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Demonetization that was introduced to target wealthy tax evaders actually affected the ... more>>
The partial US government shutdown entered its fourth day on Tuesday after leading to h ... more>>
Offering real-time facilities management to commercial real estate owners, Facilio anno more>>
Moteefe (Custom Materials Ltd), a London, UK-based social commerce platform, raised a f more>>
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The Shahani Group, one of India’s leading groups of educationalinstitutions, in association with the Sindhi Chamber of commerce, has tied ...more>>
Banks have so far sanctioned loans amounting to Rs 1.61 lakh crore to MSMEsunder the Emergency Credit Line Guarantee Scheme (ECLGS), the governm...more>>
Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has asked the banks and NBFCs to considerloan restructuring to ease the COVID-19 stress by September 15. On ...more>>
ICICI Bank today announced the usage of satellite data-imagery from Earthobservation satellites-to assess credit worthiness of its customers bel...more>>
Lately, all the large private banks have introduced charges, ranging fromRs.2.5 to Rs.5, on person-to-person payments using the Unified Payments...more>>