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20 Best Startups in Bigdata- 2015
Today, the potentiality of Big Data needs no explanation. From a mere technology marvel to a competitive strategy, the umbrella term has indeed revolutionized the way businesses run and disrupt markets. However, with the rapid fluxes in the time and the technology, the Big Data and Analytics – which were only part of exclusive domain of high heeled organizations – have also evolved to embrace startups, thus breaking the long-established norms of its confinement. While tough competition and funding are still the Gordian knots for many startups dedicated to proffer Big Data, the recent news like...Read More
20 Best Startups in Healthcare-2015
The Indian healthcare industry is growing at breakneck speed due to its services, strengthening coverage and upsurging expenditure by private as well as public players. As per the forecasts, the Indian industry is poised to grow at 15 percent CAGR to reach $158.2 billion by 2017. By 2025 the industry is expected to contribute around 8-10 percent of the then GDP. This immense opportunity has knocked the door of large and small organizations in the industry to embrace technological revolution like cloud. However, the lack of robust infrastructure, insufficient standardization needs, most importantly, care which...Read More
20 Best Startup in IT Services-2015
It is believed that U.S. has the most advanced IT Services industry with 55 percent of global shares in the segment. But, in the last five years, the scenario has transmuted. In the past decade, India has emerged as a global power in IT Services industry. With emergence of cloud and data analytics, it is no more just a nimble player in the market playing just the outsourcing role. While, a hefty number of startups have already emerged in the fragment, India has grown a mammoth 23.72 percent CAGR to reach $146 billion in the current financial year. Amidst technological revolution with Digital India initiative,...Read More
20 Best Startup in Enterprise Software
The first industrial revolution presented machines that galvanized the industrial growth in the 1760s. With introduction of mobility, analytics, cloud and ERP, industries are now witnessing second revolution as the spending in enterprise software has increased by 7.5 percent every year to reach $149.9 billion by the end of the year. En route to accelerate customer engagement, most of the businesses have now opted to gain insights from customer data and unwrapped paths for a whole new industry – enterprise software. While this has increased the efficiency in managing internal operations, it has also...Read More