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10 Best Gaming Startups - 2022
A like other industries, technology and digitization has significantly performed across the Gaming industry adding on to the numbers with new-age gaming and video applications startups. Thereby, deluged with a sea of varieties in games, the video game sector is booming, and it's set to keep on expanding. Also, according to PwC's Global Entertainment and Media Outlook report, this expansion is expected to make the global gaming industry worth $321 billion by 2026. Almost half of the world's video gamers belong from the Asian Pacific region, and thus out of the three billion gamers worldwide, 1.2...Read More
10 Best Auto E-Commerce Startups ­- 2022
Positively enough, masses across the region accept that Automobiles & Automotive industry are the vital contributors of the Indian economy. Automobiles & Automotive industry play a vital role in the economic and industrial development of India, backing the development of some other industries (like steel, metal, plastic, petrochemicals, rubber, glass, and others) as well, helping along the procurement of raw materials, it claims for a major industry presence across the segments, prolifically. And, in this digital age, where E-commerce industry has painted the business landscape green attributing to its...Read More
10 Best Beauty Products Startups - 2022
In this dynamic fashion and looks-driven world, people have a greater tend towards their beautification, hence beauty and personal care products have found great footing in the consumer products sectors in India. With a strong potential for beauty care, be it for hair, skin, nails, face makeup, or others, the cosmetics and personal care industry have evolved dynamically. Increasing shelf space in retail stores and boutiques in India, stocking cosmetics from around the world have seemed to drive the leverage of buying more and more beauty products betwixt customers. While many prominent international players...Read More
10 Best RPA Startups -­ 2022
Technology has overhauled the industries manifolds today, and as it is significantly important for businesses today to keep up with the evolving business technology trends, and changing customer demands with sustainability factor in check, automation plays a bigger role in comprehending the need, sweeping into the process conduct across segments. Automation through technology applications not only increases efficiency, but also helps reduce time, effort and cost, whilst reducing manual errors, whilst providing businesses more time to focus on their primary objectives. Positively, Robotic Process Automation...Read More
10 Best Retail Tech Startups – 2022
The e-Commerce market in India is projected to grow to $188 billion by 2025 and it is a rise from $46.2 billion in 2020, according to a report by IBEF. It is estimated to reach the US $350 billion by 2030 and the surge in internet and smartphone usage has fuelled most of the industry’s expansion. Because of the ‘Digital India’ campaign, the number of internet connections expanded dramatically and reached 830 million in 2021. Digital payments, hyper-local logistics, analytics-driven consumer experience, and digital marketing. These are all enabled by advanced technology and will help...Read More
10 Best Health Tech Startups – 2022
The technology focused startups are changing the face of India’s vast healthcare industry with innovative solutions. The sector is growing at a rate of 28 percent every year, and these startups are based on the latest technology platforms such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Robotics, and Data Analytics which are addressing long standing challenges of creating the healthcare technologies affordable, accessible. The sector also ensures the technologies are driven by quality. Developing on the same, last year, the healthcare technology segment attracted the maximum number of new investments...Read More
10 Best EV Startups ­- 2022
As vehicular pollution has received greater limelight in the recent years causing global warming, clean mobility is set to play a big role in tackling the issue. The prowess of technology and electric energy electric vehicles (EVs) are substantially comprehending the purpose, while many Indian electric vehicle(EV) startups such as Ather Energy, Altigreen, BOLT and Baaz Bikes are now sustainable solutions of this. Though, the electric vehicles industry is at a nascent stage in India, its market size valued at $681.51 million in 2021, is grow from $1,415.65 million in 2022 to $47,292.45 million by 2029,...Read More
Spotlight August - 2022
The year 2020 witnessed the widespread effect of coronavirus across different countries of the world. Also, with the World Health Organization announcing it as a pandemic situation the business, corporate, and industrial world went for a toss, disrupting the global economy. Probing for digitalization, the business arena had to face significant challenges in its performance, be it healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, IT, supply chain & logistics, architecture & construction, tour & travels, food & beverages, manufacturing, or others. Conspicuously the entire business world has been...Read More
10 Best Merchandise Stores Startups - 2022
Merchandising is any activity that helps in the selling of items to retail customers. At the retail level, merchandising refers to the imaginative presentation of things for sale in order to attract buyers to acquire additional items or products. Merchandising contributes significantly to the success of the shop. It boosts revenue by making a shop more appealing to the customers. It boosts profitability by increasing margin dollars. It reduces expenses by increasing the productivity of both the sales floor and each individual employee. One of the most essential components of Retail Merchandising is to...Read More
