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10 Most Promising Engineering Service Startups - 2019
With the country making rapid advancements in the areas of Information Technology, Business Process Outsourcing and Engineering Services Outsourcing, India is set to become the third-largest economy in the world by 2020. The exigency has now birth to a plethora of opportunities for high-quality service providers and is ensuring the talent availability & competitive technology skills. And, with growing times, the Indian Engineering Services sectors have made a tremendous plunge from the traditional way to the latest modern path with the involvement of high-end technology work across industry verticals....Read More
10 Most Promising Hardware Systems And Devices Startups-2019
India being the innovation bed for the software-focused companies; the country still lags behind in the hardware ecosystem. With the absence of a viable infrastructure and logistics solution hardware facilities like lab research and market, testing is only partially present as of now. But, the country is now slowly moving towards an improved hardware startup ecosystem with the emergence of the system design trend with many Multinational Corporations (MNCs) and design houses beginning to design and manufacturing processes in the country. Even so, the accumulation of capital to launch a company in the hardware...Read More
10 Most Promising North East Startups - 2019
With the emergence of more and more startups in the country, entrepreneurs are slowly moving from metropolitan cities and looking for opportune places to set up their business models. Amidst this revolution, the far-flung northeast, comprising of eight vibrant states is fast turning as a one-of-a-kind startup ecosystem. There is a greater entrepreneurial climate in the country, nurturing government policies and rhetoric, as well as investors warming up to the northeastern states. However, the centre government is actively organising an undertaking capital fund to promote startups in this...Read More
Startup of the Year - 2019
According to Nasscom,India continues to reinforce its position as the third largest startup ecosystem in the world with addition of more than 1,300 startups this year so far, The investment in start-ups were steady with $4.4 billion flowing in between January-September this year across 450 start-ups ­ up with five per cent year-on-year basis. This shows that, India is no longer familiarity with the  startup ecosystem. Though things seemed slower, the number of startups grew 7X times to 50 thousand startups and the market is showing tremendous growth. Over the years, the start-up landscape has...Read More
10 Most Promising Goa Startups 2019
Famous for its spectacular beaches, places, culture and ethnicity, Goa still holds its quintessential colonial charm and is definitely a traveller’s paradise. Furthermore with the rapidly growing physical infrastructure and improving connectivity, the state is now offering something beyond the sun-kissed beaches and ample greenery wherein it has become the choice of many startups. In the recent past, it has transformed to be a first choice for entrepreneurs because of healthy work-life equilibrium and a perfect environment for innovation. Today, there is no doubt in calling Goa a startup paradise....Read More
10 Best Co-Living Startups - 2019
At present, the co-working & co-living concept is gaining a massive momentum in India. Not only flexible workspaces but versatile living spaces are evolving at a frantic pace over the past years and have completely disrupted the traditional accommodation environment such as rented flats and PGs.This trend has been quickly embraced by young people in cities across the country, and it is turning as a new answer to the age old issue of affordable housing. It's also an ideal way to continue professional and personal growth outside the office. In the last few years, these sub-segments have emerged and...Read More
Top 10 Best Online Beauty Startup - 2019
India’s beauty and wellness market is grow­ing at a rate of 15-20 per cent and the in­dustry is estimated to touch the mark of $2.68 billion by 2020. As the space is flour­ishing at a frantic pace and brimming with opportunities, newer avenues and technolo­gies are finding their place in the diversified beauty market. Furthermore, given the fast-paced nature of our lives and the time con­straint, consumers hardly get time to visit a salon and go for salon treatments which is why they prefer to go for salon services at home. The increased activity in the space is boosting the...Read More
10 Most Promising Gurgaon Marketing Startup
Gurgaon, officially named as Gurugram is turning as a hot-spot of the nation with the increasing number of startups. The millennium city has got all the amenities to drive the scopes and opportunities for the organizations it is housing. Along with other metro cities, Gurgaon has helped India become the third-largest startup hub in the world. From manufacturing industries to BPO biggies and now various tech-enabled services, the city has always attracted talent. Not just professionals, it is also drawing many entrepreneurs as well as capitalists from India and overseas. Leveraging all the beneficiaries of...Read More
10 Best Online Baby Products Startup - 2019
An elevated lifestyle and rising awareness concerning child’s health has eventually boosted up the manufacturing and sales of the baby products.  The increase in the birth-rate has fuelled the demand of the various baby care items which has augmented the growth of the market to an extent that it is expected to hike by significant percentage in the upcoming years. The industry’s sync with the ecommerce sector has opened doors of new business opportunities in the last few years.  This opportune space has enticed the attention of business minds that has focused their concentration in product...Read More
