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10 Best Insurance Startups - 2020
The Indian market holds immense potential in the life and non-life insurance space. A nation of more than 1.3 billion people, 250 residential houses, more than 250 million registered vehicles and various other avenues for bolstering the need for insurance, India is sitting on a massive insurance opportunity. It is also important to note that of this huge market the country only has a 3.7 percent insurance penetration. The country's insurance market holds a 1.7 percent share in the global market. The good news is that according to reports, this number is slated to swell to 2.3 percent by 2030. The...Read More
Startup of the Year - 2020
Kolkata is often described as a city of culture and leisure. But entrepreneurial mindset is not something that the city is naturally associated with. While it is the third most populous metropolitan in the country, it lags behind several other metropolitan and Tier-I cities when it comes to startup friendliness. Traditionally known for being an agricultural hub, the state of West Bengal is gradually embracing industrial and digital growth. The state and Kolkata is particular is inching its way closer towards becoming a conducive environment for entrepreneurs to establish successful startups. The...Read More
Startups Of The Year -2020
The Indian startup eco-system has evolved over the last decade to become the third largest in the world after U.S. and China. Owing to widespread penetration of internet, lowering data costs and adoption of smart devices, consumer internet companies been on an upward growth trajectory. Not only have these companies revolutionized the way we live our lives but have also been instrumental in upping the Indian startup eco-system's game. The vitality of these companies and the services they provide has never been more crucial than in 2020. As the global pandemic set in during the first quarter of 2020, most...Read More
Startup Of the Year - Hyderabad - 2020
Hyderabad, the city known for its food and culture has carved a savvy identity for itself over the past five years. Earlier known for its IT prowess, Hyderabad has gradually become a haven for startups. For a few years before the state's bifurcation to Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, these was a period of lull. However, with the formation of the new state and a stable government came in a new vigor which transformed the city into a coveted destination for enterprising entrepreneurs, investors and incubators alike. The city found itself among the Top 100 Emerging Ecosystems Ranking in 2020 and Startup...Read More
Startups Of The Year Pune - 2020
Pune, the city earlier known for being an arts and culture capital of West India has gradually risen to become a hub of startup activity. Over the past 6-7 years, the city has emerged as a strong playground for young and enterprising startups majorly in industry verticals such as agritech, fintech, deep tech, healthtech, autotech to name a few. The vibrant city was home to over 3200 active startups in 2018 and received funding worth $1 billion through 132 equity deals between the period of 2014-2018. Pune was also the only Indian city to be named as an emerging startup hub in the `Global Next'...Read More
10 Best Home Decor Startups - 2020
The Indian home décor space has witnessed a significant growth over the past decade and a major factor powering this growth has been the rise of e-commerce. For years the home décor space was largely fragmented and unorganized but over the past few years, the share of organized players has increased from five percent to ten percent. This increase has been significant considering the entire industry's value being over $2 billion. While earlier chic home décor and interiors was considered a market catering to the rich and elite, the game has changed tremendously now. The young urban...Read More
Startup Of The Year - 2020
Bangalore, once known as the pensioners' paradise has gradually become the startup hub of India. Over the last three decades the city has seen a healthy rise in entrepreneurial ecosystem given the prevalence of ample educational institutions, government recognized R&D institutes and supportive government policies. The city has gradually developed as the startup capital of the country, both in terms of new companies being incubated and the quantum of funds raised by these entities. One of the fastest growing tech startup hubs of the country Bangalore saw a total of 1,200 tech-startups were added to the...Read More
10 Best E-Commerce Startups - 2020
The Indian E-Commerce saga continues to rapidly expand, while having an impact on almost every industry segment. Propelled by increasing internet penetration, smart phone adoption and affordable data plans, the online retail industry is only growing from strength to strength every year. According to a report by Indian Brand Equity Forum, the Indian E-commerce market which was worth $38.5 billion in 2017 is expected to touch a whopping $200 billion by 2026. The industry is also experiencing a massive push owing to the increasing number of internet users across India. This digital push is expected to create a...Read More