10 Best Digital Tuition & Coaching Startups – 2022
In the current times, Digital is the newfangled approach adopted by diverse industries at large scale, and education industry is no different. Edtech is the practice of IT tools introduced into the school classrooms, tuition and coaching classes to create an intensively engaging, inclusive, and individualized learning experience for students today, from any part of the world. Though, omnipresent since past few years, the industry gained traction quite recently post the pandemic hit. Turning to technology for everything, right from conducting entrance exams and course delivery to assessments and managing their...Read More
10 Best Tamilnadu Women Startups - 2022
With the world undergoing pragmatic transformations across economy today, the business, corporate, and industrial landscape has also evolved over time, due to the impregnation of technology or updates in the existing products or services, and uncovering of new market segments for greater growth opportunities. While many cities or towns are growing significantly, Tamil Nadu being the second richest and largest economical, and the most industrialized state in the country is no less.Tamil Nadu ranks 1st in apparel and 2nd in textile production in India, and further houses India's largest spinning industry,...Read More
10 Best Creative Advertising Startups– 2022
Advertising is extremely important in the introduction of new products in the market. It encourages consumers to buy or learn about a product. A team of creative’s collaborates to create a campaign or commercial that communicates the narrative of a business or organization in a creative and effective way. ‘The use of imagination or fresh ideas to make anything’ is the definition of creativity. Advertising is the means of informing and influencing a vast audience to buy a product or service through visual, oral or written messages. Creating genuine relationships with consumers through...Read More
10 Most Promising AI Startups – 2022
With its very promising applications, Artificial Intelligence is one of the foremost technologies today for application in various fields including education, sports, healthcare, food and beverage, and more. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has witnessed a wide range of applications ranging from the analysis of radiographs to the prediction of the operative needs in healthcare facilities and medical departments. Some AI applications aim at the help of pathologists and histologists for diagnosing patient samples, assisting physicians in surgical requisites, providing drug doses, and reduction of the dosage of...Read More
10 Best Shared Mobility Startups - 2022
Referring to the shared transportation services provided for members in reaching their respective destinations, Shared Mobility is considered to be the holistic option for transportation. Notwithstanding the mode of transportation, smart mobility is rapidly growing in and around the world, which is assumed to be replacing the usual passenger vehicles in the forthcoming years. The requisite for shared mobility arose in the effect of increasing traffic congestion in the cities, leading to pollution, fatality cases, and waste of time. Overcoming these problems is helped by car sharing retaining that potential of...Read More
10 Best NCR Startups To Work For - 2022
In terms of general perception, a startup is needed for a country’s progress development where all resources might be available or might not be available, however, the startup helps in excellent manufacturing or service providing. In today’s corporate culture, startups are beginning in countries where there is the greatest need for presenting the biggest opportunities. The underdeveloped countries are the homes of startups and offer entrepreneurship opportunities to fervent individuals. Each environment provides untapped problems where startups can take advantage not only of profits but also of an...Read More
Spotlight Edition September -­ 2022
The fact that challenges are tremendously swamping the business and industries today, is not a news to anyone, but how emerging startups are comprehending to these evolution trends is extremely appreciable. Studies affirm that even India has evolved from being in its nascent startup landscape to becoming the third largest startup ecosystem in the world, after the US and China. The scope of growth is not limited to the existing markets in this digital and technology driven world today. Companies are tapping onto new markets segments as per the needs of the consumers and even adding onto the ubiquitous products...Read More
10 Best Chennai Startups to Work For -­ 2022
In this tech-driven and data-based ethos, where businesses and corporate sector are rising at a rapid pace with prolific opportunities being presented by the emergence of new market segments or evolving consumer demands, India is witnessing significant rise in its economic development as well. Many new fangled organizations and startups are deluging the business & industrial landscape across Tier I, II, III cities and towns in India led by acknowledgeable government initiatives like Make in India and more, including seed funding from affluent leaders, and others. Chennai, formerly known as Madras (until...Read More
10 Best Gujarat Startups To Work For - 2022
Startups are a general perception that needs to be in a developed country where all the resources are available. In terms of the location of a startup, it can begin anywhere and it is often in the countries which are with the greatest needs that present the biggest opportunities. Startups are the powerhouse of development from underdevelopment in countries, nations with conflict, and countries that are new in entrepreneurship. Each of the environments is offering untapped problems in which startups can take the part in not just earning profits but also making an impact. In the era of startups, each and...Read More