10 Best Home Decor Startups - 2019
With the changing times the interest towards high-end lifestyle is significantly increasing. Rich and cozy ambience both in residence has turned out to be an important factor to enhance the mood settings and fuel productivity.  The considerable shift in terms of lifestyle, employment and migration to cities has forged the Indian home décor industry to tremendously scale in terms of advancements and innovations.This vibrant sector has now evolved as an intensely developing business. The Indian home décor industry has been evolving at a fast rate. From being a market that was earlier...Read More
10 Most Promising Kolkata Marketing Startups-2019
Kolkata is gradually gaining its recognition as a startup-hub. The city is proving that it is much more than delicacies and vibrant culture. It is marking its status as prime business, commercial and financial spot of eastern India and the main port of communication for the North-East Indian states; undoubtedly Kolkata is one of the most important metro cities of the nation. The walls of the city, house it within a budding startup ecosystem with passionate entrepreneurs, great mentors, and a supportive government. A healthy number of startups have their home base in Kolkata. These include verticals like,...Read More
10 Best Delivery Services Startups - 2019
With digitization having entered every aspect of our lives, it has drastically affected our lifestyle. The world has evolved into more of a shared and on demand economy model where people want everything right at the doorstep of their houses as and when they ask for it. Be it your basic day-to-day grocery shopping, laundry, medical needs, food or any other need, the digitization of the delivery and logistics space has made it easier for us to get access to everything just at a click of a button . Now, as with the customer's demand of being served instantly is growing tremendously, it has led to a rise of...Read More
10 Best Online Rental Startups -2019
The phenomenon of renting is not new in India. For individuals who had to change location every second or third year even 20 years back had the need to take materials for everyday use on rent. But the renting sector in India until few years back was completely fragmented. Now, with the influx of several online rental companies, it is taking a more structured form, extending its reaches and striving to include all the merchandise from sharing financial resources to clothing and accessories and in rare case, even pets. Shared economy is the concept that is used to address this aspect. It includes peer-to-peer...Read More
10 Best Startups in Delhi Marketing - 2019
With the ever-evolving ecosystem of startups, there has been a growing demand for marketing functions in the industry. As per a report, the advertising industry is projected to be the second fastest growing advertising market in Asia after China and contributes to around 0.45 per cent of the GDP. The extending demand for a strong marketing strategy has led to the institution of various marketing startups in the segment and many entrepreneurs are now coming forward and investing highly in the marketing domain. The capital of India, New Delhi is seeing a massive growth of such startups and has now become a...Read More
10 Most Promising Online Gifting Startups - 2019
Memorable moments are best planned with gifts and surprises but the changing-time has turned our lives hectic with no time even to buy a greeting card. The competitive world and busy schedule has brought us to a point where we absolutely have no break to celebrate our special occasions. It has potentially made us forget our important days. Resulting this, demand for quick and easy channels which brings all our needs at the door-steps is constantly increasing. People are also interested in finding a variety of options on one platform, buying it and getting it delivered to the desired location on the same day....Read More
10 Most Promising Home Automation Startups - 2019
The momentously advancing technology and brand new inventions at every tick on the clock is significantly boosting our lifestyle. The automation space has matured over the years with increased digital budget and more sophisticated approach towards technology and digitization. It has evolved in order to reduce the overall complexity of our daily tasks by making things around us self-regulatory. With the increasing interest towards high-end and better life, the population is slowly adapting automation at homes.  Tough tasks made simple, both in residence and workplace has turned out to be an important...Read More
10 Most Promising Ad Tech Startups - 2019
The ad space has matured over the years with increased digital budget and more sophisticated approach towards technology and digitization. It has evolved in order to reduce the overall complexity of advertising procedures to promote brands. The huge evolution from traditional mass media advertising to digital advertising is trending today. As a result of digitization, people have found ways to use it to the core. Tech-driven advertising has been one of the most effective ways for businesses of all sizes to expand their reach, find new customers and diversify the revenue streams, and India is no exception here....Read More
10 Most Promising Pune Marketing Startups - 2019
Pune is developing as a hub for the growing Indian startup ecosystem. The buzzing centre for automotives and IT sector which is also known as a favorite destination for investment is housing some of the biggest MNCs and providing great opportunities for new firms now. The digital era while transforming the way of life has turned the business environment upside down. Portraying brand presence and development while formulating an identity has become important to reach wider range of audience. This need to extend the reach and drive the business growth at present is making them adapt to suitable marketing and...Read More
