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 Brand of the Year - 2015
Have you ever wondered why organizations are willing to spend millions for a minute of TV commercial? Well, that is a risk they are willing to take to sear their brand name in our minds. Albeit advertising can be done by anyone with disposable income, to establish your brand's prominence in this hyper-connected, social media loving world, you must produce unique and best-of-the-breed solutions for your prospects/clients. However crucial it is to create a unique proposition that keeps you above your rivals, selling it by portraying an apt image in your target audience's heart is equally (probably more)...Read More
Si Tech-25
The dreaming visions of humanoid about devising flying cars or  personal jet packs has revamped in to tiny computing things and technologies, with the up raising market trends. The healthcare industry is anticipated to hit $477.5 billion by 2020 and the mobile enterprise business applications market residing on $40.5 billion is expected to reach $63 billion by 2020 as well. The embedded software and test automation industries are also nowhere below. All the industry seeds such as IoT, cloud, big data, analytics, accord the market in big time. To foresee the firms odds-on to posses the market tomorrow,...Read More
Startup of the Year - 2016
The startup ecosystem continues to grow on a worldwide scale and 2016 has no interruption, in fact an extra push forward. Startups thriving all over the world, every year it becomes more apparent that Silicon Valley is no longer the only startup hub around. Since 2010, the Indian technology startup landscape has seen a prodigious growth towards creation of innovative startups and this country, a home to a new breed of young startups, has clearly evolved to become the third largest base of technology start-ups in the world as a collaborative effect of government's successive campaigns such as Startup India,...Read More
50 Best Startups to Work for - 2016-June
Jan Koum and Brian Acton incepted WhatsApp after getting spurned for jobs at Facebook. The duo found it gruelling to persuade and source its first 35 people. But today, choosing the best thing at best time placed that bunch of people in the cubicles of one of the world’s biggest organization. Precisely, this is the creme de la creme of benefit with the startup winds. Apart from this dream-come-true degree of hope, a startup churns the extreme skills out of you since it is composed by fresh-minded folks who drive the same path. Startups conventionally grow not only with blasting & innovative ideas...Read More
Brand of the Year 2016
Everyone is looking for that sweet spot where an unfilled need or desire leaves consumers primed to buy as soon as a good option presents itself. But identifying your niche isn't enough. So often in life, going against the grain has a negative connotation to it. Thoughts like "What if I fail?" or "That's not what our competition is doing" can deter companies from venturing outside of their 'that's-what-we've-always-done' comfort zone. But being different is vital for value growth as it helps to make brands creative, in control, and trustworthy in the eyes of...Read More
Best Companies to Work for - 2016
The workplace Darwinism is not a myth anymore; fittest organizations survive and the rest go evanescent with the millisecond revamps of consortium streamlines. The professionals have never been more complex. Work conventions are changing and this millennial is demanding not only versatile working environments, but new technologies and solutions to engage them with, an ear to recognize their ideas and make their overall job experience better. The perks-at-work has already become the 'new norm' of employment culture and the breadwinners who prioritize a thick-wallet than his/her career has dried up...Read More
Company of the Year - 2016
Yes! The mission 'Transform India' has worked. Today, India is the fastest growing economy in the world. An impressive position the country has held since it overtook China previous year - with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicting that India is likely to retain this status till 2020. All these years, world indexed our subcontinent as a country with unused potential, but now we are well on track with a visionary government in place and a plethora of opportunities opened for startups as well as for heritage organizations. The two strings heard loud in our country for past couple of years -...Read More