10 Best Homemade Business Startups – 2022
Home businesses are enterprises for principal administrative and management activities which help in an individual’s residence of income. People with startups in the home-based section are helping society for a wide variety of reasons. Such as people are forced to leave the corporate sector at times because of employment resize or early retirement, while many leave voluntarily because of a desire to start their own business for avoiding the hassles involved in commuting or facilitating care for children or elderly relatives. Not based on the reasons stated, home-based businesses have a significant trend...Read More
10 Best EdTech Startups – 2022
The Education industry in India has undergone countless disruptions since the last decade, and Edtech is one major evolution in the industry that’s prevailing and going to exist in the space. In this digital era, Ed-tech is one of the fastest-growing industries in India. As per the IBEF reports, where the Indian EdTech industry was valued at $750 million in 2020, it is expected to reach $4 billion market size by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 39.77 percent. The Coronavirus pandemic largely propelled this growth, however the significant factors spurting this growth are the massive adoption of online education...Read More
10 Best Home Decor Startups - 2022
A huge number of startup owners are focusing on creating fantastic products in the décor section that are helpful for the clients as well as create a client-based aesthetic. The startups are striving for innovative, fresh, and aimed transformative businesses. The services include remodeling of kitchen spaces, interior design spaces, and bright wall colors. The wall colors are inspiring with quotes for suggesting a statement. Tech companies are working on developing their values, culture, and work ethic. For achievement of the highest quality interior design in ways impressive and responsive to how a...Read More
10 Best Delivery Service Startups ­- 2022
Having grown in size and reach the courier industry in India has come a long way from its origin in modern form in 1980s, and thereon. However, a new dimension to it, with prolifically advanced startups stepping into the courier delivery landscape a newfangled industry has caught speed and that's delivery services sector in India. Today's delivery services providers leveraging their extensive delivery services attempt to providing customers everything right at the comfort of their homes or any feasible location- on time and ensuring to deliver anything in maintained condition. Moreover, there are...Read More
July Spotlight - 2022
India has been able to significantly increase its capacities to achieve self-sufficiency from an industrial point of view. He says with the introduction of the liberal economic policies from 1991 onwards, the Indian economy is in much better health than before. Problems such as License Raj are no more, and new domains of business are opening on a regular basis. This is especially true of infrastructure sector, as well as other areas that were previously the sole preserve of the government. Indian industrial sector has been forced to restructure itself and thus has become significantly modern than before. There...Read More
10 Best Computer Vision Startups - 2022
I n parallel with the tremendous development of visual data and with more than three-billion images shared online every day, the computing power consumption required to analyze data is now accessible to every business. With the field of computer vision growing in the new hardware and algorithms taking accurate rates for object identification, within ten years of today’s systems, 99 percent of humans are able to quickly react to visual inputs. Computer vision is the field of computers focusing on replicating the complex human vision system and henceforth helping computers to identify the objects in images...Read More
10 Best On Demand Service Startups – 2022
Evolution is the basis of existence today, through changes enormously led by human kind. And, its biggest corroboration is the prevalence of groundbreaking technologies like AI and IoT, that has completely changed the perspective of our world turning it around 360 degrees. Greatly influenced by technological advancements the way we thrive subjective to all our daily necessities has had a great paradigm shift. Long gone are the days when we had to travel to places to seek help or source items in order to fulfil our needs, be it food, transport, clothing, or any other thing. With the gift of technology now,...Read More
10 Best Hyderabad Women Startups - 2022
For initiating the process of economic development for both developed and developing countries, entrepreneurship is a vital process and it is the backbone of the economy of a country. An entrepreneur is a game-changing agent and acts as a catalyst in an instrumental sustainable process of economic development. Every country is trying to achieve a higher level of economic stability every day for prospering and better living for its people. Development of economic, social, and political dimensions is incomplete without the involvement of women leadership that constitutes more than 50 percent of the total...Read More
10 Best Pune Startups to Work For - 2022
Amidst a modern business and industry landscape where workforce trends and processes are gaining immense traction followed by automation and new technologies implementation, individuals are seeking for a work culture or space that's flexible and presents prolific growth opportunities letting them stay agile across job performances. Well, India is growing through leaps and bounds offering abundant of job opportunities to people PAN India with multinational corporate and business presence, across industrial diverse segments. And, Pune stands tall with its exclusive eminence across manufacturing,...Read More