10 Best eSports Startups - 2019
The digital age is transforming the gaming and sports sector in a remarkable way. The advancements and brand new thoughts concerning the internet-sporting market are attracting the majority of the population and paving avenues to hundreds of potential gamers. With this enormous shift, the Indian eSports industry is brimming with potential. Aligned to the growth in the sector the concept of professionalism in gaming is gaining significance, transforming the landscape at a decent pace. Several research papers estimate that the global eSports market size was USD 906 million in 2018 and is forecasted...Read More
10 Most Promising Insurance Startups - 2019
From banking to wealth management, the finance industry of the country is going through a revolutionary change and the insurance market is no exception to it. With the sector undergoing continuous policy change and the government’s initiatives to boost its growth, the country is looking forward to a new face of insurance market. Gone are the days when insurance companies used to follow one size fits all approach where they had one structured plan in place that was served to every person. Now understanding the varied requirements of the clients these insurance companies are adopting newer ways of doing...Read More
10 Best Electric Vehicle Startups - 2019
The Indian economic crisis has immensely affected the automobile industry in every aspect. In this crucial stage where several companies are on verge of losing their significance, human minds are masking the loss in a smarter way with newer ideas. One of the ingenious concept is the shift towards Electric Vehicles. Though this idea has gained a thin visibility, the automobile sector has not completely adapted to EVs. With this, electric vehicles (EV) industry is still at a nascent stage in India, comprising less than 1% of the total vehicle sales, however it has the potential to grow significantly in the...Read More
10 Best Healthcare Startups in NCR - 2019
India’s healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing segments and is expected to touch the mark of $280 billion by 2020. In a country where the doctor to patient ratio is very low and medical services fail to reach the remote areas, there is a huge market of opportunities that are waiting to be tapped in the segment. Grasping on this contingency, many startups are emerging in the healthcare sector and are redefining the model of care management in the country.  Curating newer and hi-tech ways of diagnostic solutions and preventive healthcare, these startups are harnessing the use of latest...Read More
10 Most Promising Music and Entertainment Start Ups
The Indian entertainment industry is witnessing an enormous growth and is estimated to touch the mark of $33.6 billion by 2021.Driven by the increasing digitisation and deeper smartphone and internet penetration, the industry is one of the biggest revenue generating and fastest growing industries in the country as of now. With the music and entertainment making high strides in the Indian market, many startups are coming forward and capitalizing on this opportunity to offer a versatile experience to the audience. Creating a disruption in the segment, these startups are employing latest technologies in their...Read More
10 Most Promising E- Commerce Startups - 2019
With the e-commerce industry witnessing  a tremendous growth worldwide, the Indian e-commerce market is not far behind and is set to touch the mark of $84 billion by 2021. The upward growth trajectory of this industry across the nation can be subjected to deeper internet and smartphone penetration in the network and it is estimated that India can surpass the USA in the future in this space. The rapid extension of this landscape is transforming the way we do business and is presenting the market with newer avenues of business aspect. Drawing on this contingency, many startups are coming forward and are...Read More
10 Most Promising Hyderabad Marketing Startups- 2019
Out of 20,000 startups in the country, Hyderabad is the home to at least 3,000 of them and the ‘City of Pearls’ is among the top buzzing startup ecosystem in the nation. Amidst this burgeoning startup space, it becomes essential for an entity to establish a brand identity of its own and promote their products and services in the market. This prevalence of brand-building has led to the institution of various marketing startups in the segment and many entrepreneurs are now coming forward and investing highly in the marketing domain. For startups, marketing has now become an imperative tool and...Read More
Top 10 Legal Startups- 2019
Being the second-largest market for legal professionals in the world, India’s legal service industry is seeing a considerable growth with more than 600,000 lawyers placed in the system. As the country is witnessing a rise in trade practices and leaving its footprint globally, the need for legal services in the country has grown manifold and the space is opening up more prospects for legal professionals and firms. Moreover, with the introduction of the new-age technologies, India’s archaic legal industry is now undergoing a massive transformation and this is changing the face of how we practice...Read More
10 Best Startups in Financial Services - 2019
With the income bracket seeing a surge in the country, there arises a need for better management of money. People prefer investing their hard earned money rather than letting it sit idle in their houses where it yields them no return. This is where the financial services sector comes to our rescue by assisting us in making well-informed financial decisions. Looking at the new contingency prevailing in the market, many startups are grabbing this opportunity and setting up dynamic ventures in the financial services market. From banking, professional advisory and insurance to mutual funds investment, audit...Read More