10 Best Logistics Startups - 2020
Logistics industry is often touted as the very backbone of an economy and rightly so. According to reports, the Indian logistics sector is currently valued at $160 billion and is expected to be valued at $215 billion by 2022. An essential cog in the trade cycle, logistics is a tailgate industry that renders support to various other sectors. Seen as a sector of great dedication and expertise, the industry is home to companies providing varied functions be it delivery nearby or be it a huge consignment in the supply chain management, the basic idea is always to deliver and more importantly on time. Employing...Read More
10 Best Wellness Startups - 2020
Holistic wellness has been an inherent part of the Indian culture and heritage since time immemorial. Be it alternative medicine such as Ayurveda or health practices such as yoga, India has always had a bent towards wellness practices that nourish the mind and body alike. With time, the Indian population had strayed away from these basic tenets of our culture, however modern lifestyle and the disadvantages it brings along have compelled us to rethink about wellness practices. Over the past few years mental well-being and fitness have emerged as one of the most crucial aspects of countering modern world's...Read More
10 Best Online Rental Startups - 2020
The Indian population's outlook towards asset ownership has been drastically evolving over the past few years. Unlike the previous generation, the young millennial population no longer feels the need to `own' and is more than happy to `rent out' things, giving rise to a lucrative `shared economy'. Characterized by aggregating platforms (mostly digital) that allow peers to share assets with one another, the shared economy has various sub-sects, the largest being shared working spaces, housing, mobility and furniture among various others. A report by Maple Capital Advisors concluded that by...Read More
10 Best Same Day Delivery Startups - 2020
We currently live in a hyper competitive world where time is considered money and somehow everybody eventually falls short of it. While our to-do lists grow longer, the time between hands of the clock remains the same. Thankfully, the startup ecosystem across the globe remains sensitive to modern day problems and eventually moves towards solving them. Therefore, the world has witnessed a steady rise in logistics tech industry which works towards picking up and delivering products in the shortest possible time frame. This has given rise to a sub sect of the logistics industry, ie: same day delivery...Read More
10 Best Online Grocery Startups - 2020
India is gradually getting on board the online grocery delivery train. While pre Covid 19, the Indian online grocery delivery market was growing, yet its pace was restrained. The market was also captured by a handful of giants such as Big Basket, Groffers and Amazon. However, the onset of the pandemic has changed the market dynamics to a large extent. As the entire country was placed under lockdown, the time was ripe for online grocery delivery players to capitalize on the opportunity, and capitalize they did. A recent report by Forrester Research pegged the anticipated sales growth for grocery delivery...Read More
10 Best Life Science Startups - 2020
Because of the coronavirus outbreak, rapid development for finding newer techniques to fight a disease or taking precautions for any epidemic has come into vicinity. It has pointed to some of the developments like drug discovery and technology intervention that took longer time, even when it demanded faster progress. This has also opened the door for digital innovation to life science companies to solve patient problems online. A few years ago in 2016, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) project that there will be 17.3 lakh new cases of cancer and 6.8 lakh cancer-related deaths annually by 2020....Read More
10 Best Pune Women Startups - 2020
Over the years, Pune has earned itself the 'Oxford of the East', thanks to its envious association with the world of literature, art, theatre, science, and of course, the modern business management learning. It's been time and again proved that entrepreneurial education stimulates women to take up entrepreneurship as a career option. But when we say entrepreneurial education, it shouldn't be mistaken for an academic qualification. Pune has been excellent in producing women entrepreneurs across the industries. The government's efforts in bringing the spotlight on women empowerment through...Read More
10 Best Startups in Event Management - 2020
The Event Management industry has undergone sea changes over the last decade. There is a great deal of interest in events on different subjects. Whether it's a concert, a conference, a corporate event or a marathon, people have begun to manifest an active interest in all kinds of events. While offering joy and enthusiasm with the use of novel technologies, the Event Management paradigms have evolved dramatically and claim that this is only the beginning of a new era. The industry is expected to cross Rs. 10,000 crore by 2020-21 as per estimations. This potentialis driven by marketers raising their...Read More
10 Best B2B Marketplace Startups - 2020
