Tips for Holding an Open House

Tips for Holding an Open House

When it comes to selling any home, one of the primary tools that realtors use is an open house. While the Internet can now deliver photos of a home to just about anywhere, many buyers still want the ability to step into a home to really get the feel of it and the neighborhood. A 2014 National Association of Realtors’ Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers found that 9 percent of buyers found their home through yard signs and open houses. Whether you’re putting your house on the market among Miami real estate or anywhere else, when holding an open house, you want to do your best to showcase everything about the home in its best light.

Start with Your Home in Top Shape

Before scheduling an open house, it’s essential to make all necessary repairs in and outside of the home. If the cabinet door in the kitchen is loose, tighten it up. If the screen in the window or sliding door has a small hole, fix it or get a new screen. No repair is too small. When a buyer comes through, they will notice every little detail and even the smallest problem can be enough to turn off a buyer.

There’s an App for That

The days of putting out a sign to draw buyers in is all but over. When it comes to home buying, many buyers start their search on the Internet. Advertising and promoting your open house online is essential. Many real estate companies provide free apps to potential buyers that will list all open houses in a specific area, as well as the time and directions to each listing.

Provide a Detailed Playlist

If you’re using a real estate agent, they will already have this in place, but if not, a property description sheet is a great tool to offer buyers when they come into the home. This is a typically a single page flyer with a photo or photos of the home and a list of relevant information, such as asking price, square footage, numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms, included appliances and a brief description of the home.

It’s All About the Staging

When it comes to the open house, it is all about staging and making your home as inviting as possible. Your realtor may suggest removing family photos to give the home a more neutral look. Things such as new towels in the bathrooms and décor like a centerpiece on the dining table are just two options for making it more appealing. The exterior is important too - if your trees are in bad shape or the garden is full of weeds, a lack of curb appeal could turn buyers away before they even enter the house. Creating a welcoming environment, both inside and out, can make buyers feel more comfortable and increase the chances of an offer too.