10 Best Middle East AI Startups - 2019
Though most startups are small in team size and limited of financial stability, what makes them different from major competitors is their adroitness that drives to explore challenges, bring innovations and layout new business models for changing market conditions. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a source of both huge excitement and apprehension. This has driven a lot of startups to adopt AI. However, it’s not the adoption of AI that is exceptional. It’s the region where it is adopted at an extraordinary rate is what takes our breath away. The “State of Artificial Intelligence in the Middle...Read More
10 Best Food Processing Startups - 2019
Healthy food habit is turning to be the way of life and people are constantly making good food choices that are tasty, healthy and helps them stay fit. With all this transformation and increase in population, no wonder that the Indian food processing market which is contributing nearly 30 percent of revenue for the entire food industry is growing multifold. While food processing is slowly extending itself as an industry of its own, the govt is recognizing the need to encourage this sector. The Indian govt had previously allocated a billion dollar under the twelfth five year plan to implement schemes for the...Read More
  10 Best Wealth Management Startups - 2019
As the country is seeing a surge in its wealth bracket, there is still not much financial awareness on how and where to direct one’s investment. This lack in financial literacy and credibility has given birth to the wealth management industry in India which is flourishing at a frantic pace. As per a report, the Indian wealth management industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 27 per cent in the next five years and will likely touch the mark of INR 400 trillion.As the country is seeing a surge in its wealth bracket, there is still not much financial awareness on how and where to direct one’s...Read More
10 Most Promising Chennai Marketing Startups- 2019
With a pool of talented resources and skilled entrepreneurs at dispense, Chennai is fast emerging as the startup hub of the country. The availability of a competitive but hassle-free climate is turning Chennai into the hottest market for business aspirants. Amidst this burgeoning competition, it becomes crucial for a startup to get its services and products ahead of the other players and make a mark in the ecosystem.  In other words, this space calls in for a good marketing strategy in place and in turn, has opened up opportunities for many startups to invest in this niche domain. As marketing is...Read More
10 Best Interior Designing Startups - 2019
With the changing times the interest towards high-end lifestyle is significantly increasing. Rich and cozy ambience both in residence and workplace has turned out to be an important factor to enhance the mood settings and fuel productivity. The considerable shift in terms of lifestyle, employment and migration to cities has forged the Indian interior design industry to tremendously scale in terms of advancements and innovations. This vibrant sector has now evolved as an intensely developing business. According to a recent report by Market Research Service Provider, Interior Designing Industry of India is...Read More
10 Best Starups in Odisha - 2019
With the establishment of more and more startups in the ecosystem, entrepreneurs are slowly moving from metropolitan cities and looking for other places to set up their business models. Amidst the shift, Odisha is emerging as one of the major hotspots for setting up a venture and has also been declared as the ‘Top Performer’ in the Startup Ranking-2018 by Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP). From ed-tech to healthcare, the state houses some of the most creative and innovative startup ideas. These ventures are working in different avenues and are striving to bring unique...Read More
10 Best IoT Startups in Bengaluru - 2019
With the mushrooming of various business tech startups across the cosmopolitan metropolis of Bengaluru, there is no wonder why it is known for the name Silicon Valley of India. For its position as the 4th largest tech cluster in the world, Bengaluru is on the track to become the world’s largest by 2020. Many factors contribute to the business friendly state to stay ahead in the race compared to other states in India. But the significant factor that makes it pro business could be the focus of entrepreneurs to embark their journey to the centre of a business culture that is secured by the city within its...Read More
10 Most Promising Mumbai Marketing Startups - 2019
Mumbai is emerging as one of the major startup hubs in India. Housing some of the biggest MNCs and witnessing a continuous establishment of new firms every day, it has become crucial for a company to devise a brand identity of its own for the business development. For any company to extend its reach and propel business growth, it has now become crucial for them to employee an appropriate marketing and advertising technique which can help them create a brand value of its own. This indispensable nature of the marketing industry has served as an opportune space for the growth of startups in this particular...Read More
10 Best Co-Working Startups - 2019
Being the second-largest market of co-working spaces in APAC countries, the co-working trend has been gaining momentum in India and is witnessing a massive growth. Flexible workspaces are evolving at a rapid pace since last five years and have completely disrupted the traditional work environment in the country. According to a research conducted by CBRE, it is estimated that as many as 13 million people will work out of these co-working spaces by 2020. With the introduction of this vertical, the modern work culture has extended beyond a fixed cubicle and a 9 to 5 routine. Such shared spaces have provided...Read More
