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10 Best Cloud Kitchens - 2022
The advent of cloud technology, which is helping in online ordering, and has proven to be the saviour during the Covid outbreak, is considered the only logical thing for managing high rentals. Cloud kitchen or known as digital restaurant is the latest trend which quickly established itself in the restaurant space as a formidable restaurant configuration. There is extreme competition in the restaurant industry where the cost is rising and rentals are high. Cloud Kitchens are proving a smarter way for running restaurant business. According to experts, the Global Cloud Kitchen Market size is projected to reach...Read More
10 Best Media and Entertainment Startups - 2022
Private companies in the media and entertainment industry have the highest valuations. There are a lot of unicorn companies in this sector with a lot of difficulties tracking them. The media and entertainment industry is showing great success from 2020 onwards and from adults that are escaping from this mundane work from home life to kids are trying to get use of the playing indoor interviews with a whole new world for media and entertainment. A myriad of opportunities is forming for the startups and investors are bridging the gaps in the services of short-video apps, music and gaming platforms across...Read More
10 Best Biodegradable Product Startups – 2022
The capability of a product for breaking down microbes and related biological factors helps in instilling biodegradable quality. The factors include moisture and wind. For considering a product biodegradable, the product must be capable of breaking down itself into an organic matter at a rate equivalent to the ingredients occurring naturally. Products such as textiles and paper are biodegradable products while petroleum based plastics are not. The segment of green chemistry revolves around the creation of products with a minimal environmental impact including creating materials, which degrade quicker and are...Read More
10 Best Arts And Crafts Startups - 2022
In India, the handloom and handicraft industry has been the torchbearer of the country's rural economy for more than decades. The industry is one of the largest employment generators following the roots of agriculture while providing key sectors of livelihood to India's rural and urban population. The arts and craft functions on the self-sustaining business model, with craftsmen, often developing their raw materials and are well known for being a pioneer of environment-friendly zero waste practices. According to the official estimates, India is home to seven million artisans and data from the...Read More
Startupcity Spotlight - 2022
Business progress in India is at a crucial stage where total business to business expenditure is increasing and expected to rise by 10.3 percent in 2022 with the increasing expenditure of India. Indian businesses are growing three times faster than the projections from its comparable peers in the different business countries in the third quarter of last year, as per to a study. The estimated business to business expenditure of India reached 9.4 percent in Q3 2021 on a year on year basis according to the India Business Spend Indicator (IBSI) report by American Express. The nominal gross domestic product...Read More
10 Best Kolkata Women Startups - 2022
Women entrepreneurship in Kolkata is storming the sectors of the café business and are also setting up new age theme based outlets while offering a wide array of choices to the customers. Small businesses are increasing the horizon of their products and services reach out while encapsulating the sectors of fashion, sports, education, food and beverages, and more. The startups in the e-commerce platforms are creating a buzz around and competing with world class players. The sectors reviving because of the women startups include the clothing of fabrics and the product designs by the women startups are...Read More
10 Best Startups in Sri Lanka - 2022
J ust a few years ago, Sri Lanka was not recognized for being an equivalent to startup capital Silicon Valley. However, in recent years, there has been a lot of startups vicinity in the country. From the development of startups to the procurement of application software, the estimated cost is not more than INR .02 million for the startup culture in Sri Lanka. Startups are incorporated as a business for more than six months, however, not more than five years. The uniform growth in the events is helping young generations for focusing on innovative startups environment. As per SLASSCOM’s survey report,...Read More
10 Best Mental Health Startups - 2022
Mental health is the most important factor for a business’s success in today’s era. The world health organization estimates that the burden of mental health problems in India is 2443 with disability adjusted life years per 10000 population. The age adjusted suicide rate per 100000 population is 21.1. The economic loss because of the mental health conditions, between 2012 and 2030 is estimated at USD 1.03 trillion. The mind trap plays a decisive part in recognizing a person’s traits for work progress and life quality. The human mind is a complex consciousness that triggers good and evil...Read More
 Top 10 Spotlight Edition - 2022
Synonymous to ‘Expert, adept, champion, genius, virtuoso, wizard’, Mavin RPO Solutions has struck the right chords to meet the new-age expectations of businesses in the recruitment dilemma. Mavin RPO Solutions is a boutique RPO & HR consulting organization that assists clients to stay relevant in the marketplace, at the same time help them to design and execute a well crafted talent sourcing strategy. A One Stop recruitment solution, Mavin RPO has built its foundation on 3Cs collaborative, consultative, customer trust. Accompanied by RPO partners, Mavin RPO ensures to be relevant to the...Read More
