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10 Best Startups In Cloud - 2018
In hyper-connected businesses, it is hard to imagine a world immune to cyber attacks and data breaches. For a modern-day business organization, a robust resourceful IT infrastructure is the need of the hour. To develop the same and maintain it, it involves a huge cost and this is one of the major reasons where businesses lag behind. Despite possessing trained and skilled resources. Re-inventing the infrastructure underlying cloud applications has taken immense strides in recent years and is believed to be the next wave in innovation. To meet the growing demands has made vital for all organizations to adopt and...Read More
10 Best Startups in Sports Solution - 2018
It is said that without change, there is no innovation, creativity and room for improvement. In India, one arena that has taken this seriously and strives towards impeccable growth is the Sports Industry. The business of Sports is a multi-billion dollar global industry propelled by enormous consumer demand. Boosted by initiatives such as professionalization, commercialization and increasing investments has led the sports industry to spur fast within a short time frame. Moreover, with the advent of technology, the sporting scenario in the country is no doubt transforming. As a result, it has opened up a new...Read More
10 Best Startups in Goa - 2018
Happy people create happy products. But for this, the workplace should be in similar lines. And for this, the best-known Indian state for beaches, parties and music festivals is all set to change to become the preferred base for start-ups in India. Thus making Goa the next start-up destination of the country. What makes Goa the ideal location is the great infrastructure, well-connectivity and most importantly, the growing technical base talent. Not to be forgotten, Goa is the among the handful of states to have achieved 100 percent rural electrification and boasts one of the best models of broadband...Read More
10 Most Promising Insurance Startups - 2018
India’s rapid economic growth in the past few years has seen significant strides in the country’s development. This directly pinpoints towards a robust infrastructure and concurrently strengthens the risk-taking ability of the country. And in lines with this, a well-developed and evolved insurance sector is the need of the hour. With the changing times, insurance like other mediums is easily available over the internet. Today no customer has to stand in long queues to inquire about new policy plans for life, health or vehicle insurance. Insurance has much become like eCommerce websites that have...Read More
10 Best Startups In Legal Services - 2018
The constant innovation and implementation of technology is spreading its wings in every possible sector. In recent times, it has also undergone amalgamation with the legal services industry. It has disrupted the market by, not only making cost effective services related to legal issues but has also eased the entire process of legal functions. Today, the start-ups are paving a path towards developing a seamless way to tap into the legal ecosystem. Currently in the nascent stage, the start-ups in the legal domain are showing promising growth and are creating value to boost the industry to a whole new level....Read More
10 Most Promising Cleantech Startups - 2018
A  report published by Asian Development Bank (ADB) reveals that India’s growing economy and surging demand for clean power to strengthen energy security and reduce pollution is making India one of the most attractive destinations in the world for environmentally-friendly investments.  Moreover, with the advent of technology, it is believed that environmental issues can be addressed at a large level. This clearly indicates that the future of cleantech in India is changing, and is definitely bright. This is where the role of Cleantech startups comes into account. As the developments taking place...Read More
10 Best Startups in Food Processing - 2018
In the last five years, the sixth largest food industry in the world, India, has witnessed overwhelming growth with respect to revenue and size. The Food Processing sector contributes to 30 percent of the total sales while the retail start-ups sector yields the other 70.  The Indian Food Industry has been recognised as a high-growth sector and is most likely to grow to an estimated market size of $894.98 Bn by 2020. On further magnification, the Food Service Industry will experience a growth up to $78 Bn by 2018 only. The Central Government has taken some initiatives to facilitate the growth of this...Read More
10 Best Startups in Finance - 2018
The fintech segment of the Indian business industry is seeing the face of development at a rapid pace. It was only after demonetisation that the fintech companies in India have received global appreciation and investments. The forecast of a NASSCOM report implies the Indian fintech and software segment touching a market size of $2.4 Billion by 2020 which is $1.2 Bn at present. The Make In India blog suggests that by the year if 2015, an accumulated amount of 12,000 fintech start-ups were active all across the globe and have acquired a total investment of $19 Billion. This very fact indicates to the...Read More