10 Best Startups in Transport Aggregators - 2019
The Indian transportation industry is gaining massive transformation with the ingression of  technology. Owing to the internet revolution and smartphones penetration there is a huge shift from bargaining with auto drivers to choosing our preferred cars. All these inexorable advancements are making life easier by evicting the travelling issues. With the booming passenger travel on one hand and flaring innovations on other, the transportation industry is turning to be a vital market of the developing economy. This burgeoning industry in order to make journeys memorable is bestowing a wide way to...Read More
10 Best Startups in Fashion - 2019
India’s fashion industry is making a break through in the global fashion scenario with its immaculate designs and evolving aesthetics, be it a traditional salwar-kameez or a high street western look. According to a recent study conducted, the Indian retail market is expected to demonstrate a promising year on year growth of 6 percent to reach US$ 865 billion, by 2023, from the current US$ 490 billion. The share of apparel & accessories in India’s retail market is growing at CAGR 15 percent, corresponding to a value of US$ 74 billion. The ever growing vogue landscape in the country has served...Read More
10 Most Promising Bangalore Marketing Startups – 2019
The ever-evolving ecosystem of startups has accelerated the growth of marketing functions in the industry. It has also optimized the trends in this niche domain of the economy. As per a report by eMarketer, the digital ad spending worldwide will reach US$375.80 by 2021. The new face of innovation and the dynamic behaviour of a consumer are liberating the marketers to choose from a plethora of options that can boost a business’ demand. Amidst the rapid digitisation, now digital marketing has become the new tool that is being employed by the companies for creating a disruption in the market. The Silicon...Read More
10 Most Promising Healthcare Startups in Bangalore - 2019
Healthcare market in India is expected to grow by US$ 280 Bn in 2020 and Bangalore intends to make a huge contribution to this. Speaking in terms of healthcare services, Bangalore has always been one of the biggest medical hubs. Over a certain period of time, the city has evolved to deliver prudent results in medical operations like cardiac surgeries and in the field of Neuro- sciences. Bangalore’s health sector has always been at par with the worldwide standards, accompanied by best medical practitioners and technologically advanced equipment. The situation here gets better, as the health quotient...Read More
10 Best Startups in Foodtech - 2019
The food industry has gained a massive transformation with the ingression of technology. This evolution from choosing dishes in the menu to customizing the food to our preference is remarkable. Advancement in the Indian food industry is getting exciting each day. A lot of actions are taking place in the sector and of course, the food-tech startups since when the 30minutes pizza delivery had set up a benchmark for the peak point of consumer’s patience. The competitive world and busy schedule has absolutely increased the need for things to be instant and easy. The busy life and few essential needs have...Read More
10 Best Finance Startups in Bangalore - 2019
Bangalore's increasing financial stretch is having divergent aftermath on India's monetary sector, propelling people to dive into such financial services such as secure payment gateway solutions, exciting cash-back offers, fast onboarding, vehicle and travel insurances, health benefits and so on. The list is endless! Not only the number of financial startups has increased in Bangalore, but the number of people exercising its services has also taken a sizeable leap in terms of borrowing loans at moderate in-terest rates, ensuring economic flexibility and stability. Read More
10 Best Startups in Life Sciences - 2019
India’s life sciences industry has traversed a successful journey over the past years. Though the initial footprints set by the industry was relatively small with respect to the population, scientific research and technological advancements have tremendously transformed this space. In this journey, the Life science Industry has addressed many milestones and contributed significantly to the economy and healthcare, both nationally & globally. One of the recent economic reports by The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) states that the life sciences industry is the...Read More
10 Best Startups in Online Game Development - 2019
The flaring internet speed and momentously advancing technology along with the penetration of smart phones is boosting the online gaming space. On a wider perspective, the industry is holding interesting opportunities; as it is not only attracting the Gen-Z population but also gaining attention of entire sphere irrespective of age and gender. However, the internet surge is driving newer revenue models for gaming startups, turning fun and excitement into a billion dollar market. The online gaming industry in India is expected to generate a revenue of INR 11,900 Cr by financial year 2023, growing at 22...Read More
10 Best Middle East Healthcare Startups - 2019
Technology is changing the face of Middle East at a rattling pace. These techie geek countries own amazing inventions and innovation. In fact, their formulations and findings have abruptly changed the entire business ecosystem across the globe. The fusion of advanced technology has driven a perfect shift in the healthcare industry. It has indeed opened the doors to remarkable inventions which equip to overcome the existing menace in the healthcare space. The spurring progress has indeed welcomed opportunities and challenges in this ecosystem. A new generation of entrepreneurs and leaders have emerged, who...Read More