10 Most Promising Bangladesh Startups - 2022
As per Lightcasstle Partners, the startups in Bangladesh received around $165 million in funding in 2021, which is the highest funding in a year that Bangladeshi startups received and it is an encouragement for the development of the ecosystem. The first and the only government backed VC fund in Bangladesh also invested in seven startups last year. The startup ecosystem is creating a positive sense to the local and international investors within small investments. The startup ecosystem in Bangladesh is considered an ‘emerging ecosystem’ as there are tremendous opportunities for growth and business...Read More
10 Best Ecommerce Startups - 2022
The Indian E-Commerce startup ecosystem is growing with rapid pace, expanding by the overwhelming internet increase. The major components sold in the online platforms include clothes, shoes, shampoos, education accessories, food, medicine, and more. The major influencing factors include increased internet penetration, smartphone adoption, affordable data plans, online retail industry expansion, strengthening and increasing business in year wise. According to a report by the Indian Brand Equity Forum, the Indian E-Commerce market is expected to touch a whopping $200 billion by 2026. It is jotted down by the...Read More
10 Best in Household Service Startups - 2022
In India, the growing market of digital influence is playing a pivotal role in shaping the distribution of products and services. In the sectors of retail, traveling, banking, online food ordering, or even watching a favorite online show, the digital applications are leading the birth of new generation companies, which are not causing disruption and have not remained untouched in the burgeoning sector of household services. The disruption is rapid and taking place in the urban places where the population is tech-savvy, urging the created space to usher more and more, with services experience in a much better...Read More
10 Best Online Fashion Startups – 2022
Textile and clothing, the oldest sector in the industrial development in India is worth INR 1000 crore, while the market size is projected to grow and reach INR 20,000 crore. This is the only 0.2 percent of the world fashion market. The fashion industry in India is in the growth stage, which is evident from the growing number of designers, boutiques, outlets, and design schools. The Indian customers are becoming more fashion centric. The increasing growth of the middleclass in the India are the major drivers of growth for fashion industry. Within the next few years, the aggregate income in the country will...Read More
10 Best Food & Beverages Startups - 2022
The food and beverages industry has grown as a revenue generating sector in India. The profits from the sector due to its huge potential for value addition, depending on the food processing industry, has provided India with the experience of an astonishing growth in the food and beverage sector in the past few years. In addition to the healthy food habit, the food and beverages industry is helping people in constant good food choices that are tasty, and helps to keep a healthy and fit mind. With all the transformation and population increase, there is no wonder that the Indian food and beverage market is...Read More
10 Most Promising Drone Technology Startups - 2022
The rise in autonomous technologies are increasing extensive deployment of functioning of the production processes at various industries with the help of drone technology. It has been creating excellent progress for the industries all around. With the advantages of delivering food while struck in traffic or helping or helping deliverables of materials in homes via airways, drone startups in India are creating a buzz with the latest features. As a product of internet industry, drone startups are always investing in the future and helping technology to grow on the top. The multinational companies are investing...Read More
10 Best Recruitment Startups - 2022
A large part of success for startups and multinational companies depends on righteous recruitment. For a startup, it is essential to find the most skillful candidate, who can help in sustainable business development while keeping business interest intact. For multinational companies, rightful recruitment ranges from intern to highly experienced candidate. In both types of recruitment, the fable demands recruiters to leverage the difficulty levels according to the job role. Recruiters state that it has always been one of the pain points after the independence of the growing democratic population of India where...Read More
10 Best Medtech Startups - 2022
The largest of the medical technology industries in renowned global locations are leading the world in research capabilities with universities that consistently attract global talent, developing on an existing rich history of ground-breaking medical innovations. One of the four key themes of the MedTech startups includes the purchase of innovative technologies followed by distribution. Presently, the medtech startup industry is evolving at a high pace and witnessing constant innovation and research work for the market. The startups are extremely profitable in terms of their business conduct and production...Read More
10 Best Mumbai Women Startups - 2021