The concept of Business to Business has been an integral part in executing the financial and commercial activities. It is with the evolution of the merchandising sphere that the B2B theory also augmented, paving the path for it transmute into an established industry. This sector has put forth lucrative opportunities which insightful speculators got their hands on only to come forward with gainful and convenient ideas, approaches and solutions that have been supporting the marketing, branding and growth objectives of the businesses. The introduction of the B2B sector has boosted up the digital transformation of...Read More
10 Best Auto Tech Startups - 2020
Autotech is an ingenious technology that has redefined the facet of the automobile industry. This has made rooms for innovators to manoeuvre in the space and introduce new inventions by amalgamating innovative ideas and technology. With more and more start-ups taking initiatives to serve and explore the domain has actuated an unprecedented and ground breaking evolution. The continuous effort made by both the entrants and the big wheels in the industry has brought in pristine innovations which instinctively created disruption in the market. At the current scenario, the Autotech industry's trailblazing...Read More
10 Best Fashion Startups - 2020
The recent years has seen a revision in people's clothing sense, be it ethnic wears, workout or working clothing. This reorientation is the result of the effort put in by a batch of enterprising entre-preneurs who have set their sights on bridging the gap between people and the niche, luxury and affordable fashion. According to a recent study conducted, the revenue of the-fashion startup market expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2020-2024) of 14.1 per cent, resulting in a projected market volume of US$19,324 million by 2024.The industry involves the eminent association of the textile and retail...Read More
10 Best Mumbai Women Startups - 2020
The city of dreams, Mumbai has staunchly supported the grail of million aspiring minds, encouraging and supporting innovative ideas and out-of-the-box approaches which served as the base to many newly yet impressive enterprises. These sent of event and the utter support has gradually made the vicinity the most preferred startup hub for entrepreneurs. The city has astounded everyone with the fervent support and opportunities it has provided to the women as go-getters in the country. It has been a land to many women led organizations that were immensely successful. This school of thoughts and approaches are...Read More
10 Best Mumbai Financial Startups - 2020
A country where cash had usually been the go to mode of transactions, a digital world of financial services have found a place to thrive. One of the major contributing factors to this is the emergence of finance start-ups that are changing the way payments are processed, loans are sanctioned and personal finance decisions are made. Fuelling the market with innovation-driven methodologies, these start-ups are changing the face of dynamic financial industry. Right from delving into a range of unexplored segments to engaging with foreign markets, these fintech start-ups have been delivering innovation that was...Read More
10 Best Digital Marketing Startups - Mumbai
Mumbai, The `City of Dreams' is counted among the top buzzing startup ecosystem in the nation. Amidst this burgeoning startup space, it becomes essential for an entity to establish a brand identity of its own and promote their products and services in the market. This prevalence of brand-building has led to the institution of various marketing startups in the segment and many entrepreneurs are now coming forward and investing highly in the marketing domain. also with the rapid digitisation, digital marketing has become the new tool that is being employed by the companies for creating a disruption in the...Read More
10 Best Internet Publishing & Broadcasting Startups
Startups are Paving Way for the Future of Content     Digitization has undergone severe change during the last decade. With the advent of newer process­es in the digital media & technolo­gy, the visibility of content and data has in­creased substantially. With this, the Internet Publishing and Broadcasting industry has grown significantly. This growth can be at­tributed to dramatic increases in the number of online users, time spent online and mo­bile internet connections. These information sector firms are primarily engaged in pub­lishing and/or broadcasting...Read More
10 Best Startups to Work For Chennai - 2020
Chennai, one of the largest me­tropolises in India is becoming favorite destination for business in recent days and is recognized as a hotspot for startup ecosystem. At pres­ent, The city is housing some of the biggest MNCs and providing great opportunities for new firms. However, the business sce­nario is getting much serious in terms of growth and development, leading to ig­norance of employees welfare. But several statups in this talent welcoming land is not only focusing on the client’s growth but also on ‘employees’, the backbone of the brand. They have understood the...Read More
10 Best Mumbai Tech Startups - 2020
