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Company of the Year - 2017
Indian business scenario has undergone a paradigm shift over the years – the intricacies of which can be accrued to industrialization. Standing fourth on the global optimism index during January-march quarter of 2017, 85 percent of Indian businesses exude confidence about economic recovery, with only smaller economies like Indonesia, Philippines, and Malta ranking higher. The optimism statistics is considerably high when compared to economies of comparable sizes like China, US, Europe, and UK, and this state of affairs can largely be attributed to the policy reforms that the Government of India has...Read More
50 Most Inspiring CEOs - 2017
A new generation of CEOs is taking over the world. The current lineage of these high end professionals is dabbling into new ventures and unearthing new possibilities that are changing the dynamics of the world we know today. On the Indian front, CEOs are always synonymous with phantom leaders who are barely there for the company’s day to day functioning. This fact can’t be further than truth and especially in today’s time where visibility and transparency is being regarded as one of the prime qualities of work ethics. Their years of experience and mastery over not one but multiple avenues...Read More
Brand of the Year -  2017
A brand in simple terms is the name, term or symbol that enterprises use for product differentiation, but in reality is an intangible entity, the full depth of which can only be quantified through the impression that it leaves in the minds of consumers. Though the perceivable process of ‘branding’ can be performed in a jiffy, the actual time it takes to become a renowned and trusted global entity is of the order of decades very often. This is particularly the case of consumer goods like clothing and vehicles as the brands that dominate these segments have been around for not less than five decades....Read More
Most Promising Women Entrepreneurs of the Year – 2017
The world has recently been discussing gender roles and stereotypes with greater enthusiasm as an internal memo at Google written by an employee was found to be “perpetuating gender stereotypes”. Columns in newspapers, magazines and websites worldwide were filled up with observations, opinions and scholarly material discussing the issue, while back and forth exchanges in the cyberspace against and in favor of the memo hasn’t quite died out yet. Interestingly, India is witnessing a paradigm shift with women performing as propitiously as men, if not better in some places, in the...Read More
50 Most Promising Entrepreneurs of the Year - 2017
Entrepreneurship employs what Joseph Schumpeter called "the gale of creative destruction" which uproots existing market offerings partially or completely and replaces it with products or services of a superior nature. The entrepreneur who pioneers this process takes considerable amount of risk and initiative to convert an idea or an invention into an innovation having viable business opportunity. Standing in entrepreneurs’ way would be the roadblocks of lack of funding, bad business decisions, economic crises, or lack of market demand which have to be successfully overcome if they do not plan...Read More
50 Best Startups to Work For – 2017
Generally, people spend most of their time at work. Being in a successful company offers people more credit than they deserve and unsuccessful companies seldom appreciate efforts. However, in an ideal scenario, people turn their passion into profession and indulge with like-minded individuals. Facilitating such passionate folks with accurate break,startups support a smooth takeoff towards one’s goal. It is anticipated that 2,000+ new startups will be created each year till 2020, and the ever-growing startup market in India has witnessed $3.5 billion angel and venture capital invested across over 815...Read More
50 Fastest Growing Companies
In the world of business, the fastest growing companies are graded in terms of its sales turnovers. Sales growth strategy is regarded as one of the most reliable and proven business strategy for any businesses. Though all the good companies increase their sales every year but there are some exceptional companies with competitive moat, do faster than the others. For these companies increase in sales turnover represents market domination. The other factors taken into consideration with sales are the unique strategy, market and product development plans. Identifying the growth prospects, these companies have...Read More