10 Best Home Automation Startups – 2022
The importance of technology in Home Automation mainly helps in tracking and bringing worthwhile solutions to the smart home market. The startups analysis of the investors shows that innovation enters home and technology has become further integrated into our everyday lives and smart home startups are helping in creation of a wide range of products from homes safer products to more efficient and connected technology than ever before. The global home automation market is projected to grow from $54.41 billion in 2021 to $61.62 billion in 2022 at a CAGR 13.3 percent. A home automation startup helps in offering...Read More
10 Best HR Consultant Startups - 2022
In this modern technology world, a new wave of accessible technology, combined with the right expertise, has extensively made HR a strategic asset for companies, worldwide. Where it used to be a critical matter of concern only for the large enterprises, and rather overlooked by many small and midsize businesses (SMBs), considering it a mere administrative nuisance, the increased competition across industrial sectors and businesses have proved it to be significantly necessary to exist and foster growth horizons amidst the corporate and business world. Also, according to the social, economic and cultural...Read More
10 Best Nutrition Startups - 2022
Regarded differently at the current time, today, nutrition is natural and supplementary to which it was not the same as yesterday. A nation that has typical thoughts on supplement enabled market when nutrition is coming in format when nutrition is going handout in terms of quality and healthy diet. The existing companies have no formats like powder, liquid, tablets, gummies, melt strips, and equivalents. There is a rise of brands that have products of natural, ayurvedic, and plant-based for meet the demands for equivalent products. As a vegetarian population as almost 85 percent of Indians are protein...Read More
10 Best Hyderabad Startups To Work For – 2022
There are different startup ecosystems that are challenging the slow growth of the business culture in India and these startups are from Hyderabad. This is an interesting time for the startups to grow and it has been a better remaining of capital profits for the founders to earn. The startups have the tenacity and resilience to stay back in business and that are not prepared but wanted to wave the undermining collapse of the start-up culture. The owners believe that the passing phase of the startups are helping in finding the gaps related to the growth of the businesses. The startups are attaining unicorn...Read More
10 Best Mumbai Startups To Work For - 2022
In the case of startups, there is a general perception is that there should be a developed country for the initiation of startups, where there is every resource is available. However, startups can be developed in an undeveloped country and it is often the locations with the greatest requisites that offer the best and the biggest opportunities for startups. Startups are the profit generator for the progress and development of underdeveloped countries, in fact in places with nation conflicts and countries where entrepreneurship is new. The startups encounter untapped problems with solutions of indigenous levels...Read More
10 Best IoT Startups In Bangalore – 2022
The internet of things or common as IoT is around the information technology sector for quite a time and the world is starting to understand the convenience of IoT and its immense potential of IoT in the business realm. The technologies are capable of offering solutions in devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers. Mobile phones, tablets, and almost all appliances are now connected through IoT and are monitored remotely. An IoT ecosystem with web-enabled smart devices is implementing embedded systems such as processors, sensors, and communication hardware for collecting, sharing, and acts on data...Read More
Spotlight Edition June - 2022
India is one of the largest and it is predicted to be the second largest economy in the world by 2050. With an improvement in the economic scenario, there have been investments across various sectors of the economy. The private equity - venture capital (PEVC) sector recorded investments worth US$5.8 billion across 117 deals in February 2022, 24 percent higher than in January 2022.A higher growth rate for nominal GDP than budgeted will have a dampening impact on the fiscal deficit as a percentage of GDP. Assuming that all revenues remain the same as estimated in the last Union Budget, the government can...Read More
10 Best D2C Startups – 2022
The COVID pandemic has affected startup culture, changing the entire perspective of the consumer world, in branding and the marketplace, the consumers have their major focus on establishing brands and raising questions of hygiene, sanitation, convenience, quality, and health. Amidst the concerns, the Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brands are experiencing a hefty profit and increasing revenue in the market. The world-renowned companies are applying the D2C model in their businesses to gain customer trust. The D2C business models are removing the intermediate sources and companies are launching their native stores for...Read More
10 Best Ayurvedic & Herbal Startups ­- 2022
In recent years Ayurveda is evolving as a holistic healing system, in the form of Ayurvedic healing products and services. Preference in favour of chemical free natural products is increasing with the growing awareness about the side effects of chemicals. Hence Ayurvedic products are gaining popularity in industries such as personal care, food processing and immunity boosters. In 2018, around 75 percent of Indian households used Ayurvedic products as against only 67 percent in 2015. Business trends show that Ayurveda generates about $20 billion in the global market and it is growing. At this rapid rate, it is...Read More