Mumbai, the land of opportunities has presented itself in various ways to different individuals. It is also being a space of immense opportunities and scopes for startups as well. Owing to the growth of the tech start-ups in Mumbai, new policies by the Maharashtra State govt. have been implemented in order to accelerate the companies and also to increase the number of jobs in Mumbai. The startup hub is showing newer possibilities every day with innovation in design, style and execution. In a bigger view, the myriad of technological innovations has further facilitated the start-up culture as the country is...Read More
10 Best Satrtups to Work For Goa - 2020
Goa not only holds its charm as a tourist spot and traveller's paradise. With the rapidly growing physical infrastructure and improving connectivity, it is also offering something beyond the aesthetic beaches and greenery wherein it has become the choice of many startups. In the recent past, it has transformed to be a first choice for entrepreneurs because of healthy work-life equilibrium and a perfect environment for innovation. Today, there is no doubt in calling Goa a startup paradise. The great infrastructure, well- network connectivity and most importantly, the growing talent pool, who loves to work...Read More
10 Best Startups to Work for - Gurgaon - 2020
Asecured job, a good salary package, growth opportunities and plausibility to maintain a cordial balance between professional and personal life is what every employee anticipates from their workplace. Till the recent times, only well-established company are shining exemplar of facilitating their employees with inch-perfect provisions which has won them their staunch allegiance and fixity. Startups these days have not only perceived but also have put into practice a work culture that can works for the utility of the team but at the same time work for the welfare of the business in the long run. In fact,...Read More
10 Best Startups to Work For - Hyderabad
The ‘City of Pearls’, Hyderabad is among the top buzzing startup ecosystem in the nation. The city over the past few years has shown a tremendous growth in terms of having a stable environment for startups and investors with strong support of the government. It is playing a major role in the start-up revolution that is spreading rapidly throughout the country. From building a startup ecosystem that influences and inspires development and mentorship to the comfort of going on with a business, Hyderabad has been in the lime light for a while now. Amidst this burgeoning startup space, many...Read More
10 Best Digital Marketing Startups - Bangalore - 2020
Think of a new business, a potent city to venture or invest. The first name that comes to mind is Bangalore. The opportunity and scopes the city is holding is making a healthy number of startups have their home base here. This include verticals like, advertising, edtech, healthcare, the ever-popular ecommerce, and food-tech, among many others. For all of these businesses to flourish marketing has become a mantra these days. Every business irrespective to its immensity, have the occasion to follow the marketing principles in order to trade their services and build long lasting connections with the right set of...Read More
10 Best Agritech Startups - 2020
The Indian agricultural sector has been the backbone of the Indian economy for many years after the independence. While globalization has transformed the country into a much more industry centred economy, the fact that the agriculture domain of the country still commands a respectable position in India is true. Even though, over the last couple of decades, the farming community of the country has been lagging behind in terms of modernizing their agricultural operations and marketing strategies. The lack of knowledge regarding the best technologies and techniques that can be incorporated in farming has had a...Read More
10 Best Edtech Startups - 2020
Modernization and technological invasion has hugely revolutionized the education system of the nation. A number of go-getters intentively manoeuvred to break this transmute the brick-and-mortar mode and bring in software designed to mould a much forwards looking and individualized approach that facilitates teacher-led learning in classroom for an enhanced education outcome. This innovative measure upshot the advent of a far reaching domain called Edtech which has drastically changed the learning scenario of the country. The potentiality of this domain has magnetized many promising entrepreneurs and investors...Read More
10 Best UI/UX Startups - 2020
The advent of digitization has brought us closer to mobile phones, computers, and the internet. The fast-growth in the digital ecosystem has impacted every aspect of consumer’s life- from shopping, ordering food to carrying out complex analysis, conducting tedious daily tasks and the functioning of organizations everything is influenced. For every simple necessity to complex operations, we are dependent on software, applications & websites. Among so many portals, platforms available in the market, making the consumer choose yours is a tough task. It’s important that your digital platform not just provides...Read More
10 Best Startups to Work For - Kolkata
