global prosperity. And in this case the present day education system in India has come a long way by giving the age old traditions a new makeover. Poised to meet the growing demands, the Indian education platform has transformed itself to dispense education at all levels across geographies. Be it in engaging pre-schoolers, scaffolding adult learning or...Read More
10 Best Startups in Healthcare - 2017
  In present times, healthcare is regarded as one of the largest sectors that have transformed it in the long run. From simple service delivery to path breaking innovations, the sector has grown manifold in the recent years. Though the sector has evolved to a large extent still it lags behind in developing a unified approach that is committed to meet the essential requirements. Moreover, the growing aging population and rise in costly chronic care needs are exerting considerable demands on the health systems. Also, the present status of the people in getting informed & empowered has urged the...Read More
10 Best Startups in HR Technology
In a rapidly and fast paced economy, technology has always been a boon in numerous aspects. Social networks, new technologies and data analytics at present times are considered to have an enormous impact on how people connect, work & collaborate. With the advancements in technological fields, the conventional methods are seemed to be replaced by the new age techniques. And one such arena that is evolving itself by bringing in the implications of the latest technological developments is the Human Resource landscape. The competition among enterprises in hiring the best & the demand for making the right...Read More
10 Best Startups in Website Development
“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of the business” – Bill Gates. Whether it’s looking for a product or searching for an address has made the internet the first source of information. Right from the development of world-wide-web by Lee Berners in 1990’s the entire world has transformed itself into a marketplace by becoming an active participant of the internet. Owing to the technical advancements in IT, Web Development over the years has emerged as an industry by making itself as one of the most demanding markets. To beat the competition that...Read More
10 Best Startups in Retail Services
Indian customers always tend to cling to plausible insights and are cynical in their approach. As Jeff Bezos quotes “There are two kinds of companies, those that work to try to charge more and those that work to charge less. We will be the second.” Isn’t it obvious that the customers will always get attracted to quality products that are available at a much cheaper rate and retail business without a happy/satisfied customer walking out is a shut shop for sure! And Indian startup’s, especially in the retail segment understands the core essence and sentiments of customers in a much better...Read More
10 Best Startups in Agriculture Solutions
In India agriculture is more a ‘way of life’ than a ‘mode of life’. Regarded as the soul of the economy the country holds more than 50 percent of population engaged in agriculture thus making it the single largest source of employment. Though the agricultural sector contributes to 16 per cent of GDP but still the sector remains highly unorganised, afflicted by a host of problems. The major problem that has been ailing in this sector is the least involvement of modern machineries & technologies and the existing gap in the supply chain management. Observing this worsening condition...Read More
10 Best Startups in Legal & Advisory
In India, law is regarded as the essence of the society which regulates the human as well as the organisational behaviour. The major impact of globalization across the globe and the boom in the various sectors like ecommerce, healthcare, education, technology and others has also not left the legal sector of the country untouched in order to bring some revolutionary changes in the system. As the enterprises are growing and so are the legal issues associated with it. The rise in large corporate hubs, small and midsized businesses has led the legal system to be a core aspect for any business to sustain in a...Read More
10 Best Startups in Smartcity Solution-2017
Smart city projects are expected to drive India’s economy in the next few years as its basic agenda involves providing an excellent infrastructure to selected cities with all the technological requirements supporting people’s daily activities. This is said to leave a trial in the process leading to technological advancements and various systems falling into places. Most importantly, the outcome depends on the acceptance of the people and various other factors influencing the development, be it in Energy, Waste Management, Security, Transportation, Medical, Telecommunication, Education, and...Read More
10 Best e-Learning Startups - 2016
While technology enabled learning is being embraced by diverse industries to address their training needs, making it truly effective is still a constant challenge. Among other concerns, is that e-content created should be able to engage the audience thoroughly to be truly effective. When learners are bored or disengaged, e-learning fails to make its intended impact and the result is – learner apathy to learning and poor performance in the long run. CBLPro founded on 17th June 2015 by Debadrita Sengupta focuses on making learning easy and entertaining. It wants people to appreciate learning as a building...Read More