According to the list of top startup hubs across the world by the global startup rankings by startup genome, Mumbai and Bengaluru top the list. Mumbai, maintaining its ranking in the top 100 emerging ecosystems list, helps India in maintaining its financial capital as the world's most promising emerging startup ecosystem. According to the innovation policy advisory and research firm Startup Genome, Mumbai outperformed the rest of the ranked cities, in the factors including funding access and quality, and cost of talent. The capital city of the state of Maharashtra, Mumbai, is lauded as a pragmatic...Read More
10 Best Social Media Marketing Startups - 2022
Digital advertising firms are expected to grow rapidly for the next few years. With the second highest population in the world, India has immense scope for social media and other digital marketing. A survey conducted in 2019 which included top businesses confirmed that 15-20 percent of their marketing budget is allocated for social media advertising. Based on the Statista analysis, it is been found that the number of users of the social network in India is 258.27 million. This shows the importance of digital advertising. The Indian digital advertising industry leapfrogged by 35 percent to reach Rs. 21,353...Read More
10 Best Wellness Startups - 2022
The wellness industry in India is scaling up in terms of advancements and achievements.The industry expands into a broad sector which now has evolved as a developer of businesses. National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), in the previous years stated that the health and happiness is the major priority for living a spirited life and helped India in turning into a $1.4 trillion market in India.The NSDC board also reported that the market size has grown with a cumulative annual growth rate of 15 percent over the last five years and it's expected to grow in the future.The influence of growth of the...Read More
10 Most Promising Skills Assessment Startups - 2022
The righteous developer of a task finds it difficult to get the project completion success with very minimized resources and break even pressure. According to recent news, there are four out of ten companies in the information technology sector finding their biggest challenge converging into hiring the skillful and experienced tech professional (not in profession, however in respective field during education). The human intelligence is one of the utmost factors hiring teams calculates in a person's aptitude while recruiting tech individuals. The skill assessment startups cover best of the tools for...Read More
10 Best Online Learning Startups - 2022
For the development of the Indian education system, experts suggest forming a more tangible plan. Factors such as accelerated thinking and execution of the teaching paradigm for more advanced and personalized learning are important. Education is a $6 trillion industry that is poised to increase to historic levels and reach $10 trillion by 2030. While the education sector is devoid of capital equivalent to various business sectors, the covid 19 has highlighted this fact and increased the education investment with the development and progress of digitalization. Because of the Indian education systems'...Read More
10 Best Apparel Startups - 2022
The Indian fashion industry is going through a breakthrough with changes in the global fashion industry in immaculate designs and ever changing aesthetics. In terms of tradition dressing of salwar kameez or high street western look, according to a recent study conducted, the Indian retail market is projected to demonstrate an exciting year on year growth of six percent for reaching US$ 865 billion by 2023. The market is expected to recover and grow 10 percent CAGR in 2019 to US$190 billion by 2025-26. The increase in the apparel and accessories in the Indian retail market is growing at a CAGR of 13.80 percent...Read More
10 Best Interior Design Startups - 2022
The ever changing interest of the high end lifestyle is increasing at a fast pace. The rich and excellent ambiance for both in residence and workplace has created an important factor for enhancement of the mood settings and high pitched productivity. The edging shift in pace with the tremendously scaling of the innovations in advancements is creating a vibrant interior design sector. The innovations in the interior design startup have now evolved as an intense business development sector. The Indian interior design market was evaluated at USD 23.2 billion in 2020 and it is projected to further grow and reach...Read More
10 Best Online Gifting Startups - 2022
India is one of the fastest growing markets in the e-Commerce sector, and the market is expected to grow $200 billion. Online gifting industry is one of the contributors to the growth of the Indian e-Commerce space and is set to take a larger pie in the overall market in the coming future. Today, the gifting industry has escalated to a whole new level from gifting plants to gifting gestures and video calls with celebrities. In the last five years, the online gifting market has become more organized. The worldwide lockdown in the last two years has accelerated the pace of growth of online gifting. The...Read More
10 Best Fashion startups - 2022
Textile and clothing sector is one of the oldest industries in India. The current size of the Indian fashion industry is worth Rs.1000 crore, while the market size is approximated to be  Rs.20,000 crore. This is only 0.2 percent of the world fashion market. However, the fashion industry in India is in its growth stage, and this is evident from the growing number of designers, boutiques, outlets and design schools. Customers in our country are becoming more fashion centric. The increasingly growing middle-class in our country are major drivers of the growth of fashion industry. Within few years, the...Read More