Kolkata, the cultural & commercial center of India is no longer the name that strikes mind only for tasty food, monuments & tourist places. It is time to look at the vibrant startup culture of the city that is making it one of the largest metropolis in the country. It is gradually gaining its recognition as a startup-hub. The city is proving that it is much more than delicacies and cultural heritage. It is marking its status as prime business, commercial and financial spot of eastern India and the main port of communication for the North-East Indian states. The city is booming with budding startup...Read More
10 Best Startups in TamilNadu - 2020
The land-owning the millennial metro Chennai, doesn’t lack anything to be a hotspot for startups. With able talents, resource, and availability of investors, it is refurbishing a wave of entrepreneurship in the state. Tamil Nadu more known as an opportune & welcoming space for talents is setting up its landscape to support entrepreneurship & thrive startup ecosystem with several initiatives & policies. Last year witnessed a major turning with the launch of "Startup & Innovation Policy" by the State Government. This initiative was to offer an innovative and empowering landscape...Read More
10 Best Startups to Work For - Punjab
Punjab is on slowly becoming a millennial metro. The major reason for the growth gap in the state’s business status is immigration of ingenuous talents to other tier1 cities.  However, with the present efforts made by the government, there is great escalation in the startups and tech innovation in the place. All the initiatives such a Startup and Entrepreneurship Policy, Startuphub Nation, and others are encouraging entrepreneurship, providing wide investment opportunity and so much more. They are undertaken with an aim of not only propping up the local startup ecosystem but also to bridge the gap...Read More
10 Best Startups to Work for - Noida  - 2020
Welcoming the business growth, at present Noida is offering a fertile environment for startups with its glitzy infrastructure, low cost of operations and availability of top talent. As part of the National Capital Region, it is far ahead in housing startups and enterprises of brilliant ideas. Together with Delhi & Gurgaon it is home to highest number of unicorns valued to over USD 1 billion underlining the economic might of the country, report as per Niti Aayog. Noida, has over 1,000 startups and is catching up with the others cities at a faster pace. Among the thousands of startups very few have...Read More
10 Best Startups to Work For Pune - 2020
Pune, one of the largest metropolises in India is becoming favorite destination for investment in recent days and growing as a hotspot for startup ecosystem. At present, the city is housing some of the biggest MNCs and providing great opportunities for new firms. However, the business scenario is getting much serious in terms of growth and development, leading to ignorance of employees welfare. The focus on the clients are exponentially growing but the strength and backbone 'employees' are least taken care of. However, there are a few companies in the city which have understood the need to support...Read More
10 Best Startups to Work for Mumbai - 2020
Startups in India have gained enormous attention and growth in the recent years. With this, the country is fast emerging as a hotspot for startups. One such city which has become the major hub for the budding companies in the nation is Mumbai. The India’s financial centre with new innovations in the landscape and working spaces has become the business ground for the startups. With the government support, Mumbai is not leaving any stone unturned to provide the workspace for the individuals who are coming forward with innovative motives to fulfil their entrepreneurial dreams. Moreover, the startups are...Read More
10 Best Starups in Advertising - 2020
The advertising industry is flourishing at a frantic pace with digitization overhauling the scenario. As a result, the competition is also increasing in the market, requiring every businessman to promote their products and services in the best possible manner. This has further led to the development of new advertising techniques and an elevation in the number of advertising agencies which are available today. While the success of any company is aligned to their visibility to the world, all the agencies in the field are striving to enable products reach the right people with promotional campaigns. This would...Read More
10 Best Startups to Work for Coimbatore - 2020
The city which is recognized as ‘Manchester of South India,’ Coimbatore is emerging as a preferred destination for leading information technology firms. It is hosting top IT firms such as Cognizant Technology Solutions, Wiper BPO, 24/7 and several big bees have announced investments in Coimbatore for their expansion plans over the years. With all this, it is considered as one of the largest metropolis in South India in the midst of more than small, medium and large industries. It has slowly become one of the most attractive markets and incubators for startups while housing multiple brands and...Read More
10 Best New Delhi Women Startups - 2020
