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Brand of the Year -­ 2019
Every day, we receive plenty of mails & SMS from new or existing brands attempting to keep us updated with their latest development. But it's difficult for brands to stand out amongst everything in this consumer-centric ecosystem. The best brand survives on a strong idea. Today, a lot of effort and thought is invested to develop a brand where everything from logo, name and motto to tagline of brands are equally important in its success. A well-defined brand acts more than just a sign; it's a way to boost recognition. In the present scenario, customers buy the brand not the product wherein they...Read More
Company of the Year - 2019
Time and again, the swift disruption of technologies and its enhanced adoption among companies has been on a constant rise in India and also across the globe. Especially, the ongoing digital transformation and the onset of Industrial Revolution 4.0 have brought together a horde of people, gadgets, content, services, companies and many other elements across one massive interactive platform. Some of the technologies that are currently in the spotlight are Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, 5G, Microbiomes, Digital Twins, Robots and Blockchain. Embracing the best might of these...Read More
10 Most Promising Women Entrepreneurs in F&B Industry - 2019
Shattering all stereotypes and outshining performances in the prevalent yet fading male dominated world, women entrepreneurs are now taking up major roles in the Food and Beverage (F&B) and hospitality industry as well. More over the F&B industry in India has recognized the hidden potentials of women transforming their mere duty bound domesticated kitchen roles to much more wide scale professional and formal food business functions. Knowing that the F&B sector is one among the major engines of growth for the country’s economy, understanding that women get to play a key role in the same only...Read More
Best Consultants to Work for – 2019
Consulting is one of the highly rewarding careers. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to work in companies like McKinsey & Company, Bain & Company, Deloitte Consulting LLP, Oliver Wyman, and PwC Advisory Services amongst other top-notch firms. The truth is, only the best of the best candidates from premium institutes get into such organizations. That’s the reality! Now the question one needs to ask here is what happens to the rest of the aspirants, who genuinely want to add value to the business ecosystem and due to certain circumstances, did not match the fit? Where do they go? For such...Read More
Best Workplaces for Women -  2019
In 2017, a Global Entrepreneurship Summit held in Hyderabad themed ‘Women first Prosperity for All’ triggered among companies the realization of tackling the under-representation of women among the Indian workforce. Underpinning the significance of the theme, participants awoke to reality that majority of the companies in the country still over looked the fact that Indian women held dual responsibilities of home and work, impassively exposing them to unpleasant working conditions and most of all remaining indifferent towards their safety and corporate growth. Despite the majority lagging behind,...Read More
Best Companies to Work for – 2019
Aspirant job seekers of today are in the dire hunt for a workplace with good culture rather than any other aspect. In fact, flexible working hours, informal work culture and fair remunerations are the go-to facets which each organization ought to impart in the contemporary world. According to LinkedIn’s recent report on Top 25 Companies to Work at in India, it is evident that half of the companies on the list are new entries including Tata Consultancy Service and IBM. This in turn portrays that even the behemoths are adapting to the requirements of job seekers today as well as to the subtleties of...Read More