10 Best Bangalore Startups to Work For - ­2022
India's young population is playing a major role in lifting country's economy. Their free spirit and innovative ideas are transforming country's economy from service economy to business economy. Today, India has become one of the top rising companies in terms of entrepreneurship and business. Past few years witnessed mushrooming of hundreds of new startups, many of which became tremendous success. And the city of Bangalore has proved that it is worth of calling Silicon Valley being a major hub for startups  in the country.  The city is home to a variety of corporations and startups that...Read More
10 Best Personal Care Startups - 2022
An ever-changing customer awareness and buying behavior has imbibed beauty and personal care market in undergoing a revolution. Consumers are engaged in for better quality herbal, organic and ayurvedic products that are not harmful to skin. According to TechSci Research, India’s organic personal care products market is poised for growing from $571.43 million in 2020 to $1,239.4 million in 2026 at a CAGR of 14.9 percent. For manufacturing of a product equivalent to sustainable and aesthetic pleasing lipstick, it is foremost for selecting environment friendly process. Business models are evolving from time...Read More
10 Best Nutraceuticals Startups In India – 2022
With the growing demand for clean food that adds value to overall health, the Neutraceutical ecosystem in the country is growing relentlessly at a vibrant pace, utilizing the disruptive potential of scientific technologies. They are increasingly used to boost immunity and for development of bone health, heart & brain health, mental wellness and overall physical wellness. The multitude benefits of plant based nutraceuticals and its awareness have caused a growing trend in their market. They are completely natural, clean and are devoid of harmful chemicals that make them apt for daily and long-term...Read More
10 Best Branding Consultant Startups - 2022
Formulating strategies for companies in a plethora of businesses to grow, brand consultants help in selling products and services offered by. The major objectives of businesses of the companies helped by the brand consultant are successful in providing a general and depth search for marketing expertise. The brand consultants are intelligent skilled proficient workers creating and displaying the moral a company brand indulges to. The contribution of the brand consultants is expert in developing, managing, and they are resultant giver of a successful brand for the clientele. The brand consultants are helpful in...Read More
10 Best Cloud Kitchens - 2022
The advent of cloud technology, which is helping in online ordering, and has proven to be the saviour during the Covid outbreak, is considered the only logical thing for managing high rentals. Cloud kitchen or known as digital restaurant is the latest trend which quickly established itself in the restaurant space as a formidable restaurant configuration. There is extreme competition in the restaurant industry where the cost is rising and rentals are high. Cloud Kitchens are proving a smarter way for running restaurant business. According to experts, the Global Cloud Kitchen Market size is projected to reach...Read More
10 Best Online Furniture Startups - 2022
The Indian startups are continually attracting capital from not only venture capitalists but also from celebrities across the world. The problems plaguing the core sectors would potentially be resolved and addressed by the online furniture startups. This leads the investors to believe that this approach has led to the creation of new trends where there will be investments and capital pumped for solving even everyday issues that are appearing on the everyday work screen. The potentially slated new-gen funding apart from the niche sectors like technology, healthcare, and businesses are helping in the growth of...Read More
10 Best Media and Entertainment Startups - 2022
Private companies in the media and entertainment industry have the highest valuations. There are a lot of unicorn companies in this sector with a lot of difficulties tracking them. The media and entertainment industry is showing great success from 2020 onwards and from adults that are escaping from this mundane work from home life to kids are trying to get use of the playing indoor interviews with a whole new world for media and entertainment. A myriad of opportunities is forming for the startups and investors are bridging the gaps in the services of short-video apps, music and gaming platforms across...Read More
10 Best Startups From Beverages Sector – 2022
The food and beverage industry helps in the foodservice operations in consideration of the market trends and demand for products, costs and revenue generation, and customer satisfaction. As one of the most important industries that help in satisfying human necessities, food and beverage have witnessed a surge in the market share minute by minute. The food and beverage industry is considered a first-rate field for running a business. Therefore, especially in the beverage industry, an uncountable number of stakeholders are engaged in reaping the beverage sector. The tradition of the non-alcoholic beverages...Read More
10 Best Biodegradable Product Startups – 2022
The capability of a product for breaking down microbes and related biological factors helps in instilling biodegradable quality. The factors include moisture and wind. For considering a product biodegradable, the product must be capable of breaking down itself into an organic matter at a rate equivalent to the ingredients occurring naturally. Products such as textiles and paper are biodegradable products while petroleum based plastics are not. The segment of green chemistry revolves around the creation of products with a minimal environmental impact including creating materials, which degrade quicker and are...Read More