10 Most Promising Music and Entertainment Start Up - 2018
The connection between music and technology is profound and irreversible. The role of digital innovation has always been essential in the music industry ecosystem. May it be the complexities of royalty collection and distribution to getting recognised as a business and even the progress strategy of a brand new artist; digitisation is a major part of these processes. The technological landscape of this industry is being artistically facilitated by trends like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine learning, Blockchain and Bots. Some organisations have started functioning in the Music & Entertainment sector...Read More
10 Best StartUps in Hyderabad - 2018
The heritage city of Hyderabad has become the face of innovation in the recent times. It is playing a major role in the start-up revolution that is spreading rapidly throughout the country. From building a start-up ecosystem that influences and inspires development and mentorship to the comfort of going on with a business, Hyderabad has been in the lime light for a while now. T-hub, a well planned and prosecuted state government led incubator for start-ups has become the part and parcel of the City of Nizams now. AngelList records imply that there is a sum total of 560 start-up companies that are currently...Read More
10 Most Promising Auto Tech Startups - 2018
The Auto-tech industry, today, is moving towards smart, connected and uninterrupted mobility.  The market is witnessing a never seen before transformation. With Big giants developing game-changing products and services, a new generation of solution providers has emerged to disrupt the market. Innovation and trust at the core of the auto-industry, many start-ups have started mushrooming in the space by providing reliable solutions and services that are said to take the auto-tech industry to a whole new level. Interestingly, this is the industry for everybody who wants to add value to the ecosystem....Read More
10 Most Promising Sales & Marketing Startups - 2018
The potential in a product or service gets accelerated with the appropriate functioning of sales and marketing departments of an organisation. The importance of these two departments is crucial to such an extent that it has now created an industry of its own. The last decade has witnessed the inceptions of numerous start-ups in the sales and marketing domain. These companies’ sole purpose is to accelerate the sales and marketing activities for various product as well as service-based organisations. With the start-up revolution spreading its wings all around the country from the cities of Mumbai...Read More
10 Most Promising Online Rental Service Providers - 2018
The phenomenon of renting is not new in India. For individuals who had to change location every second or third year even 20 years back had the need to take materials for everyday use on rent. But the renting sector in India until few years back was completely fragmented. Now, with the influx of several online rental companies, it is taking a more structured form, extending its reaches and striving to include all the merchandise from sharing financial resources to clothing and accessories and in rare case, even pets. Shared economy is the concept that is used to address this aspect. It includes peer-to-peer...Read More
 10 Best Startups In Bangalore - 2018
Bangalore also known as the ‘Silicon Valley of India’ is the second fastest-growing major metropolis in India and foremost locale for launching start-up companies. Transforming itself into a global dynamic start-up hub, Bangalore leads the way by occupying country’s 22 percent of the job market share in the start-up domain. The New Age Incubators by the government of Karnataka’s Department of Information Technology, Biotechnology and Science & Technology has greatly facilitated the start-up ecosystem of Bangalore. The plans aim to provide functioning spaces to 10,000 start-ups by...Read More
10 Best Startups in Gaming & eSports- 2018
A lot of action has been happening in the Indian eSports sector. The gradual increase in the access to professional eSports, online gaming and smart objects by the middle class population has given way to companies like Nazara Technologies, Nod win gaming and AFK Gaming to strengthen their reaches in the sub-continent. Estimates state that by 2020, the number of eSports users will grow up to 628 million for which the worth of the market will grow up to $1.1 billion. This growth got enabled in 2016 and 2017 witnessed remarkable developments in this sector. Now we can see television sets broadcasting...Read More
10 Most Promising Healthcare Startups - 2018
The Healthcare sector in India is one of the intensely developing sectors which contribute nearly 6% of the country’s GDP. Only by the proper implementation of efficient data-driven technologies at the forefront in both tertiary as well as primary sectors, it has been possible to generate major developments in the healthcare ecosystem of the country. The whole task was burdensome but was facilitated long-term patient-centric solutions developed by industry experts. With the rapid growth of requirements in healthcare along with the tremendous amount of inaccessibility for healthcare products and services,...Read More