With the increasing number of startups, the business world at New Delhi is at the forefront of maximizing productivity and creativity in the sphere of operations. Aligned to this, the landscape is undergoing a tremendous shift towards entrepreneurship. We are in a collaborative and effective means of work environment regardless of gender. With equality in opportunity booming in recent years, women as go-getters are being immensely successful. Moreover, the city of New Delhi is slowly stepping forward in bridging the gap between gender bias in organizations. This is one of the biggest steps taken towards...Read More
10 Best Startups in Corporate Training -2020
Softskills and corporate training has turned out as a necessity in the recent years. Learning doesn’t stop with academic education. The real learning begins when we step to mould ourselves as a professional and gain knowledge on what is required by the market and what is on trend to build a strong career path. With this, the need for organisations to invest significant capital in corporate training has become more than obvious to shape employees’ skills and boost productivity. Proper upgradation of skillset of the existing employees as well as training the new hires is an integral part for the...Read More
10 Best Recruitment Startups - 2020
Recruitment has always been one of the pain points after independence with the growing democratic population of India. People across generations have suffered the lack of exposure especially in the less urbanised areas of the country. But slowly and systematically, the trends are changing. Recent developments imply that the recruitment industry is spreading its wings in the tier-2 and tier-3 cities and hiring is getting more and more organised. Various recruitment firms old and new are looking at expansion to these cities. A further magnified view reveals better facts. After enormous job creations in 2017...Read More
10 Best Tech Startups in Kerala - 2020
God's own country is undoubtedly a house for several innovative and unconventional brains. For years now, there has been a migration of people from the State to different parts of the world. Believing that this has resulted in a significant ‘brain drain' which, in turn, has affected the knowledge economy of Kerala, The Government of the state has identified several initiatives and policies to drive the ecosystem. The State is scaling with initiatives such as Young Innovators Programmes and Tinkering labs in schools to make sure that students from a very early age get exposed to entrepreneurial...Read More
10 Best Jharkhand Startups - 2020
The entrepreneurial wave is hitting India hard. Most of our metropolitan cities have become eyeing landscapes for top-notch brands, startups, and micro, small, medium scale businesses as well. Aligned to this growth the government of the country is bringing several initiatives forward to drive every other state in the nation. Jharkhand is also one among them which is gaining immense concentration from the government in recent times. Under the Government of India’s Startup India initiative, nearly 20k startups have been recognized so far out of which 158+ startups are from Jharkhand in this order it is...Read More
10 Best Tech Startups in Gujarat-2020
Gujarat, a well-known landscape for handicrafts and traditional businesses looks strange to tech & tech-based startups? That is not the case, though this might be an assumption to most of us, it is just a fact that the state took a little longer to catch up with other metropolitan cities. Though today it is widely famous as one of the best performing startup state and one with the most proactive government for startups, the state still has a long way to go to compete with the leading hubs from the country and it is striving hard to scale its status with number of companies budding in the space. It has...Read More
10 Best startups in Andhra Pradesh - 2020
Andhra Pradesh has become the face of innovation in the recent times. It is playing a major role in the start-up revolution that is spreading rapidly throughout the country. After the splitting of the state from Telangana, which ended up absorbing the IT hub Hyderabad the statestartups,was left rudderless as the loss of Hyderabad affected the pace of innovation significantly. Amidst this shift, the far-flung landscape, comprising of Vijayawada &Vizagis fast turning as a one-of-a-kind startup ecosystem. There is a greater entrepreneurial climate in the space, nurturing government policies and rhetoric, as...Read More
10 Best Startups in Lucknow- 2020
Lucknow, the heart of UP is turning as a hot-spot of the nation. The millennium city has got all the amenities to drive the scopes and opportunities for the organizations it is housing. Along with other metro cities, it has helped India become the third-largest startup hub in the world. It is witnessing rapid urbanization due to business and employment opportunities as well as a better living environment. The city now stands as a potent space to be termed as a startup hub alongside Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai and other metros. Over the past few years, it has indicated a promising growth in terms of having...Read More
10 Best UP Startups - 2020