10 Best Arts And Crafts Startups - 2022
In India, the handloom and handicraft industry has been the torchbearer of the country's rural economy for more than decades. The industry is one of the largest employment generators following the roots of agriculture while providing key sectors of livelihood to India's rural and urban population. The arts and craft functions on the self-sustaining business model, with craftsmen, often developing their raw materials and are well known for being a pioneer of environment-friendly zero waste practices. According to the official estimates, India is home to seven million artisans and data from the...Read More
Startupcity Spotlight - 2022
Business progress in India is at a crucial stage where total business to business expenditure is increasing and expected to rise by 10.3 percent in 2022 with the increasing expenditure of India. Indian businesses are growing three times faster than the projections from its comparable peers in the different business countries in the third quarter of last year, as per to a study. The estimated business to business expenditure of India reached 9.4 percent in Q3 2021 on a year on year basis according to the India Business Spend Indicator (IBSI) report by American Express. The nominal gross domestic product...Read More
10 Best Transport Aggregator Startups – 2022
In India, the logistics industry has been a pivotal part of the Indian economy machine while playing a supporting role for various business verticals. The sector of Transport Aggregator Startups has been an unorganized and fragmented space that was in the recent past devoid of any technological advancement. As a result, it was producing inefficiencies galore causing the country to the expenditure of 15 percent of the total GDP on expenses related to the transport and logistic sector as compared to eight percent which is more than what other developing nations spend. The industries such as retail,...Read More
10 Best Kolkata Women Startups - 2022
Women entrepreneurship in Kolkata is storming the sectors of the café business and are also setting up new age theme based outlets while offering a wide array of choices to the customers. Small businesses are increasing the horizon of their products and services reach out while encapsulating the sectors of fashion, sports, education, food and beverages, and more. The startups in the e-commerce platforms are creating a buzz around and competing with world class players. The sectors reviving because of the women startups include the clothing of fabrics and the product designs by the women startups are...Read More
10 Best Startups in Sri Lanka - 2022
J ust a few years ago, Sri Lanka was not recognized for being an equivalent to startup capital Silicon Valley. However, in recent years, there has been a lot of startups vicinity in the country. From the development of startups to the procurement of application software, the estimated cost is not more than INR .02 million for the startup culture in Sri Lanka. Startups are incorporated as a business for more than six months, however, not more than five years. The uniform growth in the events is helping young generations for focusing on innovative startups environment. As per SLASSCOM’s survey report,...Read More
10 Best Mental Health Startups - 2022
Mental health is the most important factor for a business’s success in today’s era. The world health organization estimates that the burden of mental health problems in India is 2443 with disability adjusted life years per 10000 population. The age adjusted suicide rate per 100000 population is 21.1. The economic loss because of the mental health conditions, between 2012 and 2030 is estimated at USD 1.03 trillion. The mind trap plays a decisive part in recognizing a person’s traits for work progress and life quality. The human mind is a complex consciousness that triggers good and evil...Read More
10 Best Cleantech Startups – 2022
Our earth is in grave danger with rising sea levels, increasing temperatures in summers and serial occurrences of natural disasters. Nature is unable to give explanation to all these changes because most of them are caused by human activities. It is high time to take measurements to preserve earth and prevent disasters. Here is where the ideas and notions of cleantech companies are gaining importance. Cleantech embodies a new wave of entrepreneurial activity and innovation aiming to create a more sustainable economic system through the development of clean technologies. On top of environmental technologies,...Read More
 Top 10 Spotlight Edition - 2022
Synonymous to ‘Expert, adept, champion, genius, virtuoso, wizard’, Mavin RPO Solutions has struck the right chords to meet the new-age expectations of businesses in the recruitment dilemma. Mavin RPO Solutions is a boutique RPO & HR consulting organization that assists clients to stay relevant in the marketplace, at the same time help them to design and execute a well crafted talent sourcing strategy. A One Stop recruitment solution, Mavin RPO has built its foundation on 3Cs collaborative, consultative, customer trust. Accompanied by RPO partners, Mavin RPO ensures to be relevant to the...Read More
10 Most Promising Bangladesh Startups - 2022
As per Lightcasstle Partners, the startups in Bangladesh received around $165 million in funding in 2021, which is the highest funding in a year that Bangladeshi startups received and it is an encouragement for the development of the ecosystem. The first and the only government backed VC fund in Bangladesh also invested in seven startups last year. The startup ecosystem is creating a positive sense to the local and international investors within small investments. The startup ecosystem in Bangladesh is considered an ‘emerging ecosystem’ as there are tremendous opportunities for growth and business...Read More