10 Most Promising Online Gifting Startups - 2018
One of the integral parts of human relationships is gift-giving and with the influx of eCommerce websites its value is increasing gradually. Every gift worthy occasion such as a birthday or an anniversary can be easily highlighted by the usage of social websites and most importantly, gifts can be made available over long distances even through last minute deliveries. According to various industry reports, the current online gifting market in India values USD 400 million and is expected to rise up to USD 24 billion by 2024. The consumer gifting market has 20 percent share from it whereas corporate gifting...Read More
20 Most Promising Delivery Services Startups - 2018
The world has evolved drastically with the changing times. Today, it is more of the shared and on-demand economy. The population of present time needs everything right at their doorsteps. Be it from the basic day-to-day chores like grocery shopping, laundry, medical needs, food or others. In accordance with this, the rise of the on-demand economy has completely changed how the delivery and logistics industry operates in India.  This immense growth at the same time has opened up new avenues for the eCommerce and retail sector in meeting up the growing customer preferences in faster turnaround time. The...Read More
10 Best Startups in Home Decor – 2018
Everyone will agree that every walled space is incomplete without a pinch of art accompanied by aesthetic design. Home decor start-ups have revolutionised the interior designing and decoration space by bringing about the completeness through digital upgrade. With the advent of huge number of startups burgeoning in the country, the need to design and decorate office spaces has grown enormously. This need along with the concept of designing interiors and customized furniture to homes, apartments, villas has given rise to the sheer creativities that were waiting to get discovered. The recent times looks up...Read More
25 Most Promising Maharashtra Startups - 2018
The Indian Start-up ecosystem report, 2017 by Nasscom stated that, out of the 5000 tech start-ups, Mumbai and Pune hold 16 and 5 percent respectively, which stands as the testimony for Maharashtra, being one of the key players in the country’s development. The Maharashtra Cabinet too in a meeting has recently approved a Startup Policy in a course to strengthen the start-up ecosystem of the state. Facilitation of up to 10,000 - over the tenure of coming five years through net investments of 5,000 Crore is likely to get materialised by implementation of this policy, which has taken little more than a year...Read More
10 Best Startups in Influencer Marketing - 2018
What makes Brand successful? The answer to this is the loyal customers, who emotionally invest in the brand based on their previous interactions or experiences with the brand. The business always thrives when the brand gets closer to its consumers. Today, every company is just doing that. Living in the golden age of the internet, community engagement platforms, and social applications, and the rise in smartphone users, brands have to rethink marketing techniques to reach out to their targeted audience. Influencer marketing stands at the top of every marketer's list. As this is the most effective and best...Read More
10 Best Startups in E- Commerce - 2018
India’s rocketing population and smart­phone penetration are shifting its e-com­merce landscape dramatically. Indian e-commerce market is a massive one and with the increase in smartphone users as well as internet users, now, people from different age groups, from urban and semi-urban cities are more often choosing to shop online instead of visiting offline stores for a bigger gamut of choices and offers. Seeing this surging num­ber of online shoppers, online stores are also vigorously leveraging modern technologies and new business arenas in the market. Being the second fastest e-commerce...Read More
20 Most Promising Startups in Hardware - 2018
The Indian start-ups in the hardware domain face severe deprivation. The absence of a capable ecosystem that makes way for facilities in lab research and market testing is only partially present. The country saw the emergence of the system design trend with many multinational corporations (MNCs) and design houses beginning to do design work in India which was good for ‘Design in India,’ but manufacturing was still processed overseas. Amidst all these difficulties, the accumulation of capital to launch a company in the hardware domain is no common feat and demands a considerable...Read More
10 Best Startups in Gujarat - 2018
The start-up ecosystem is driving the growth and prosperity of the state of Gujarat. M.K Das, Principal Secretary to Gujarat CM, recently announced that the government has disbursed an amount of 22 Cr to 175 start-ups in the state and are aiming to facilitate up to 2000 new companies by 2021. The start-up and Technology Summit 2018 – Vibrant Gujarat is also going to be held from October 11-13 to project the growth of the start-ups. The start-up revolution that is taking off in Gujarat is exemplary. The better economy being the growing need of the country, Gujarat is not at all holding back in its...Read More