10 Most Promising Robotics Startups - 2019
Technology is coexisting with people in various settings by entering the nook and corner of modern life. The Industrial robotics is evolving quickly and automation in applications is a new form of advanced robotics. The field is now picking up the trend across various sectors and grabbing the attention of business ecosystem. As a result, many startups are working on developing robotics solutions in order to optimize the production process and provide products worth the value. This is improving the economic life of companies which in turn results in global development. In accordance with this, a marketing...Read More
10 Best Event Management Startups - 2019
While events bring happiness and exuberance, the event management companies strive to make those events more special and memorable. Event management is a platform that showcases creativity and elegance, in advertising and broadcasting, to make our occasions reach out wider. This industry has gained an impressive transformation with the changing time. As the world is revolving around social media, people love to portray the best to society; they expect their occasions to be perfect and organized. Regarding these reasons the Event Management industry is thriving and turning out to be a profitable opportunity....Read More
10 Most Promising Same Day Delivery Startups - 2019
Celebrations are best planned with surprises, but the changing-time has turned our lives hectic. The competitive world and busy schedule has brought us to a point where we absolutely have no time to make the special occasions memorable. It has potentially made us forget important days. Resulting this, demand for quick and easy channels which brings all our needs at the door-steps is constantly increasing. People are also interested in finding a variety of options on one platform, buying it and getting it delivered to the desired location on the same day. In accordance to the snag, ergo the Same Day Delivery...Read More
10 Best Online Grocery Startups - 2019
Indian market, in the last few years has lived through massive transformation. The routine culture of going to the agora or the supermarkets to snap up groceries seems to have undergone a facelift as the act of buying and selling of commodities these days is staged on the online platform entitled as online grocery. Internet, technology and innovative ideas have structured the emergence of this niche domain. This platform has brought shoppers and vendors of household goods under one roof, facilitating both with a hassle free procedure involved in shopping. A statistics say that about two million population...Read More
10 Best Startups in Blockchain - 2019
As the initial hype over the blockchain technology is beginning to settle, businesses from various verticals are developing newer use cases and exploring opportunities for its commercialisation. It is being widely implemented in the sectors of finance, automotive & manufacturing and supply chain management among several others. Experiencing an 88.7 percent increase, the global blockchain spending will amount to $2.9 billion by the end of 2019. With the rising demand to simplify business architecture thus conjoining the ideas with technological credibility, blockchain in expected to unleash further...Read More
10 Best Startups In Retail - 2019
Increase in the purchasing power of the customer and the elevated accessibility to cashless transactions has ignited the growth of the retail industry of the country. With the changing consumer mindset, start-ups in retail need to be updated with real time data to get more educated and well informed. The digital identity that has been acquired by this sector over time is motivating the companies and even the newbies to experiment with new products and create niche for those in the marketplace. Numerous products in the lifestyle, healthcare and personal hygiene verticals among various others are getting...Read More
10 Best Mumbai Tech Startups - 2019
  The city of Mumbai has long been regarded as the financial capital of the nation. The presence of numerous large organisations and huge capital investments in the city has made way for start-ups to emerge as the future unicorns of the business ecosystem of the country. On a magnified view, the myriad of technological innovations has further facilitated the start-up culture as the country is constantly experiencing the rise in the number of technology based start-ups from Mumbai. Start-ups with products and services based on latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning...Read More
10 Most Promising Cleantech Startups -2019
Clean tech is the future. The need of clean and sustainable practices across industries is the need of the hour. Embracing the change for a better tomorrow requires more limelight than ever. India grappling its way forward into the market is slowly and steadily adapting to this transformation and in the recent past has witnessed a rapid growth, in terms of the rise in number of green-tech start-ups. Furthermore, many Indian clean technology companies are coming up with extraordinary solution to build a clean energy future. This is in turn creating a buzz in the entire ecosystem among the investors and...Read More
10 Best Startups in Logistics - 2019
Logistics has always been has a sector of great dedication and expertise in the business ecosystem. Logistics companies that are functioning in all the possible verticals of the logistics sector, be it delivery nearby or be it a huge consignment in the supply chain management, the basic idea is always to deliver and more importantly on time. With the myriad of innovations in the digital world, the logistics sector has also undergone change in outlook in various aspects. Now in case of supply chain management, industries have achieved the level of transparency in their operations and deliveries across the...Read More
10 Best Startups in Pune - 2019