Entrepreneurship and innovation are no longer alien, buzzwords to the country. Indians are now walking together with their western counterparts when it comes to getting rid of 9-5 jobs and working for their own startup. These ventures aren’t restricted only to the top metropolitan states but nearly every city in the country is proliferating with budding entrepreneurs who are willing to think outside the box. UP is no way far from being an attractive market for startups. The state of Uttar Pradesh realizing the true potential of startups has treaded towards building a robust startup ecosystem in...Read More
10 Best Food & Beverages Startups - 2020
The food& beverages industry in India has grown as a high growth & profit sector due to its huge potential for value addition, mainly due to the food processing industry.Moreover, India has experienced an astonishing growth in the F&B sector over the past few years. Along with this, healthy food habit is turning to be the way of life and people are constantly making good food choices that are tasty, healthy and help them stay fit. With all the transformation and increase in population, no wonder that the Indian food & beverage market which is contributing major revenue for the country.While...Read More
10 Best Tech Startups In Pune - 2020
Pune is developing as a hub for the growing Indian startup ecosystem. The buzzing centre for automotives and IT sector which is also known as a favorite destination for investment is housing some of the biggest MNCs and providing great opportunities for new firms now. The presence of numerous large organisations and capital investments in the city has made way for start-ups to emerge as the future unicorns of the business ecosystem of the country. On a magnified view, the myriad of technological innovations has further facilitated the start-up culture as the country is constantly experiencing the rise in the...Read More
10 Best Green Energy Startups - 2020
The chain of natural disasters continues to rage mankind as well as nature. From floods hitting several states of India to Amazon fires topping the timeline of Instagram stories, every strike on the world has been severe and wrecking. And none other than humans are to be blamed! Our irresponsible activities are overloading the atmosphere with carbon dioxide and other global warming emissions, which is resulting in a series of significant and harmful impacts, from stronger, more frequent storms, to drought, sea-level rise, and extinction. On the contrary, human minds are smart enough in masking the loss....Read More
10 Best New Delhi Financial Startups - 2020
With the massive population and ever-evolving commerce &trade, New Delhi is marching towards a developing economy to be amongst the leading players in the country. The income of individuals and the turnover of businesses is witnessing a surge, which is increasing the need for better money management. This is also paving way for the growth of the financial sector in the landscape. According to Nasscom's reports, the global financial services sector is expected to boom as a USD 45 billion opportunities by 2020, growing at a compounded annual growth rate of 7.1 per cent. Read More
10 Best Co-Working Space Startups-NCR - 2020
Delhi-NCR has emerged as the largest startup ecosystem in the country housing around 9000 startups and more than 10 unicorns witnessing in this region alone. With the increasing number of startups, the business world at NCR is at the forefront of maximizing productivity and creativity in the sphere of operations. Aligned to this, the way people live and work is undergoing a tremendous shift from a boring traditional office to a creative and conducive co-working office space. This collaborative and effective means of work environment is attractive to those firms wanting flexibility in a modern workplace. While...Read More
10 Best Deep Tech Startups - 2020
How much more could technologies scale? From just tech to deep tech there has been a dramatic revolution in the scientific advances. While ‘Deep Tech’ is an industry terminology given to the companies that extensively use Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and various analytical processes to discover newer business models, it is being a triggering factor for several breakthroughs in science and engineering. With this, all the industries under the sun are changing with every passing day. The mix and match of different technologies are creating newer platforms that are not only...Read More
10 Best Healthcare Startups in Hyderabad- 2020
Hyderabad, a confluence of ancient cultural heritage and rapid modernization, is one of the important educational, business and trade centers in the country. It is witnessing rapid urbanization due to business and employment opportunities as well as a better living environment, making it the fourth-most populous city and the sixth-most populous urban agglomeration in the country. The City of Nizams now stands as a potent space to be termed as a startup hub alongside Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai and other metros. Over the past few years, it has indicated a promising growth in terms of having a stable...Read More
10 Best Healthcare Startups in Chennai - 2020