20 Most Promising Advertising Agencies - 2018
Since the display of the first print ad in a newsletter, the advertising has come a long way with each passing decades. And with the changing timeline, be it on television, computer, streets, and others, advertising has been a major part of our lives. In fact, it has been an influence in the lives of the people. From the era of printing, radio to television and currently the internet, each innovation has revolutionized in their own terms, constantly trying to engage the individuals with new products, concepts, and brands. Today it is not only about passing the information but more of exchanging ideas and...Read More
20 Most Promising K-12 Startups - 2018
Considered to be one of the largest K-12 populations in the world, India holds the topmost position with more than 260 million children enrolled in more than a million schools scattered across the country’s states and union territories. Though education at one side has become accessible to all, even in the most interior counterparts still the educational quality remains poor. As Albert Einstein said, ‘Education is not about learning the facts but training the minds how to think,’ and taking this as a major issue of concern the K-12 landscape has undergone tremendous change. Be it in the way...Read More
20 Best Startups in Life Sciences - 2018
Companies in Life sciences industry provide access to high quality drugs, better diagnosis and getting the medicines and MedTec products at an affordable price. The main sector of concern remains in the R&D process and the main focus is to put up efforts in the various stages of research and development. This results in bringing out best outcomes for increasing health awareness, diagnosis for various infectious diseases. This has helped the companies to settle down and be updated in a dynamic scenario. For many people it is not easy to even afford the medicines and healthcare services. So the products and...Read More
10 Best Startups in Engineering Services - 2018
On the threshold of major reforms, India is poised to become the world’s third-largest economy by 2030. The early beginning of the 21st century has marked the building of capabilities in the areas of Information Technology, Business Process Outsourcing and of course, Engineering Services Outsourcing. This not only paved the path to be a destination for highquality service providers but also ensured the talent availability & competitive technology skills. And, with growing times, the Indian Engineering Services sectors have made the tremendous plunge from the traditional way to the latest modern path...Read More
10 Best Startups in Odisha - 2018
India is recognized among the top three global start-up destinations in the world. This directly implies the significant rise in the number of first generation entrepreneurs. With Bangalore being the key start-up hub of the nation, the other developed cities are too not left out in the race. Slowly and gradually, the start-up wave has started spreading across and Eastern India most importantly has not remained untouched. While Eastern India does not come across as the obvious start-up hub in the country, given the right push, it can be created into one. And, one of the prominent state in the eastern side...Read More
10 Best Startups in Machine Learning - 2018
With the growing amount of computational power, the emerging tech terminologies are no more jargons in the fast-pacing world. And, Machine learning is one of them that is increasingly making its way to numerous sectors. Today, Machine Learning promises to foundationally influence modern society, for better or worse. It has garnered particular attention for its potential impact on the world’s most important industries. For instance – the application of machine learning today can be seen extensively used by the consumer market leaders such as Amazon, Netflix, Apple, Google, Microsoft and other...Read More
10 Best Startups in Wellness - 2018
The concept of wellness has always been in vogue since time immemorial. Traditional medicinal and health practices propounded the concept of mental and bodily wellness having a core focus on the health, nutrition, and relaxation. But in present times, the passing era has made people turn more and more conscious towards their health. Today, in fact, well-being and fitness have emerged as the most crucial options most specifically as a means to stay away relief from the unhealthy eating habits and sedentary lifestyle. With the passing time, wellness as a concept has taken up a multi-dimensional definition...Read More
10 Best Startups in Online Grocery - 2018
The rising internet penetration, awareness of online shopping, and lucrative deals and discounts in past few years has led the online spenders to increase their spends along with trebling the online shopping segment. Amidst the hectic busy schedules, time constraints to visit the malls, or brick and mortar stores, today everything is available at the click of a finger. Same is in the online grocery segment. The Indian eGrocery market has flourished with times leading to the emergence of the huge companies such as BigBasket, Groffers and more. Adding to it, the shift in focus to business consolidation,...Read More