10 Best Ecommerce Startups - 2022
The Indian E-Commerce startup ecosystem is growing with rapid pace, expanding by the overwhelming internet increase. The major components sold in the online platforms include clothes, shoes, shampoos, education accessories, food, medicine, and more. The major influencing factors include increased internet penetration, smartphone adoption, affordable data plans, online retail industry expansion, strengthening and increasing business in year wise. According to a report by the Indian Brand Equity Forum, the Indian E-Commerce market is expected to touch a whopping $200 billion by 2026. It is jotted down by the...Read More
10 Best in Household Service Startups - 2022
In India, the growing market of digital influence is playing a pivotal role in shaping the distribution of products and services. In the sectors of retail, traveling, banking, online food ordering, or even watching a favorite online show, the digital applications are leading the birth of new generation companies, which are not causing disruption and have not remained untouched in the burgeoning sector of household services. The disruption is rapid and taking place in the urban places where the population is tech-savvy, urging the created space to usher more and more, with services experience in a much better...Read More
10 Best Online Fashion Startups – 2022
Textile and clothing, the oldest sector in the industrial development in India is worth INR 1000 crore, while the market size is projected to grow and reach INR 20,000 crore. This is the only 0.2 percent of the world fashion market. The fashion industry in India is in the growth stage, which is evident from the growing number of designers, boutiques, outlets, and design schools. The Indian customers are becoming more fashion centric. The increasing growth of the middleclass in the India are the major drivers of growth for fashion industry. Within the next few years, the aggregate income in the country will...Read More
10 Best Advertising Startups - 2022
According to the world’s internet traffic, by 2022 over 80 percent would become video. The production of videos can increase sales by 140 percent. More than 50 percent of the consumers want to watch videos from brands that are popular. More than 80 percent of the marketers utilize video as a content marketing tool. The evolution of the proliferating businesses at the global platform has increased the momentousness of the advertising industry. The growth and the progression of the every business today are expanding and challenging the market. The advertising agencies partake in the productive course of...Read More
10 Best Food & Beverages Startups - 2022
The food and beverages industry has grown as a revenue generating sector in India. The profits from the sector due to its huge potential for value addition, depending on the food processing industry, has provided India with the experience of an astonishing growth in the food and beverage sector in the past few years. In addition to the healthy food habit, the food and beverages industry is helping people in constant good food choices that are tasty, and helps to keep a healthy and fit mind. With all the transformation and population increase, there is no wonder that the Indian food and beverage market is...Read More
10 Best Deep Tech Startups - 2022
The latest technology in the startup zone is Deep Technology which is helping the world of innovation for solving problems in business. The Deep Technology startups are heavily reliant on technology innovation. Deep Tech ventures are helpful in innovative areas of pivotal importance including life sciences, agriculture and clean energy generation. For succeeding in deep technology entrepreneurship, businesses should rely in core principle of economic growth and battling global business challenges. The inventions in life sciences such as biotechnology can revolutionize medical treatments, for example curing...Read More
10 Most Promising Drone Technology Startups - 2022
The rise in autonomous technologies are increasing extensive deployment of functioning of the production processes at various industries with the help of drone technology. It has been creating excellent progress for the industries all around. With the advantages of delivering food while struck in traffic or helping or helping deliverables of materials in homes via airways, drone startups in India are creating a buzz with the latest features. As a product of internet industry, drone startups are always investing in the future and helping technology to grow on the top. The multinational companies are investing...Read More
10 Best Recruitment Startups - 2022
A large part of success for startups and multinational companies depends on righteous recruitment. For a startup, it is essential to find the most skillful candidate, who can help in sustainable business development while keeping business interest intact. For multinational companies, rightful recruitment ranges from intern to highly experienced candidate. In both types of recruitment, the fable demands recruiters to leverage the difficulty levels according to the job role. Recruiters state that it has always been one of the pain points after the independence of the growing democratic population of India where...Read More
10 Best Medtech Startups - 2022
The largest of the medical technology industries in renowned global locations are leading the world in research capabilities with universities that consistently attract global talent, developing on an existing rich history of ground-breaking medical innovations. One of the four key themes of the MedTech startups includes the purchase of innovative technologies followed by distribution. Presently, the medtech startup industry is evolving at a high pace and witnessing constant innovation and research work for the market. The startups are extremely profitable in terms of their business conduct and production...Read More