With a pool of talented resources and skilled entrepreneurs at dispense, Chennai is fast emerging as a hot-spot for Indian startups. The millennium city has got all the amenities to drive the scopes and opportunities for the organizations it is housing. Along with other metro cities, Chennai has helped India become the third-largest startup hub in the world. From manufacturing industries to BPO biggies and now various tech-enabled services, the city has always attracted talent. Not just professionals, it is also drawing many entrepreneurs as well as capitalists from India and overseas. Leveraging all the...Read More
10 Most Promising Nepal Startups - 2020
Nepal, the home for several beautiful and highest mountains is recognized as one of the welcoming tourist spots of the world. Besides the sense of aesthetics and aura waved by the nation, if you could term it to be a country that extensively relies on foreign aid and a low income or least developed space, it is time to change the mind-set. The country with the government and external support is taking bright steps to mark a higher status and witness development in all terms. The Startup Summit -2019 that was organized to build the startup ecosystem and The Nepal Entrepreneurs’ Hub which is dedicated to...Read More
10 Best Startups to Work for Bangalore
With the amazing infrastructure and amenities, the silicon valley of India has become one of the most attractive markets and incubators for startups. At present, it is housing multiple giant brands and thousands of budding organizations. This scenario has also led to busy schedule, extended work hours, neglected self-care for employees. In this context, everyone looks forward for weekend, no matter how much they enjoy their job. It is most common fact that we drag ourselves into work on Mondays with a cloud of doom over the heads. Organizations do realise that manpower is the most important resources and it is...Read More
10 Most Promising Delhi Tech Startups
Delhi is making great strides on its path to become the hottest startup destination in the country with several organizations budding at every tick on the clock. It is turning to be the home of organizations in all possible verticals. And with the presence of numerous large organisations and huge capital investments, the city has paved avenues for start-ups to emerge as the future unicorns of the business ecosystem of the country. Zooming into a bigger picture, the myriad of technological innovations has further facilitated the start-up culture as the country is constantly experiencing the rise in the...Read More
10 Best Startups In Travel - 2020
India’s rich heritage and diverse culture have attracted jet-setters across the globe since ages. This has eventually given rise to the travel industry which at the present day is enhancing the overall growth of the service sector, making significant contributions to the economic extensions. In the recent updates, India is declared as the most digitally advanced traveller nation, 34th in the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2019 published by the World Economic Forum.  It is because of this that the travel & tourism industry of the country is on the verge of adding an amount of USD160...Read More
10 Best Startups In AR/VR
The era of immersive computing, the augmented and virtual reality market has been on a full swing for the last five years. After rapid development in 2016-17, the global AR/VR market has been on a spree of penetrating every industry, with investors starting to shift their focus to using this technology to commercial applications. Digitization has been a key growth factor for driving the virtual and augmented reality market, however, the advancement of technologies, increasing demand in gaming and entertainment industries, the rising investment in VR market and the availability of affordable VR devices, have...Read More
10 Best Startups From West Bengal - 2020
Known to be the cultural hub of India, West Bengal is at the present day proclaimed as the startup hub of the country. In the past few years, the state has seen the upsurge of independent enterprises across the various domains including food, agriculture, technology and others. If truth to be told, startups have changes the business scenario of the state, attracting hundreds of businessman and entrepreneurs to initiate their entrepreneurial journey from here. The government of the state has also taken numerous initiatives to fortify the entrepreneurial culture in the state. The expedient vista and the eloquent...Read More
10 Most Promising Gujarat Marketing Startups - 2020
The start-up wave seems to have cascade across the entire nation. Each province seems to have fostered this notion to bestow prospective latitudes to every aspiring mind. A homogeneous bloom is observed by the state of Gujarat as well. The `Land of Festivals' has given rise to a revolutionary celebration for startups which is an outstanding manoeuvre in itself. The government of the state has introduced many policies and schemes to promote the culture of entrepreneurship and strengthen the startup ecosystem. The policies are modelled with the aim of establishing more than 2,000 startups by the year 2021....Read More