Pune, the cultural capital of Maharashtra has welcomed the start-up revolution of the country with open arms and is walking towards a well-established ecosystem that promises industrial growth. After Bengaluru and Hyderabad, it is growing as the third-fastest city in the entire Asia-Pacific region. Be it management consulting, be it IT, automobile or manufacturing; the city is getting into the lime light with the heritage making place for innovation. Pune is to be transformed into the best start-up hub of the country by the year of 2020 as has been committed by the Maharashtra state ministry. The newest...Read More
10 Most Promising Mumbai Healthcare Startups in - 2019
The healthcare industry has been the subject to a lot of changes throughout the decade. The influx of numerous start-ups covering all the verticals of healthcare has brought about more awareness and education among the population of the country. With a magnified view, Mumbai, the financial capital of India is home to a lot of healthcare start-ups that have been able to change the face of healthcare in the city. Newer and out of the box products, services and solutions based on the healthcare sector are coming into light day after day with the city reaching new entrepreneurial heights. The start-ups...Read More
10 Best Startups in Edtech - 2019
The need to bring glaring changes in the education system has coerced the education leaders to embrace technology to change its framework and components. This has, however, upshot the advent of a far-reaching domain called Edtech which has drastically changed the learning scenario of the country. The potentiality of this domain has magnetized many promising entrepreneurs and investors towards the education sector in India. Such edtech startups are modifying the methods and mannerism in which students learn and develop their virtuosity. The growth of the Edtech industry is expeditious. As per reports, the...Read More
10 Best Startups in Internet Publishing and Broadcasting - 2019
The industry of internet publishing and broadcasting consists of establishments which are primarily engaged in publishing or broadcasting content exclusively on the internet and also operating websites that use a search engine to generate and maintain extensive databases of internet addresses and content in an easily searchable format. With the advancements in the e-space, this industry is expected create a substantial market by providing further services such as e-mail, connections to other websites, auctions, news, personalised content and serve as a base for all the internet users. Revenue for Internet...Read More
10 Most Promising Mumbai Financial Startups - 2019
The land of opportunities has presented itself in various ways to different individuals. In line with everything good about Mumbai, the start-up ecosystem is also on the rise. Keeping aside the numbers, the fintech revolution is deepening its roots as the finance start-ups in the city are making their presence felt all across the country and the world. Owing to the growth of the fintech start-ups in Mumbai, new policies by the Maharashtra State govt. have been implemented in order to accelerate the fintech companies and also to increase the number of fintech jobs in Mumbai. The fintech hub of Mumbai is...Read More
10 Best Startups in Advertising - 2019
The desire of proliferating businesses at the global platform has elevated the momentousness of the advertising industry. The growth and progression of every business today utterly rely on the advertising concerns. It aids them strategies methods to prosper in the ever expanding and challenging market. The advertising agencies puts forward productive course of actions that enables companies or brands develop a positive image in the market and gain attention of potential clients. It also accelerates the visibility which increases the growth, demand and popularity of the marketed goods and services. Hence,...Read More
10 Best Startups in Jaipur - 2019
History repeats. Rajasthan, a state once known for its glory, pride, and rich culture, is in the transformation phase – the so-called ‘Land of Kings’ has now become a favorite destination for investors and start-ups to innovate, ideate, and collaborate. A Few of the Tier II cities like Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Kota are already on the move to become the next start-up hub for Rajasthan- based start-ups and entrepreneurs. Today, Jaipur-based start-ups are on the radar, as they are reaching new milestones by utilizing the resources effectively, and a lot of incubation centers, accelerators, and...Read More
10 Best Startups in Corporate Training - 2019
The need for organisations to invest significant capital in corporate training has become more than obvious as the lack of it severely harms the productivity of the company. Proper upgradation of skills of the existing employees as well as training the new hires is an integral part for the needed productivity of an organisation. The emergence of e-learning training modules has primarily facilitated the growth of the corporate training sector of the country. Organisations are increasingly adopting innovative and cost-effective ways to train their employees. A market analysis by Technavio implies that this...Read More
10 Best Startups in Recruitment - 2019
Recruitment has always been one of the pain points after independence with the growing democratic population of India. People across generations have suffered the lack of exposure especially in the less urbanised areas of the country. But slowly and systematically, the trends are changing. Recent developments imply that the recruitment industry is spreading its wings in the tier-2 and tier-3 cities and hiring is getting more and more organised. Various recruitment firms old and new are looking at expansion to these cities. A further magnified view reveals better facts. After enormous job creations in 2017...Read More