10 Best Mumbai Women Startups - 2021
According to the list of top startup hubs across the world by the global startup rankings by startup genome, Mumbai and Bengaluru top the list. Mumbai, maintaining its ranking in the top 100 emerging ecosystems list, helps India in maintaining its financial capital as the world's most promising emerging startup ecosystem. According to the innovation policy advisory and research firm Startup Genome, Mumbai outperformed the rest of the ranked cities, in the factors including funding access and quality, and cost of talent. The capital city of the state of Maharashtra, Mumbai, is lauded as a pragmatic...Read More
10 Best Social Media Marketing Startups - 2022
Digital advertising firms are expected to grow rapidly for the next few years. With the second highest population in the world, India has immense scope for social media and other digital marketing. A survey conducted in 2019 which included top businesses confirmed that 15-20 percent of their marketing budget is allocated for social media advertising. Based on the Statista analysis, it is been found that the number of users of the social network in India is 258.27 million. This shows the importance of digital advertising. The Indian digital advertising industry leapfrogged by 35 percent to reach Rs. 21,353...Read More
10 Best Wellness Startups - 2022
The wellness industry in India is scaling up in terms of advancements and achievements.The industry expands into a broad sector which now has evolved as a developer of businesses. National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), in the previous years stated that the health and happiness is the major priority for living a spirited life and helped India in turning into a $1.4 trillion market in India.The NSDC board also reported that the market size has grown with a cumulative annual growth rate of 15 percent over the last five years and it's expected to grow in the future.The influence of growth of the...Read More
10 Most Promising Skills Assessment Startups - 2022
The righteous developer of a task finds it difficult to get the project completion success with very minimized resources and break even pressure. According to recent news, there are four out of ten companies in the information technology sector finding their biggest challenge converging into hiring the skillful and experienced tech professional (not in profession, however in respective field during education). The human intelligence is one of the utmost factors hiring teams calculates in a person's aptitude while recruiting tech individuals. The skill assessment startups cover best of the tools for...Read More
10 Best Online Learning Startups - 2022
For the development of the Indian education system, experts suggest forming a more tangible plan. Factors such as accelerated thinking and execution of the teaching paradigm for more advanced and personalized learning are important. Education is a $6 trillion industry that is poised to increase to historic levels and reach $10 trillion by 2030. While the education sector is devoid of capital equivalent to various business sectors, the covid 19 has highlighted this fact and increased the education investment with the development and progress of digitalization. Because of the Indian education systems'...Read More
10 Best Apparel Startups - 2022
The Indian fashion industry is going through a breakthrough with changes in the global fashion industry in immaculate designs and ever changing aesthetics. In terms of tradition dressing of salwar kameez or high street western look, according to a recent study conducted, the Indian retail market is projected to demonstrate an exciting year on year growth of six percent for reaching US$ 865 billion by 2023. The market is expected to recover and grow 10 percent CAGR in 2019 to US$190 billion by 2025-26. The increase in the apparel and accessories in the Indian retail market is growing at a CAGR of 13.80 percent...Read More
10 Best Interior Design Startups - 2022
The ever changing interest of the high end lifestyle is increasing at a fast pace. The rich and excellent ambiance for both in residence and workplace has created an important factor for enhancement of the mood settings and high pitched productivity. The edging shift in pace with the tremendously scaling of the innovations in advancements is creating a vibrant interior design sector. The innovations in the interior design startup have now evolved as an intense business development sector. The Indian interior design market was evaluated at USD 23.2 billion in 2020 and it is projected to further grow and reach...Read More
10 Best Online Gifting Startups - 2022
India is one of the fastest growing markets in the e-Commerce sector, and the market is expected to grow $200 billion. Online gifting industry is one of the contributors to the growth of the Indian e-Commerce space and is set to take a larger pie in the overall market in the coming future. Today, the gifting industry has escalated to a whole new level from gifting plants to gifting gestures and video calls with celebrities. In the last five years, the online gifting market has become more organized. The worldwide lockdown in the last two years has accelerated the pace of growth of online gifting. The...Read More
10 Best Fashion startups - 2022
Textile and clothing sector is one of the oldest industries in India. The current size of the Indian fashion industry is worth Rs.1000 crore, while the market size is approximated to be  Rs.20,000 crore. This is only 0.2 percent of the world fashion market. However, the fashion industry in India is in its growth stage, and this is evident from the growing number of designers, boutiques, outlets and design schools. Customers in our country are becoming more fashion centric. The increasingly growing middle-class in our country are major drivers of the growth of fashion industry. Within few years, the...Read More