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Spotlight April - 2023
Businesses Sailing Faster by Keeping Up with Business Trends Business trends are new developments in a market or industry that affect the business environment. These trends refer to new ways on which businesses operate to achieve their desired goals or improve their performance to sail faster from their competitors. Business trends are never a constant, they keep evolving, however keeping updated with the latest business trends can help organizations plan for the future and implement exciting innovations to increase profitability and customer satisfaction.Moving forward be it any industry such as...Read More
10 Most Promising Young & Rising CEOs - 2023
Sound Businesses Entails Sound CEOs Rising up to the challenges in business brought down by advancing technology and changing consumer trends, the senior C-suite leaders are dynamically spearheading the companies today, and have proved their dexterity even in the times of pandemic and post pandemic. CEOs, the highest C-suite leaders are the owners of a company, elected by the board of directors entirely responsible for managing a company's overall operations. They proficiently indulge in delegating and directing agendas, driving profitability, managing company organizational structure, strategy, and...Read More