10 Best Agritech Startups - 2018
Agriculture is one of the most hyped and yet the most untapped sectors with an immense potential to change the current standards of the Indian economy. Though agriculture is the primary source of livelihood for more than 58 percent of the Indian population, the industry is in the clutches of various pressing challenges such as erratic rainfall, rising cultivation and management costs and country’s over-dependency on monsoon. The complex-cum-middlemen dominated supply chain worsens the farmers’ sufferings further more. While the problems are never-ending on the production side, the menace of over...Read More
10 Best Startups in Internet Publishing & Broadcasting - 2018
Entertainment, media and publishing industry is dynamic and go-ahead in nature; from printed books and newspapers, CDs, movies rented on DVD and TV networks to always-on and user-controlled modes, the industry is moving with an astonishing speed. Now, in the age of active social media sharing and internet driven and 24 hours news cycle, the publishing and broadcasting industry has become more interconnected and flexible for instant content delivery. Each development and function of the industry is driven by the needs and habits of individual consumers, where the options for customized digital streams and...Read More
10 Best Startups in Online Game Development - 2018
In today’s fast-pacing world, disruption has become a key to immortality. As the digital framework includes the massive use of mobile phones and the extensive internet penetration, the talent of many creative & innovative brain heads have not gone waste to create something that is totally exceptional and engaging. Such is the case with the online game development industry. The shift in paradigm from traditional to modern has also not remained untouched in the flourishing industry base with making online development one of the fastest growing verticals in the world. According to a recent report,...Read More
10 Best Startups in Event Management - 2018
The world is gearing up for more and more advancements stating that opportunities abound and the creativity knows no bound. This same has been reflected in the one of the most creative spaces, the event management industry. Though the sector is looked upon as a sunrise service segment, the word event with time has grown into manifolds be it in commercial or non-commercial categories. Today whether it is a private event such as a big fat Indian wedding or a public event such as IPL, everything is done on a big scale. Nowadays, any of them isn’t a small term affair. In fact, it is the end result of many...Read More
10 Best Startups in Blockchain - 2018
The technology is changing incredibly fast and we all being aware of the advent of nascent technologies that are going to radically shape the future, Blockchain is no more a household buzzword in this race. Considered it to be the largest unregulated experiment in human history, itis for sure that everything is now on the cusp of a major tech-revolution and if implemented right, could become a real economic and social takeover of some sorts. Advancing as an important democratic and independent key, blockchain in no time sooner is going to slow down but demands to be a massive force that pushes...Read More
10 Best Startups in Logistics - 2018
India is a developing nation and with the fast-paced scenario, especially in the eCommerce space has given shape to the fortune of a long-standing sector, the logistics. The increase in the retail outlets, continuous demands of the customers, soaring connectivity across geographies has led to the fastened progress of the logistics sector. Adding more, the implementation of GST and the Govt.’s intervention to give the infrastructure an edge has also encouraged the unstructured sector to be an organized one. All these have led to the birth of logistics startups. Breaking the traditional barriers prevailing...Read More
Best Startups to Work for - 2018
The style of working has changed drastically. The boredom of four walls today has transformed itself with bringing in a new vibrancy ‘the startup culture’. These startups are considered to inherit the perks of culture, ownership, visibility, and others, thus, making them the biggest benefit providers to the youth economy. Transitioning from being just a mere cool workplace destination to an aspirational place for building dreams true, the startup ecosystem promises a great deal of work, values, and learnings to the professionals. The foray of startups has laid in the new concept of ‘Happy...Read More
10 Best Startups in Retail - 2018
The Indian retail industry over the past few years has been able to mark a significant exponential growth in the same lines as the IT industry. From brick & mortar store to direct on the web or mobile portal, the retail industry has come of age with ensuring the growth for everyone involved in the wider spectrum. Preferred to be the fifth largest retail destination globally with over 13 million retailers, the sector vastly accounts the unorganized space. And, this has given rise to several issues such as inadequate supply chain, procurement, unutilized inventory and more. As the country’s landscape...Read More
10 Best Startups in Household Services - 2018