10 Best Startups in Tamil Nadu - 2019
The month of January, 2019, witnessed the release of “Startup & Innovation policy 2018-2023” by the government of Tamil Nadu. This policy aims to provide an innovative and enabling ecosystem for each and every startup that has been registered in the state. The motive for this initiative is to transform Tamil Nadu into a Global Innovation hub for start-ups by the year 2023. In a wide sense, this mission will be able to employ a minimum of 1,00,000 people in the startup ecosystem itself. The five-point action plan by the Tamil Nadu government carries all the value points for the implementation...Read More
10 Most Promising Green Energy Startups - 2019
Green energy has been an intrinsic part of human lives since evolution. Even today, when there is a privation of the natural resources and depletion of the ecosystem, green energy is playing a pivotal role in recuperating the environs. The inflating scarcity of electricity and the waning environment impelled humans to pay heed to the infinite power of the inexhaustible natural sources which could resolve the problem of electric power and also ameliorate nature by reducing carbon emission. Hence, a large number of companies have arrogated this concept and framed the renewable sector in India. As per several...Read More
10 Most Promising Israel Technology Startups - 2019
Israel as a start-up nation has recently experienced a dwindling number of start-ups which have come into being over the past few years. From a total number of 1000 in 2014, the number grew up to 6000 by 2017 according to the Israeli tech ecosystem report that was published by Start-up Nation Central (SNC) in 2018. The amount of capital that was raised by Israeli tech companies during the first six months of 2018 implied a maturing ecosystem for start-ups with growing number of domains. This development however comes in line with a previous research by Israel Venture Capital (IVC) Research Center and...Read More
10 Most Promising Kerala Startups - 2019
Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan gave the whole nation it’s largest startup ecosystem by inaugurating a 1.8 lakh square feet incubation facility across a wide range of segments related to modern technology in the month of January. This integrated startup complex covers almost every modern facility by Maker Village which is promoting start-ups of multiple kinds. The Kerala Startup Ecosystem report implies to the growth of newbies at an overpowering scale which can revolutionise the economy of the country. God’s own country is on the verge of introducing innovative tools such as Young Innovators...Read More
10 Best Startups In AR/VR - 2019
The technologies of Augmented and Virtual realities were introduced with much hope to the world because many large corporate companies and numerous start-ups across the globe had swarmed by these hot tech innovations. When it comes to a country like India, this industry has been slow and steady. Despite highly fragmented adaptation of AR and VR technologies, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for this market is going to touch 76% in the coming 5 years. The acceptance has however taken place in some of the core segments of the industry such as travel, education, healthcare, home décor among few...Read More
10 Most Promising Deep-tech Startups - 2019
The funding houses see an overreaching business potential in the industry of disruptive technology services. Many early stage investment companies are under the impression that the upcoming bunch of Unicorns in India will emerge from the “Deep Tech” sector. “Deep Tech” is an industry terminology that has been given to the sect of companies which extensively make use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and various analytical processes to uncover newer business models. It is increasingly unleashing its flavours amongst Silicon Valley gurus and also taking a significant...Read More
10 Best Startups from Delhi-NCR - 2019
Bengaluru might be called as the technology hub of India, but Delhi NCR (National Capital Region) is now home to over 9000 startups and is leading the race by numbers. The report by Jefferies, an equity research firm revealed that in the year of 2017, $4 Bn was invested in the first half and $1.6 Bn throughout the rest of the year in the startup ecosystem of Delhi NCR. The capital city of the country has been able to generate $2.8 Bn of funding only during the first half of the previous financial year which was a bit more than Bengaluru which stood at $1.8 Bn. During the last decade, the startup revolution...Read More
10 Best Startups in West Bengal - 2019
West Bengal is particularly popular as the cultural hub of India, but rarely would anyone believe it as a growing stage for start-ups. Yes, as a matter of fact, things have changed and are undergoing further change with every passing day. Conditions are becoming more & more favourable for the start-ups that have mushroomed from the state in the recent past. The capital city of Kolkata has opened its gates to technology entrepreneurs, investors, and first generation entrepreneurs. A closer speculation of the details will unveil the true potential of the state as a start-up hub as well. Acting as a...Read More
10 Best Startups in Travel - 2019
Coming up as one of the rising economies with rising income levels, a considerable portion of wealth is getting spent by Indians on inbound as well as outbound travelling activities. It is because of this that the travel & tourism industry of the country is on the verge of adding an amount of $160 billion to the overall GDP by the year of 2026. As it stands, the travel industry has experienced massive growth along the years in the recent past. Indians now have a much greater access to disposable wealth which is why the tendency to pack bags and head out to exotic destinations is becoming more and more...Read More