10 Best Logistics Startups – 2017
with the technological advancements currently happening world wide,the logistics segment has evolved multifold and is now seen as one ofthe most vital factors in success of any modern day business. According to Transparency Market Research, the global logistics market revenue which stood at $8.1 trillion in 2015 will hit the $15 trillion mark by2023, growing at a CAGR of 7.5 percent from 2015 to 2024. In India, where a majority of the logistics segment is still unorganized, and 14.4 percent of the GDP is spent on logistics, the market size is expected to reach $300 billionby 2020. Foreseeing the huge market...Read More
10 Best Startups in Medical Devices
At present, the Medical Device Industry in India is evolving at a much faster pace and since there is constant innovation and research work driving the entire ecosystem, the Medical Devices are becoming more affordable and accessible in the market. And also thestartups are doing extremely well in terms of maintaining the standards and are slowly changing people’s mindset in the Medical Community. Since Medical Device Industry keeps fluctuating all the time in terms of product acceptability and technological advancements, implementation plays a vital role. However, with the help of Doctors and...Read More
10 Best Startups in Recruitment Solution - 2017
Indian startups are transforming the entire recruitment process and these startups have come up with a unique and innovative solution changing the entire process of the RecruitmentIndustry. Most companies including Startups findit difficult to hire the right talent at the right time.Therefore, it becomes imperative for companiesto consult or use the right technology platformseasing the entire process for recruitment. At present, the industry has evolved to anextent, as most companies across Industriesare prone to hit the easy road when it comes tohiring the right talent. And it becomes very muchimportant to...Read More
10 Best Startups in SEO Solution
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)has revolutionized the entire aspect of digital marketing. At present, we have seen drastic evolution in the(Top Level Domains) TLDs such as Google showing results that are accurate and at the same time useful for the users. However,the entire image of branding is slowly Deteriorating from the scene of SEO and focus is being concentrated more towards the product and services of the organization. Similarly high usage of smart phones has also led to a diversified impact leading to an essential requirement of Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) Projects. Creating a wonderful...Read More
10 Best Start-ups in UI/UX solutions
A great design is one that has the potential to increase the user trust in your website and ultimately in your business. When design focuses on user experience and user interface, it delivers impressive results, contributing to a tremendous increase inconversion rate. The key then is to balance the technical function and visual cues meant to keep users on a page or a website. However it is important to understand that UI/UX is not merely concerned with good looks. This domain goes much deeper.The ease of navigation, interactivity, usability of user interface and the user experience along with other measures...Read More
10 Best Startups in Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the new buzzword that is attracting all the investors, budding Entrepreneurs and company’s attention across domains to a whole new dimension. Globally, the eye is on India because the AI startups in India have massively increased over the last few years and this has resulted in a tight competition in the ecosystem in terms of delivering the right technology. Due to this tight competition, these startups are continuously working hard to improvise their product efficiency by leveraging on AI, machine learning and analytics thereby providing higher accuracy and quickness...Read More
10 Best Startups in AR/VR Solutions
Beyond wireless VR, major manufacturers are constantly looking for new ways to innovate cords and cables out of the equation. There is already an enormous Internet of Things (IoT) that allows millions of connected appliances to communicate wirelessly, and the programmers are increasingly finding new and exciting ways to leverage the IoT connectivity. Very soon, VR technology will be integrated into AR headsets. Augmented reality provides a digital overlay onto the real world, and this enables massive opportunities for gaming, social networking, and collaborative enterprise solutions. In the future, AR will...Read More
10 Best Mobile Application Startups 2017
As of 1 January 2017, the population of India was estimated to be 1.33 billion.And nearly 1 billion of them own smart phones and because of the reduced price of the internet, India has seen adrastic rise in mobile internet users and maximum mobile application download is witnessed in this particular phase. In addition to this, after demonetization, most of the banking service providers have come to web and mobile platforms to help its users to perform easy cashless transactions and digital payment process. Because of this, many startups who were into mobile and web development took immense advantage of the...Read More