The Indian market is growing and the digital influence has played a pivotal role in shaping it. From retail to travelling, banking to ordering food online and adding a pinch of flavour to it by watching a favourite show online, the digital applications has led to the birth of new generation companies. This disruption has not remained untouched in the burgeoning sector of household services. The rapid urbanization and the population being tech-savvy has urged this space to usher more and more, with making service experience a much better one at just a click away. Also, with the passage of time the trust &...Read More
10 Best Startups in Transport Aggregators - 2018
Ever since the foray of some exceptional business models in the variety of fields ranging from hotel to retail, food to booking tickets and many more has drastically changed the way on how a business performs. A similar thing has taken place in the transportation sector of the country. Till some time ago, the sector which seemed to remain the same forever saw a rigorous change leading to the advent of cab aggregator giants like Uber, Ola, and others, making the commute easier. This revolution has only marked the essence of development but also has led to the onset of transport aggregator start-ups. As the...Read More
10 Best Startups in AR/VR Solutions - 2018
The way of watching a video and experiencing walking around the mars or battling a war or playing a video game as if all were real would not have been possible without the advent of virtual reality. Believing that communication in a virtual environment is going to be the new way to connect with the people around the world wherever and whenever you are, the VR trend has not only been confined to the world of movies but also has captured in varied sectors, thus creating a strong influence on the business relevance. With the rapid evolution of AR/VR in accordance to technology and witnessing a huge advancement in...Read More
10 Best Startups in EdTech - 2018
Till some time ago, education across the globe was confined to benches, blackboard and a teacher within a classroom, making it very simple. But today with changing times, it has come over the traditional barriers and has plunged into naming a new domain, that is, Internet Education or e-Learning. The limitations till a pencil or a pen and a notebook today has been transformed into a portal whereby a learner can practice English online, upload homework, ask for doubts and get clearance, and learn sciences through 3D- dimension techniques. Such has been the rise of technological advancement in education or...Read More
10 Best Startups in Financial Services - 2018
With a population of around 1.3 billion, India is marching towards a developing economy to be amongst the leading players in the globe. The varied sectors are on the cusp of growth, with leveraging the best-in-class technologies. One being the financial sector. A large percentage of unbanked or underbanked population and the fact that it is a young nation is witnessing a high growth in digital penetration, makes India an exciting global space for Fintech. As it signifies a cash-driven nation, has taken the advantages of rising opportunities in the financial services space. This has led to the birth of...Read More
10 Best Recruitment Startups for Tech Companies - 2018
The Digital innovation has forayed across various departments, and the advancements in human resource space are no exception. In the recent past, many tech companies have witnessed a major fall-out in recruiting the right and experienced candidates, and this has curbed the growth of tech companies to a large extent. Often, these businesses thrive by hiring a skilled software engineer, product designer, and analysts. This means everything to them. Also, what they fail to understand is that every employee is a prime asset of the business and they have the potential to change the dimension of the business....Read More
10 Best Startups in FoodTech - 2018
Food is all that we survive on and live for!! Be it a tiring day, a busy schedule at a workplace or anything but what makes us happy at the end, is, of course, the platter of delicious food served. It not only leads to satisfaction of the tummy but also gives immense happiness. As the world is pacing fast with thousands of millennial moving to cities for work or education purpose for their well-being, but at the same time, it has led difficulties for them to cook food on their own or eat the same presented food on daily basis. Also, at the same time, it’s difficult for the homemakers to prepare food when...Read More
10 Best Startups in Social Media Marketing - 2018
Over the years, marketing has changed drastically with bringing in the new trends of the digital age. Since the time marketing has turned digital, it has made a revolutionary impact with making the internet a linking platform for billions of lives across the globe. The digital media is constantly in an ebb and flow of change. On the other hand, the usage of social media sites has doubled the connectivity and the idea of digital marketing. Innovative new web services have sprouted up, creating a transcendental shift and the born of new devices has emerged as boons for the marketing world, thus allowing them to...Read More